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Looking for the best PPGI & PPGL (Pre-painted Galvanized Iron) and galvanized steel coil manufacturers in Singapore? We have got you covered.

Locating the best manufacturer or supplier can be quite a hassle. This is especially as various inferior products are making the rounds these days. This list might be quite helpful for narrowing down your options.

How to Choose the Best PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Singapore?

You should bear a couple of factors in mind while looking for the best manufacturer to settle for. These features set the standard of what an ideal manufacturer should look like. Here goes:

1. Experience

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. You may want to strongly consider manufacturers with experience in the industry. Of course, this would not eliminate disappointments. However, it could severely narrow them down.

2. Size

Generally, the manufacturer/supplier ought to be able to handle your order. To a great extent, that depends on their size. This might be a key consideration for you.

3. Facilities Available

This has ties to the point above. In these times, companies are tilting towards a tech-based approach. You may want to explore that.

4. Price

This is self-explanatory. Your ideal supplier should be within your budget.

List of PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Singapore

RGS Enterprise Pte Ltd


RGS (Real Good Service) Enterprise is a steel manufacturer and supplier operating out of Singapore since 1998. Its client base includes those in the construction industry, oil-rig/marine industry, and automotive and engineering industry. From Singapore, it reaches out to clients in South East and South West Asian countries.

Its range of products includes galvanized steel iron and cold rolled steel. From 2003, the country upped its production capacity, processing no less than 1000MT of products per month.

The galvanized steel coil produced by the company has four categories: Commercial, Lock forming, Drawing, and Deep Drawing.

Main products:


Aluzinc Asia

Address: 112 Robinson Road, #13-03, Singapore 068902

Aluzinc Asia is a foremost steel supplier in Singapore. It acts as an intermediary between clients and vendors. It sources the materials and then forwards them to the clients.

This company holds that it is one of the eminent players in the field. It attributes this success to its long years in the industry and impeccable professionalism in delivering stellar services. It supplies prepainted steel, galvanized steel iron, galvalume steel, amongst others.

The company’s galvanized steel coil standards include EN 10142, EN10143, ASTM A 653, CQ, and LFQ. The product specifications are 0.145 – 0.60 mm in thickness and 750 -1320 mm in width. Surface treatments include Chromated & Dry with Regular and Minimized Spangles.

The PPGI base materials produced by the company include Cold rolled, galvanized, galvanized-aluminum, coat stainless steel, and aluminum, etc. The product specifications are 0.20-1.20 mm in thickness and 700-1400 mm in width.

Main products:

  • GI steel coil
  • PPGI steel coil
  • PPGL steel coil
  • GA steel coil


Address: 28 Jalan Buroh Singapore 619484

HG Metal has three very broad outlets. With HG Distribution, it supplies more than 3 000 types of steel to clients all over the ASEAN countries. On the other hand, HG Construction Steel caters to those at different construction phases. It also offers services like galvanizing, coating, cutting, and drilling. HG Industrial services supply steel to those in the industrial sector.

This company has no less than 45 years in the industry. It has rendered services to 3000 customers and has no less than 120 members of staff globally.

Main products:

  • GI coil
  • stainless steel coil
  • EGI Steel coil
  • PPGL steel coil


Address: Collyer Quay #12-05, The Arcade Singapore 049317

Chin Fong Metal engages in steel trading while also acting as representatives of other steel companies. Its impressive product list includes pre-painted steel and hot-dip galvanized steel. It also supplies Steel coils for use in various sectors.

It has provided services for clients in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. This supplier prides itself on its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to clients’ needs.

Main products:

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel coil
  • Pre-painted Steel
  • PPGL steel coil

Alstro Pte Limited

Address: 3 Church Street, 25-01 Samsung Hub Singapore 049483

Alstro Pte Limited (Commonly referred to as “Alstro”) has its headquarters in Singapore. It describes itself as a supply chain integrator. This just means that it is active at every stage of the chain. Thus, the company is active at the sourcing, processing, and distribution of steel products especially in Africa and South-East Asia.

Alstro states that it strives to create sustainable relationships with clients. It also aims to invest in stakeholders, continuing a chain of collaboration lasting well into the future.

It has two business divisions: metal and supply integrator. Its metals business division engages in the supply of galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and hot-rolled coils, amongst others.

The quality of the company’s hot-dip galvanized steel coil products are: Commercial Soft, Lock Forming Quality, Deep Drawing, and Full Hard. The specifications are thickness 0.12-0.30mm, width 750-1270mm.

The specifications of the coated steel coils produced by the company are thickness 0.15-1.80mm, width 900-1320mm.

Main products:

  • PPGI steel coil
  • GI steel coil
  • HR steel coil
  • PPGL steel coil
  • CR steel coil

United Steel Pte Ltd

Address: 6 Tuas West St Singapore 637442

United Steel Pte Ltd deals in ferrous and non-ferrous metals of both prime and secondary grades. It was established in 2003 but now occupies the stage as one of the leading suppliers in all of Asia. Its location in Singapore gives it access to all major ports.

It both imports and exports all types of prime overruled and secondary steel coils/sheets.

Main products:

  • GI steel coil
  • PPGI steel coil
  • PPGL steel coil
  • GA steel coil


Address: 277 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437060

Sin Aik Hardware PTE was established way back in 1975. Its specialty is the importation, exportation, and wholesale of hardware for hardware retail companies. It caters to both clients within the country and overseas. Its product line boasts of a wide array of galvanized steel coils, stainless steel coils, and sheet coils. The company also sells various types of steel.

The company holds that its official policy is achieving total customer satisfaction. Thus, it holds that it goes to great lengths to ensure that it finds the best products for sale.

Main products:

  • Galvanised steel Coil
  • Electro Galvanised coil
  • Cold-Rolled coil
  • Aluminium coil


On the whole, all of the manufacturers and suppliers under review have their strengths and weaknesses. The ones that we recommend, however, are as follows:

● HG Metal

HG Metal is a strong recommendation because of its size. It supplies no less than 3,000 types of steel. This suggests that whatever steel needs an individual has could be met by this provider. Hence, this could be of interest if you are looking to fulfill a large order.

● Alstro

Alstro has a very strong leaning towards customer satisfaction. This would suggest that the company would pay a great deal of attention to its clients. It does help that Alstro’s product lines are quite impressive. You may want to carefully consider this provider.

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This discussion detailed the PPGI & PPGL & Galvanized steel manufacturers in Singapore. You may want to refer to this list before settling on one.

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