24 Gauge Metal Coil

We produce PVDF, SMP 24 gauge metal coil, using beckers, PPG brand paint, top coat 15-30 microns, back primer 5-20 microns, meeting the needs of North American metal roof manufacturers.

The gauge thickness of different metal materials is different. The thickness of 24 gauge steel is 0.0239”-0.0274”, and 0.0274” is the thickness of the steel coated with paint.

24 gauge metal coil is anti-corrosion, fireproof, and highly durable, and the thickness will definitely affect the durability of the roof. It very suitable for climates with snow, wind and hail, and can withstand heavier snow loads.

The price of 24 gauge metal coil ranges from US$950-1250 per ton. Its price depends on the paint thickness, paint type and brand, the width of the roll, and whether there is back paint

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