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FREE Galvanized and Prepainted Galvanized Sheet Testing

COSASTEEL offers free laboratory testing services, since the constituent components of galvanized and prepainted steel sheets cannot be identified by the naked eye. The actual components measured in most imported steel sheets do not match the declared components.

The following parameters are tested free of charge in our laboratories:



Galvanized Steel ParametersUnits
Total coated thickness – metalmm
Zinc coating massgsm
Lead level in zincppm or mg/kg
Prepainted Galvanized Steel ParameterUnits
Total coated thickness paintedmm
Dry Film Thickness (top and bottom)microns
Zinc coating massgsm
Lead level in paint (top and bottom)ppm or mg/kg

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“COSASTEEL” is Committed to its Industrial, Occupational & Social Responsibility Fundamentals Toward the Rioht of the Traders & Consumers to Know the Facts About the Products of Galvanized & Pre-Painted Steel Sheets they Trade or Usel.

To send your request for a free laboratory test for galvanized steel and prepainted galvanized steel sheets, please contact your sales account manager or customer services.