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Color Coated Steel Coil

Color-coated steel coil is a product made by chemically treating strip steel that is continuously degreased on the surface of the production line, and then baking the strip steel coated with organic coating at a high temperature.

Its common substrates are hot-dip galvanizing and galvalume. Its board surface paint types are polyester, silicon-modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, high weather-resistant polyester, etc.

The production process has evolved from one coating and one drying to two coatings and two drying. There is also a three-coating and three-baking process. The surface of color-coated boards can be divided into ordinary coated boards, embossed boards, and printed boards.

Color Coated Steel Coil Manufacturer

COSASTEEL is a high-quality color-coated steel coil manufacturer in China that integrates independent research and development, production, and sales. We produce and sell color-coated coils with galvanized and galvalume-coated substrates. The thickness is 0.13-0.8mm, the width is 600-1250mm, and the inner diameter of the coil is 508/610mm.

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Color Coated Steel Coil Price

The price of Color coated steel coil is related to many factors, including whether the substrate is galvanized or galvalume, width and thickness, raw material price changes, paint type and thickness, whether there is back paint, etc.

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What is the use of Colour-coated steel?


Color-coated steel coils are mainly used in construction projects. After being processed into corrugated boards or sandwich panels, they are mainly used in industrial buildings such as industrial plants and warehouses. Civil buildings are mainly used in roofs, gutters, and siding.

Home appliances

Generally, electro-galvanized and cold plates are used as the substrate and are commonly used in refrigerator casings or large air conditioner casings, freezers, refrigerators, washing machine casings, etc.

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Color coated steel coil vs. galvanized steel

Color-coated steel coil has more primer and topcoat than galvanized steel, which can prevent oxidation and rust, has good corrosion resistance, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and the paint will not crack. There are many colors to choose from, decorative effects, easy processing and molding, and the original strength of steel.

Galvanized steel is galvanized on the surface of the cold-rolled substrate. Its surface is divided into flowered and unflowered, and can also be oiled and fingerprint-resistant.

The prices of the two are different. Color-coated steel coil has an additional paint coating process, which is about US$200 more per ton than galvanizing.