Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine


The floor deck produced by the floor deck roll forming machine is formed by galvanized steel sheet through roll bending, and its cross-section is formed into a V-shape, U-shape, trapezoid, or similar waveforms, which mainly used as a permanent template, and can also be selected for other purposes.

The floor deck roll forming machine adopts advanced hydraulic drive, and the automatic ruler is cut off after forming, without deformation, no waste, and the coefficient is high. The products produced have the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, large bearing capacity, and good seismic resistance.

The Structure of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine:

The floor deck roll forming machine is mainly composed of a material discharging machine, a feeding introduction platform, a forming host, a punching device, a forming cutting device, a hydraulic station, a computer control cabinet and so on. Equipped with manual decoiler, forming host, hydraulic cutter, electric control system, hydraulic system, discharge frame, it is used for floor deck pressing.

The Characteristics of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine:

  1. Stable performance: Steel plate decoiler, with uniform feeding speed and high stability.
  2. High working efficiency: hydraulic synchronization and hydraulic punching system ensure the working efficiency, precision, and quality of finished products.
  3. Good quality of finished products: the floor slabs produced by it are light in weight, high in strength, heavy in weight, and good in performance.

The Operation and Precautions of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine:

Before using the equipment, check whether the connections are secure and whether the installation bolts and nuts are tight. Sufficient lubricating oil should be added to the left and right chassis to start the machine for power-on. First carefully observe the empty car operation, whether there is vibration, noise, whether oil comes from the oil window, whether the movement of each part is coordinated, and the mold can only be installed after everything is normal.

When installing the mold, the power supply must be cut off. Manually move the motor belt or large gear to index the table and raise the slide to the highest point. It is best to use an object to support between the table and the bottom surface of the slide to prevent the slide from falling naturally and causing an accident.

The Maintenance of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine:

  1. Unlike the color steel plate, the floor deck itself is placed between the floor cement and is used for floor load-bearing, so there are only a galvanized layer and no color coating. The thickness is generally thicker than the color steel plate. The galvanized sheet itself has no color coating, so the zinc layer has no protection and is thicker than the color steel sheet. These two characteristics determine the focus of the maintenance of floor deck roll forming
  2. Starting from the characteristic that the galvanized sheet has no color coating, the zinc layer is easy to fall off. In the working state of the floor deck roll forming machine, during the forming process of the galvanized sheet, the zinc layer is easily attached to the wheel of the floorboard machine. Over time, there will be a thick zinc layer on the wheels, which is great damage to both the molding and the plate itself. Therefore, the maintenance of the wheels must also be in place.
  3. The strength of floor deck production is large, and accordingly, the machine structure is more strong. The power is always 15kw, even more than 20kw, 30kw. Hydraulic power shear also has great pressure, so it is necessary to clean the tubing regularly to avoid clogging.


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