Metal Stud Roll Forming Machine


The metal stud roll forming machine applies strip steel as the raw material and undergoes continuous roll forming.

It is fast in production, environmentally friendly, material- saving, and can complete the entire production process automatically.

When the metal stud is used to be the block of the partition wall, the construction period is very short, being simple and convenient and having the characteristic of being easy to design a variety of different shapes, so it has been widely applied in construction projects and factories, and it has also been promoted on a large scale on interior decoration.

Metal stud roll forming machine composition: unwinding machine, guide frame, forming host, calibration device, fixed-length cutting part, receiving table, electrical control part, etc.

The advantages of the metal stud roll forming machine:

  1. The metal stud roll forming machine is controlled by PLC control system, and diverse protections have been established during the daily production.
  2. The body of the metal stud roll forming machine is made of welded steel plate. And the machine will be tempered for eliminating the internal stress and avoiding the deformation of the fuselage.
  3. The forming frame of the machine is made of cast iron and has been tempered, possessing the characteristics of high strength and a long service life.
  4. The material of the roller shaft is 40Cr, and after being quenched and tempered, the hardness of it is HB280.
  5. The material of the forming mould of the machine is GCr15, experiencing quenching treatment, the hardness is HRC56-62℃.
  6. The structure of the transmission is gearbox transmission. Each forming frame has a gear box, which can operate over time, with high intensity, and have a long service life.

Preparations before running the metal stud roll forming machine:

  1. The start-up master must have experiencing professional training, and it would be better to have a certain ability to debug the machine. They are supposed to be familiar with the knowledge of metal stud roll forming machine equipment. And only after having accept necessary training and evaluation can they start working.
  2. The operator of the metal stud roll forming machine must wear labor protection equipment before work to ensure the safety both of itself and operation.
  3. Before starting the metal stud roll forming machine, please check whether all the buttons of its electric control system are in the original position, whether the operating handle is in the correct position, whether the fasteners are fastened, whether each operating component is flexible and each bit-restricting device and whether the safety protection equipment is intact and can work normally.
  4. Test operation should be carried out. If there is no problem in the trial operation, you can start the operation formally.
  5. When the metal stud roll forming machine is running, pay attention to whether it is running normally and whether the temperature of each bearing exceeds 80°C.

How to use the metal stud roll forming machine correctly?

  1. Consumable parts should be checked frequently to see if there is any damage or serious wear. In case of serious wear and tear, you should contact the equipment manufacturer in time for production. Even some parts that are easily damaged can be backed up a few times, so that when they are damaged, they can be replaced in time without affecting production.
  2. Regular maintenance of the metal stud roll forming machine should be done.
  3. (1) Lubricants need to be added frequently to where lubrication is needed to reduce the wear and tear on these parts, such as gears, chains, punching punches, or hydraulic machine guide posts, gearboxes, etc. According to the different places, the interval period between adding lubricants is different. For example, gear oil should be checked once every 10-20 days. If you find out that it is in lack of lubricant, then it should be added in time. The punching mould, and the parts where it is cut off, should be added once an hour or two hours of work. The anti-rust oil should be added once a month to the roller of the machine.
  4. (2) The rollers of the machine should be kept clean, which not only can extend the life of the rollers, but also can keep the surface of the produced profiles clean. The surface of the machine should also be cleaned frequently, because there must be a lot of dust in the factory, and the metal stud roll forming machine may often be greased in some places.
  5. The electrical box should be locked. If there is a problem, it is strictly forbidden for the inexperienced personnel to repair it. Once the operation is wrong, it will cause extremely serious consequences, which will increase the repairing time and cost. There were often cases where the circuit and drive motor of the manufacturers are burned out due to improper operation.

How to judge whether the metal stud roll forming machine is qualified?

  1. Take the test materials of the machine to the equipment manufacturer for test production. After obtaining the samples, measures according to the standard when the contract was drawn up to check whether the standards of the finished metal stud meet the standards of the drawings provided at that time. Meassuring the deviation, the profiles produced by the equipment must meet tolerance standards. Otherwise, after the machine is shipped back to the factory, the resulting profile will be dissatisfied by the buyer or incompatible with other accessories on the market.
  2. After checking the dimensions, it is best to try more samples to see if the machine is stable and can be produced continuously. For automated equipment, check if each production process can be connected successively.
  3. Check whether the steel used in the machine is the same as the material used when signing the contract, such as the number of channel steel, the material of the mould steel, and the material of the roller of the metal stud roll forming machine.
  4. Check whether the chromium plating layer on the roller is qualified and easy to fall off.
  5. Check whether the motor power is consistent with the content contract.
  6. Check whether the cut of the profile is smooth and free of burrs.

Width*Height(mm): 50*40/75*40/100*40/150*40   Thickness(mm): 0.6/0.7/0.8/1.0

Width*Height(mm):48.5*50/73.5*50/98.5*50/148.5*50   Thickness:0.6/0.7/0.8/1.0


Width*Height(mm):38*12     Thickness(mm):1.0/1.2

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