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Our metal steel coils are suitable for metal roofing and metal siding

We manufacture 24 26 29 gauge metal coil

Metal Roofing Coil

COSASTEEL is a leading manufacturer of prepainted steel, prepainted aluminum, and galvalume coils for the metal roofing market. Our metal coil substrates are aluminum, galvanized, and galvalume and the paint is PE, SMP, and PVDF. We can provide customers with cold forming, coil slitting, and cut-length cutting services. We can produce according to RAL color card colors and can produce prepainted products with Matt surface.

22 Gauge Steel Coil

A 22-gauge steel coil has a thickness corresponding to the 22-gauge standard. It is the low gauge number, which indicates it is a thicker steel


26 Gauge Steel Coil

Metal coils with a 26 gauge have an average measurement of 0.0170 to 0.0217 inches. For aluminum coils, the measurement is 0.404 mm (0.0159 inches),

Standing Seam Metal Roof Coil

The width of the standing seam metal roof coil is usually 20.5 inches. Choose the appropriate size coil according to the environment. If your project

20 Gauge Steel Coil

We produce 20 Gauge galvalume and galvanized steel coils. The surface treatment of galvanized coils is normal Spangle and large Spangle. The zinc layer weight

28 Gauge Steel Coil

28 gauge steel coil is a relatively thin material, and it can make more metal roofs with the same weight of coil. Commercial steel grades

24 Gauge Metal Coil

A 24-gauge metal coil refers to a sheet metal or metal panel that has a thickness corresponding to the 24-gauge standard. An aluminum with this

29 Gauge Metal Coils

A 29-gauge metal coil has the thinnest thickness in metal sheets, whether they are aluminum, steel, or galvanized. According to the manufacturer’s standard, an aluminum

Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coil

Production Process The main production processes of the prepainted galvalume production line include pre-treatment process, coating process, and baking process. Uncoiling – sewing – degreasing

Galvanized Steel Coil

Surface Structure Spangled galvanized steel sheet is the spangle obtained by the condensation of the zinc coating under normal conditions after galvanizing. It is mainly

Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

Uses of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils The main uses of pre-painted galvanized steel coils are home appliances and construction. Home appliance uses are mainly side

Galvalume Steel Coil

Material: CGCC, DX51D,Q195,Q235
Grade: SGCC,DX51D+AZ
Alu-Zinc Coating: 20-120g/m2
Thickness :0.13-0.7 mm
Width: 600-1250 mm
Coil ID: 508/610mm

Prepainted Aluminum Coil

Prepainted Aluminum Coil

Color-coated aluminum coils are color-coated on aluminum coil. Common fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum and polyester color-coated aluminum are widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum veneers, and

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Metal Roofing Coil Price

The prices of different metal coils vary greatly. Aluminum coils are about 4 times more expensive than steel coils.

The price of prepainted aluminum coils with the following specifications is US$3,650 per ton.

Aluminum alloy: 3003

Coil thickness: 1.0 mm

Coil Width: 1200 mm

Paint thickness: 25 mic

Paint type: SMP

The price of prepainted steel coils of the same specifications is approximately US$1,050 per ton. Unpainted steel coils are the cheapest, such as galvanized steel coils, which cost about $900 per ton.