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20 Gauge Steel Coil

20 Gauge steel coil is a relatively thick steel coil with a thickness of 0.0396 inches. It is suitable for areas where hail and heavy snow are common.

We produce 20 Gauge galvalume and galvanized steel coils. The surface treatment of galvanized coils is normal Spangle and large Spangle. The zinc layer weight is 275g per square meter (G90), which can meet the corrosion resistance in coastal areas. The Coating Mass of galvanized aluminum is AZ150g per square meter.

Our 20 Gauge steel coil steel grades are divided into commercial steel (DX51D, DX52D, DX53D) and structural steel (S220GD, S250GD, S350GD, S550GD). Different steel grades have different chemical compositions and yield strengths.

The price per ton of 20 Gauge steel coil is about US$200 cheaper than that of 29 gauge. However, because 20 Gauge is thicker and the number of metal roofs produced is smaller than that of 29 gauge, the retail price of 20 Gauge metal roofing is relatively higher.

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