Quality Control

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Quality control

Quality Inspection Process

In order to ensure zero-defect production of products, we have established a complete product quality management process and realized process control of color-coated products.

Warehouse acceptance for hot-rolled coils

Confirm whether the order requirements match the raw material grades

Galvanized inspection

Zinc layer weight, zinc layer thickness, adhesion, surface treatment, spangle style(zero or big spangles) etc.

Substrate Inspection

Appearance, strength, material, grade, etc.

Prepainted inspection

Coating thickness, coating surface quality, coating thickness, pencil hardness, impact, etc.

Standardized Detection Method

We use a variety of testing equipment to ensure the quality of products

Bending Test

Check the adhesion of the coating to the steel substrate after bending

Pencil Hardness Test

Check the softness and hardness of the paint film

Color Difference Test

Check whether the coating color meets the product requirements

Hardness Testing

Check the hardness of the substrate to see if it meets the product specification requirements

Salt Spray Test

It is suitable for evaluating the corrosion resistance of color-coated panels in neutral salt spray.

Product Aging Test

The aging resistance of color-coated panels was tested by simulating the artificial environment climate.

Coating thickness test

Check the coating thickness of baking varnish products

Stretching Test

Test product tensile strength, yield strength, elongation

Gloss Test

Check whether the surface gloss of the coating meets the standard

Reverse impact and checkered

Evaluate the ability of the coating to resist cracking or falling off when the color-coated plate is subjected to rapid deformation (reverse impact). Check the adhesion between the coating and the substrate