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The Iranian steel industry has continued to grow and expand over the past few decades. The pre-painted and galvanized steel coil is just among the products offered by the country’s leading steel manufacturers.

Check out these companies for the best pre-painted and galvanized steel coil. The next time you need supplies for prepainted and galvanized steel coil, consider these companies.

List of Prepainted & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Iran

Cyrus Steel Group

Address: No. 5, Bidar St., Elahieh St., Modares Shomal Highway, Tehran

Cyrus Steel Group is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of metal products made of galvanized, colored, and cold (oiled) sheets in longitudinal forms, transverse cuts, and various forms.

They are among Iran’s top companies in terms of metal production sales and sales growth index. 

The company offers colored galvanized sheets from 0.18 mm to 0.70 mm thick in 12 different colors. These sheets are painted with a thickness of 15 to 20 microns, while the back part was painted with 5 to 7 microns.

They also offer other metal products used in electrical and building ventilation systems, roofs for agricultural, industrial, and animal husbandry sheds, steel decks, and colored sheets in various pottery designs.


Address: Tehran, Bozrabi, Azadegan, Makan Iron Bazaar, Phase 6 West, No. 1635

Iranforming has been supplying high-quality steel products in the market since 1981. Their 35-year history in the industry made them one of the best producers and suppliers of high-quality steel products.

In addition, the company boasts one of the industry’s most extensive portfolios of steel goods.

Their galvanized steel sheets are made from high-quality materials with dependable resistance against adverse weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the surface of their colored sheets is painted in two stages. Paint is applied to the surface at a thickness of 15-20 microns, while the back is painted to a thickness of 7 – 15 microns.

Ouya Steel Sepehr

Address: Tehran - Vozara Street - (Khaled Eslambouli) - No. 7 - First Corner - Unit 9

Pouya Steel Sepehr entered the steel trading sector in 2009, where it specialized in buying and selling galvanized and colored sheets.

Their focus is on producing galvanized and colored shutters, steel decks, and the selling of galvanized sheets, cold oil sheets, and hot sheets.

The company sells colored galvanized sheets produced in thicknesses ranging from .18 mm to 7 mm.

These are coated with liquid metal and a durable surface coating, affording the product more resistance to moisture and erosion. Aside from the construction industry, their primary consumers include the automotive sector.

Ahan Top Group

Address: Karaj, Hesarak, Mehrshahr Iron Bazaar, Sadri Sheet Exchange

Ahan Top Group began selling steel sheets in 2001 and has significantly grown since then. They continually work to improve the quality of their service to meet their customer’s increasing demands.

Among these improvements is placing high importance on the transparency of their steel products. 

They offer a wide variety of selections for their colored galvanized sheets. These steel products claim durability that can withstand temperatures of over 40 degrees. The colored sheets they sell also guarantee heat and UV resistance.

Aside from this, the company also offers steel forming, bending, cutting, coil cutting, and laser cutting services.

Foolad Kabir

Address: North Sohrevardi, above Palizi Square, No. 616, third floor

Foolad Kabir is a steel trading, importing, and exporting company that prides itself on offering only high-quality steel products.

To meet the needs of its customers, the company regularly updates its industrial equipment by closely examining the steel and market industries.

The company guarantees that all the colored sheets they sell are sourced from first-class Iranian color sheet brands. They supply various rolls of colored sheets and roof coverings across Iran.

All of which are guaranteed to have high resistance to rust. Their colored sheet rolls are also lightweight, produced with 1000 mm to 1250 mm widths. They also have a wide array of coating colors available.

Digi Ahan

Address: Isfahan, Imam Khomeini Blvd., Ghaem Magham St., Shahid Babagoli St., next to Saipa Agency, Green Door, No. 231

Digi Ahan is a company that seeks to provide its customers with the best steel product at the lowest price possible. Their 10-year experience in iron and steel exchange in Iran promises expertise in the field of steel trade.

They claim to have the most reliable carriers that deliver their steel products in the least amount of time.

The colored sheets they sell in roll form usually have 100 to 125 cm widths. Their galvanized sheets are also sprayed on special furnaces and promise no deformation even under atmospheric conditions.

Their colored sheets are widely used in the construction, metal, and transportation industries.

Klid Ahan

Address: Tehran Shahr-Arash Mehr St., corner of Alley 32 - Shahr-Ara Building - Unit 9

Klid Ahan first established its presence in the iron and steel market in 1994. The company started with steel importation and has expanded into the hardware trade.

Over the years, they have been involved in significant projects in the oil, petrochemical, gas, and steel industries.

The color sheets they offer to the market are available in roll and sheet forms. It is generally available in 16 different colors and is produced in various designs. These sheets have a minimum thickness of 0.16 mm and a maximum thickness of 0.7 mm.

Haghverdi Ironmongers Office

Address: Shadabad Iron Bazaar, 45 meters North Bahar Blvd., Pars Metal Complex, Block D, No. 8

Haghverdi Ironmongers Office has more than 15 years of experience in iron goods production and supply.

They claimed to have worked with experts in the field, allowing them to provide only the best construction and industrial hardware to the market. Their committed staff is trained to meet the needs of both small and large companies in the shortest time possible.

The company specializes in selling steel sheets in different models and formations. The colored sheets they sell are sine design (shutters), dampa, tile, trapezoidal, Shadowline, and pottery designs in Geneva and Palermo.

Atlas Padir Industries Company

Address: Isfahan, Atashgah Street, in front of Quds Street, Nasr Building, second floor

Atlas Padir Industries Company claims to have reliable and first-hand internal and external sources responsible for their quality service. The company specializes in the supply of piping materials, including galvanized steel sheets. 

Because the organization provides services to various sectors, the steel sheets they provide are manufactured to the specifications of those industries. The specifications they cater to are building use, automobiles, pressure tanks, and pipe making.

During the production of their colored galvanized sheets, chemicals with anti-corrosion and high adhesion are applied. The produced sheet in their factory is usually rolled between 600 to 2000 mm in width.

Siraj Toos

Address: No. 135, Mehdi 2, Mehdi St., Ferdowsi Blvd., Mashhad

Siraj Toos has been in the steel industry as far back as 1996. The company was established after the collective support and cooperation of academic elites and experts in the steel sector.

Since then, they have expanded into the import and export of metal selections and steel sheets of any kind. Among their most notable services is their special consulting services for their clients.

The company offers quality galvanized sheets in roll forms but with different dimensions and thicknesses. These sheets are galvanized either by cold galvanizing or by hot-dip galvanizing.

The latter method produces a longer life, but the cool galvanizing process leaves the steel sheets glossy and smooth.

Despite the numerous roadblock attempts imposed by competitors and forces outside Iran, the country’s steel industry continued to strive.

Iranian companies continue to improve the quality of their export and import products, despite the challenge brought about by recent events. Hence, as the domestic and international demands for steel coils show no signs of slowing down, the Iranian steel sector is still on the rise.

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