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Steel Coil

Cosasteel a steel coil manufacturer in China, PPGI coil and galvanized steel coil a product produced by our factory. Please contact us for any quotation.

Dx51d AZ150 Aluzinc

Dx51d AZ150 is a hot-dip aluminum-zinc steel alloy with a coating of 55 percent aluminum, 1.6 percent silicon, and 43.4 percent zinc. The chemical composition

AZ150 Galvalume Aluzinc Steel Coil

AZ150 Galvalume is a hot-dip aluminium-zinc alloy coating steel. The resulting coating has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environments. This combination

AZ55 Galvalume Steel Coil

AZ55 galvalume is an aluminum alloy formulated to provide superior corrosion resistance, strength, and elasticity. The alloy comprises two parts: zirconium, which offers corrosion resistance,

AZ50 Galvalume Steel Coil

AZ50 galvalume steel is a zinc alloy type with a zinc base. It is an alloy with up to 50% aluminum, giving it its characteristic

Organic Coated Steel

Organic-coated steel is created by applying an organic coating material on rolled metal strips through the continuous coil coating process. The application process involves cleaning

Zincalume Steel Coil

Zincalume steel coil with Activate Technology is a steel made by adding zinc, aluminum, or magnesium to the primary steel alloy, making it a robust

PPGL Steel Coil

PPGL Coil uses DX51D+AZ, and q195 and galvalume steel sheet as the substrate, PE coating is our most commonly produced, it can be used for up to 10 years.

Galvanized Steel Coil

Surface Structure Spangled galvanized steel sheet is the spangle obtained by the condensation of the zinc coating under normal conditions after galvanizing. It is mainly

Aluzinc & Galvalume Steel Coil

Material: CGCC, DX51D,Q195,Q235
Grade: SGCC,DX51D+Z
Alu-Zinc Coating: 20-120g/m2
Thickness :0.13-0.7 mm
Width: 600-1250 mm
Coil ID: 508/610mm

Galvanized Steel Strip

Production Process of Galvanized Steel Strip In the production process of galvanized steel strip, it has gone through very rigorous procedures and multiple production processes.

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