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Z275 Galvanized Steel Coil

Learn about the Z275 galvanized steel coil in this simple but comprehensive overview.

What is a Z275 galvanized steel coil?

Galvanized steel coil Z275 is a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. This is produced through a metal coating process that passes cold rolled coils through a bath filled with molten zinc.

This continuous hot dipping or also referred to as electro-galvanizing is the primary process that these carbon steel sheets have to go through to produce coil and galvanized sheets.

The process is made up of an application of zinc through electrolytic disposition. After the sheet is subjected to this, a layer of zinc adheres to the base metal via an iron and zinc bonding layer.

A zinc coating is a well-known and effective way of adding a layer of protection against bare steel from the natural elements that cause corrosion. Not only will zinc play the role of a barrier between the environment and the steel, but it will also allow itself to decompose first to protect the steel underneath and promote its longevity.

What does Z275 mean?

Z275 refers to the coated steel sheet’s coating weight designation. 

Today, the ASTM standard dictates and defines the type of coating for these products. For instance, the most common ASTM standard on the market today is A653A or A653M; this covers all hot-dip galvanized merchandise.

The standard’s number indicates the weight of zinc applied on the surface of the steel sheet.

Aside from the ASTM standard, there is also the SI Metric system. Both systems are similar, except that the SI system converts the inch and pound weight into ounces per square foot (oz/ft2) to the SI standard of the mass in grams per square meter (g/m2).

Here is a sample conversion directly associated with Z275:

1 oz/ft2 is equal to 305.15 g/m2

And to convert from ASTM standard to SI system, you need to multiply by 305.15

So if the ASTM weight designation is G90 (0.90 oz/ft2) , it will become Z275 (275 g/m2) in STI. 

Z275 will directly be translated to a steel product with a Zinc coating, and the 275 as the weight of zinc applied on the surface of the steel.

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