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29 Gauge Metal Coils

We produce and sell 29 gauge metal coils, including galvanized steel, galvalume steel, prepainted steel, and aluminum coils. Our PVDF 29 gauge steel coils are guaranteed to last for 40 years.

29 gauge aluminum = 0.0113 Inches

29 gauge galvanized = 0.0172 Inches

29 gauge metal coils are thinner, lighter and cheaper than 26 gauge. It is commonly used for metal roofs. If the building is located in an area where it often snows, it is not recommended to use 29 gauge material because the roof may not be able to bear the weight of the snow.

A 29-gauge metal coil has the thinnest thickness in metal sheets, whether they are aluminum, steel, or galvanized. According to the manufacturer’s standard, an aluminum sheet with this gauge measures 0.287 mm or 0.0113 inches. Steel measures 0.0135 inches, or 0.343 mm, while galvanized sheet has 0.0172 inches, or 0.437mm. This metal panel option has an average gauge of 0.14 inches to 0.18 inches. It is the most affordable of all types of gauges, making it a popular choice in metal roofing.

Is 29 gauge metal coil good for a metal roof?

Metal roofs with 29-gauge metal coils are very popular in house roofing. Ninety percent of these homes use this gauge, as it offers adequate strength to the entire metal roof. Its minimum thickness is enough for houses, but it does not provide enough strength in areas with extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, high winds, and tornadoes.

Homeowners who are on a tight budget can save extra dollars when using gauge 29 due to its affordable price compared to gauges with lower values. However, the suitability of 29 gauge for a roof depends on the roof’s design, type of metal, and climate. 

If you prefer using a 29-gauge metal coils, you should choose a metal type that can withstand the extreme weather conditions in order to extend the roof’s lifespan. A galvanized metal sheet with this gauge provides adequate strength compared to aluminum sheets. 

House roofing has ample protection from moisture through a layer of sheathing or plywood underneath it. Homes in areas with a good climate can benefit from using a 29-gauge metal roof. Experts recommend this gauge if your area does not experience a harsh climate. 

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