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28 Gauge Steel Coil

COSASTEEL produces 28 gauge steel coils with a variety of metal coatings, including galvanized, galvalume, and pre-coated steel. The paints are available in PE, SMP, and PVDF, and the roll width is 23” – 49”.

28 gauge steel coil is a relatively thin material, and it can make more metal roofs with the same weight of coil. Commercial steel grades are also well suited for cold forming. The characteristic of 28 gauge is that it can withstand ordinary rain and snow weather. For extreme heavy snow, strong wind, and hail weather, thicker materials can be selected.

Our 28 gauge steel coil will not warp, paint will not crack, peel, or chip, is lightweight and durable, has a 40-year finish warranty, is available in a wide range of colors, wood grains, and textures, and is suitable for both roofs and walls.

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