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Standing Seam Metal Roof Coil

COSASTEEL is a manufacturer and leader in pre-painted steel and standing seam metal roof coils. We specialize in painted Galvalume® and aluminum for standing seam roofing.

We work with Baker Paints and can match any custom color.

Coil Thickness: 24Gauge, 26 Gauge, 29Gauge
Coil Width: 20.5 inches (slit)


The width of the standing seam metal roof coil is usually 20.5 inches. Choose the appropriate size coil according to the environment. If your project is in coastal areas, choose PVDF paint and AZ150 Galvalume® to ensure a service life of up to 40 years. If the use environment is relatively dry, choose PE paint and Z275 galvanized.

The steel grade of the roof coil is generally commercial steel (DX51D), and structural steel (S550GD) is chosen for higher yield strength requirements.

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