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The taxonomy of basic steel plate for color coating.

1. Cold-rolled color coated board. The color plate produced from the cold-rolled substrate has a smooth and beautiful appearance, and has the processing performance of the cold-rolled plate; however, any fine-scaled drawing of the surface coating exposes the cold-rolled substrate to the air, so that the rust is generated at the exposed iron quickly. . Therefore, these products can only be used for indoor materials.

2.Hot-dip prepainted galvanized steel(PPGI). The product obtained by coating the organic paint on the hot dip galvanized steel sheet is a hot dip galvanized coated sheet. Hot-dip galvanized steel coated plate has the protective effect of zinc, the organic coating on the surface also plays the role of insulation protection and rust prevention, and the service life is longer than that of hot-dip galvanized sheet.

3.Prepainted galvalume steel(PPGL), according to the requirements, can also be used as hot-dip galvanized steel coated substrate.

PPGI Steel Coil Specification

Product name Prepainted Galvanized(PPGI) Steel Coil | Color Coated steel Coil
Material CGCC, DX51D,Q195,Q235
Zinc 20-120g
Thickness 0.13-0.8 mm
Width 600-1250 mm
Color all RAL color , as client’s request
Paint top paint : 10-30mic back paint: 5-25 mic
Paints PE
T bend < 3T
Pencil hardness >2H
Coil ID 508/610mm
Coil weight 3-8tons
Surface glossy and matt
Glossy 30%-90%
Package standard export package (Detailed picture is as follows)
Hardness soft (normal), hard, full hard(G300-G550)
HS code 721070
Brand name COSASTEEL

PPGI Steel Sheet Production Video

Other Pre-painted Steel Products

Pre-painted Steel Sheet in Coil Production Line

The manufacturing of double-coated, double-baked pre-coated steel sheets with good weather resistance, primarily used in construction.

PPGI & PPGL Sheet Coating Layer

  • Top (Finish) Coating (PE/HDP/PVDF, etc.)
  • Primer Coating
  • Pre Treatment (Chromate Coating)
  • Plating Layer (Zn, AL, 55%AL+Zn)
  • Base Metal (Cold Rolled Steel Sheet)
  • Plating Layer (Zn, AL, 55%AL+Zn, Sn, Cr etc.)
  • Pre Treatment (Chromate Coating)
  • Functional Painting (Epoxy, Polyester )

PPGI Quality Control

PPGI & PPGL steel quality control according to the following:

  • coating thickness test
  • color difference test
  • gloss test
  • T bend
  • tensile test
  • impact test

PPGI Sheet & Coil Application

Industry Application  Products
Construction industry Light building facilities  Garage, Mobile Home, Tour Operator, Cold Park, Kiosk, Traffic Box
 Construction components  Roofs, Walls, Doors and Windows, Blinds, Balconies, Sash panels
 Interior application  Ceilings, Partitions, Interior Wall Finishes, Decorations
Transportation industry Car Bodywork, interior decoration, protective panels, other components
Ship Cabin ceiling, wall, interior decoration
Others Vehicle license, street sign, highway wall

Pre-Painted Steel for Construction materials is mainly coated by Regular Modified Polyester which is suitable for building interior/exterior materials. The customer could also choose other types of paint such as SMP, PVDF, Polyuerthane resin which could enhance the corrosion resistance, workability, and anti-pollution depending on the usage.

Packing Detail

Packaging Details:

  1. Each bare coil to be securely tied with two bands through the eye of coil (or not) and one circumferential.
  2. the contact points of these bands on the coil edge to be protect with edge protectors.
  3. Coil then to be properly wrapped with water proof /resistant paper, it then to be properly and completely metal wrapped.
  4. Wooden and iron pallet can be used or as your requirements.
  5. And each packed coil to be properly wrapped with band, three-six such band through the eye of coil at about equal distance.

Color Coated RAL

Range Range Name
RAL 1xxx Yellow and beige
RAL 2xxx Orange
RAL 3xxx Red
RAL 4xxx Violet
RAL 5xxx Blue
RAL 6xxx Green
RAL 7xxx Grey
RAL 8xxx Brown
RAL 9xxx White and black
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