Cold-rolled Steel Coil

Cold rolled steel is steel produced by cold rolling. Cold rolling is a steel sheet in which the No. 1 steel sheet is further thinned to a target thickness under room temperature conditions. Compared with the hot-rolled steel sheet, the thickness of the cold-rolled steel sheet is more accurate, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

At the same time, it has various superior mechanical properties, especially in terms of processing performance. Because the cold-rolled original coil is relatively brittle and hard, it is not suitable for processing. Generally, cold-rolled steel sheets require annealing, pickling, and surface smoothing before being handed over to the customer.

The maximum thickness of cold rolling is below 0.1-8.0MM.

Specification of Cold-rolled steel coil:

Productcold rolled steel coil
Width1000mm,1250mm, 1500mm
LengthCustomer's Requirement
TechnologyCold rolled
Applicationbelt saws, buzz saws, metal band saws, chain saw guides, music box sound pegs,cutters,diaphragm springs etc.
Coil Weight3-10MT
HS Code76061199

Advantages of coldrolled steel coil:

1. The product size of cold-rolled coils is accurate, the thickness is uniform, and the thickness difference of the coils generally does not exceed 0.01-0.03mm or less, which can fully meet the requirements of high-precision tolerances.

2. Available to extremely thin strip that cannot be produced by hot rolling (the thinnest can reach 0.001mm or less.

3. The surface quality of cold-rolled products is superior, and there are no defects such as pits and pressed iron oxide scales that often occur in hot-rolled coils. And according to the requirements of users, it can produce coils with different surface roughness (glossy surface or hemp rough surface, etc.) to facilitate the processing of the next process.

4.  The mechanical properties and technological properties of cold-rolled steel coils are very good (such as higher strength, lower yield limit, good weight deep drawing performance, etc.).

5.  High-speed rolling and full continuous rolling can be realized, with high productivity.

The difference between coldrolled steel and hotrolled steel:

1.Appearance and surface quality: Cold Plate is better in surface quality (such as Surface roughness) than hot plate because it is obtained by cold rolling and some surface finishing is carried out at the same time. Therefore, if the product after the sequence of painting, such as coating quality, there are higher requirements, the general choice of the cold plate. The hot plate is divided into the pickling plate and the unpickling plate. The surface of the pickling plate becomes the normal metal color because of pickling, but the surface of the unsold-rolled plate is not as high as that of the cold-rolled plate, or the existence of ferrosoferric oxide layer, colloquially it is fire-roasted, and if the storage environment is not good, usually with a little embroidery.

2.Properties: In general, the Mechanical Properties of hot and cold plates are considered to be the same in engineering, although there is a certain amount of work hardening during cold rolling, (but not rule out the case of strict mechanical performance requirements, it needs to be treated differently), cold plate usually than hot plate yield strength slightly higher, surface hardness is also higher, how specific need to see cold plate annealing degree. However, the strength of the annealed plate is higher than that of the hot plate.

3. Forming performance: Because the performance of cold and Hot Plate is basically not too much, so the forming performance of the influence factor depends on the difference of its surface quality, because the surface quality is the cold plate to be better, so generally speaking the same material steel plate, the appearance of cold plate is better than that of the hot plate.

More information about Cold-rolled Steel Coil

Mechanical Properties

GradeYield Strength RcL
Tensile Strength Rm Mpa Elongation A80mm
Plastic Strain Ratio r90Strain Hardening Index n90
GradeYield Strength Relb)MPaTensile Strength RmMPaPlastic Strain Ratio r90e),d)Strain Hardening Index n90d)

Available Grades

Grade, Standard, ApplicationGradeImplementation StandardApplication
General UseDC01(SPCC、ST12)GB/T 5213-2008Refrigerator and other home appliance shells, oil drums, steel furniture and other general forming processing
Stamping GradeDC03(SPCD、ST13)Steel for stamping and forming of automobiles, home appliances and buildings
Deep-drawing GradeDC04(SPCE、ST14)Steel for deep drawing forming of automobile headlights, fuel tanks, car doors, windows, etc.
Special Deep-drawing GradeDC05(SPCF、ST15) Complex vehicle floor, oil pan
Super Deep-drawing GradeDC06 (SPCG、ST16)Auto door inner panel, complex bottom plate, oil pan, wheel cover, front and rear fenders, etc.
Enamel SteelDC01Bathtub, enamel products
High Strength SteelCR140~300BHGB/T 20564-2006Car roof, floor, mudguard, door, etc.

Chemical Composition


Application of Cold-rolled Steel Coil:

The application fields of cold-rolled coils are very wide, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, canned food, etc.



Why is coldrolled steel coil more expensive?

Because of its advantages over hot-rolled steel coil, a cold-rolled steel coil is more expensive. Also, because the cold-rolled steel coil is tougher to manipulate, it takes more time and can cost more to make it through similar processes.

How to identify a coldrolled steel coil?

Cold-rolled steel coils have better, more finished surfaces with closer tolerances. And it owes smooth surfaces that are often oily to the touch.

Does cold-rolled steel rust?

Cold-rolled steel will rust. Because the oxygen in the air will oxidize the iron in the steel into iron oxide ( rust), but the degree of oxidation is different. For example, stainless steel will take a long time for oxidizing in a common environment. It can be galvanized, oiled, and painted on the surface of the steel plate to prevent rust.

How to protect cold-rolled steel from rusting?

  • Keep It Clean and Dry
  • Prevent Scratches
  • Apply A Protective Coating
  • Use Stainless Steel
  • Use Galvanized Metal
  • Regular Maintenance

Cold rolled steel grades:

C1008, C1010, C1018, C1026, C1045, C1141, C1144, C12L14.

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