Pre painted Galvanized Steel Coils (PPGI Coil)

The pre-painted galvanized steel coils are a product obtained by subjecting a hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet to a surface chemical treatment, applying organic coating on the surface, followed by baking and curing.

Product namePrepainted Galvanized Steel Coil
Thickness0.13-0.8 mm
Width600-1250 mm
Colorall RAL color , as client’s request
Painttop paint : 10-30mic back paint: 5-25 mic
Coil ID508/610mm
Coil weight3-8tons
Surfaceglossy and matt
Packagestandard export package (Detailed picture is as follows)
Hardnesssoft (normal), hard, full hard(G300-G550)
HS code721070

Mechanical properties of PPGI(pre-painted galvanized) steel coil substrate.

GradeYield Strength a,b MPatensile strength MPaElongation after breakingc A 80mm % not less thanr 90 not less thann 90 not less than

Pre-painted Steel Coil Supplier

COSASTEEL is a prepainted steel coil supplier and manufacturer in China. We supply all RAL colors and special patterns can be made, such as wood grain, flower print, camouflage, and brick.

We manufacture thickness is 0.13-0.8 mm, width is 600-1250 mm, and PE, SMP, and PVDF painted steel coil to meet customer needs.

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Pre painted Galvanized Steel Coils Structure

  • Top Finish Coating (PE/HDP/PVDF, etc.), When the thickness is above 20um, it can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays and harsh environments to the coating.
  • Primer Coating
  • Surface Treatment Layer(Chromate Coating)
  • Metallic Coated Layer (Zn, AL, 55%AL+Zn)
  • Steel Substrate (Cold Rolled Steel Sheet)
  • Metallic Coated Layer (Zn, AL, 55%AL+Zn, Sn, Cr, etc.)
  • Surface Treatment Layer (Chromate Coating)
  • Back Primer
  • Back Finish Coating(Epoxy, Polyester )
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Coating thickness selection

The top coating is larger than 20μm to prevent the intrusion of corrosive media. Due to the different anti-corrosion mechanisms of primer and finish coating, not only the total coating thickness should be guaranteed, but also the thickness of primer (>5μm) and finish coating (>15μm).

PVDF pre-painted steel coil requires a thicker coating. It provides a longer service life. The requirements for the backside paint coating depend on the application, and the sandwich panel only requires a layer of primer. The formed steel plate requires two coats. The thickness is at least greater than 10 μm.

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Protective Film

The protective film is a transparent or colored plastic film coated on the surface of the pre-painted galvanized steel coil. The purpose is to prevent scratches on the painted surface paint during cold roll forming. Our plastic film thickness is 30 microns, 40 microns, 50 microns, 60 microns, and 80 microns.

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Metallic coating

The metallic coating of color coating for construction is hot-dip galvanized. The greater the thickness of the metallic coating, the better the corrosion resistance.

The thickness of the metallic coating mainly affects the cut corrosion performance of the pre-painted galvanized steel coils, and the influencing factors include the finish coating, primer, substrate thickness, and metallic coating thickness.

We produce pre-painted steel coils for galvanized steel substrates with metallic coating of G40, G60, and G90. Please select the appropriate one according to the use environment.

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Type Of Coatings

We mainly use PE, SMP, and PVDF three kinds of coatings to produce PPGI Coil.

Polyester (PE) coating is suitable for ordinary residential roofing, the price is the cheapest, and it cannot withstand harsh environments. Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) coating contains high weathering and super high weathering paints which can be applied in areas of high heat and cold, humid heat, and extreme cold. Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) coating has strong corrosion resistance, strong heat resistance, and the highest price. It is used in countries with humid heat, high temperatures, s and more rain.

We work with beckers, Valspar, and Akzo.

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PPGI Coil Production Process

Unrolling – Stitching machine – Entrance loop – Pretreatment – Initial coating – Bake – Cool down – Fine coating – Bake – Embossed film – Export loop – Inspection station – Cut – Coiling

In the above process, if the cleaning degreasing process is not handled well, the adhesion of the primer of the color coated plate to the galvanized sheet is not good, and it is easy to cause the topcoat of the color coated steel coil to fall off during the press forming process.
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Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coils(PPGI Coil) Price

The price of pre-painted galvanized steel coils(PPGI Coil) varies depending on the raw material of steel, the weight of zinc of the galvanized substrate used, the type of coatings used, the thickness of the top coat and back coat, the width and thickness of the steel coil to influence the price.

PPGI Coil Uses

The main uses of pre-painted galvanized steel coils (PPGI coils) are home appliances and construction.

Home appliance uses are mainly side door panels for refrigerators, and shells for air conditioners, freezers, and washing machines. The construction field is more widely used than home appliances.

PPGI coil for construction is used for roofing, guttering, sandwich panels, industrial building facades, cold storage panels, and rolling doors.

Z275, Z150, and Z100 can be used for the pre-painted steel coils. For less demanding environments use Z40 zinc and polyester coatings.

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Pre painted Galvanized Steel Coils FAQ

The Reasons for the Color Difference of the PPGI Coil

The color difference of the paint itself;

The drying process;

Paint coating thickness;

Glossy of paint;

How to Choose Pre painted Galvanized Steel Coils

Choosing pre-painted galvanized steel coils needs to consider the natural environment, use environment, design life, and structural characteristics of the building to match the appropriate steel grade, specifications, Metallic coating, and coating.

The performance of PPGI coil mainly includes the mechanical properties of the material (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), Metallic coating performance (Metallic coating type, thickness, and adhesion), and coating performance (coating species, color, gloss, durability, Processability, etc.)

The main consideration for the selection of pre-painted galvanized steel coils in different regions is the local wind and snow load and corrosive environment.

PPGI Coil vs. PPGL Coil

The substrate of PPGL Coil uses galvalume sheet of 55% aluminum and 43.5% zinc, which has better atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance than PPGI. More suitable for tropical rain forest areas.

The substrate of PPGI Coil uses galvanized sheet, which is suitable for dry high temperature and cold areas.

Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil(PPGI Coil) HS Code

The HS Code for prepainted galvanized steel coil(PPGI Coil) with a thickness of <1.5mm and a width of 600mm and above is 721070.

Note: If importing from China, please check the import tariff of your local country.