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Spain is the 16th largest steel producer in the world. From 2009 to 2015, Spanish crude steel production continued to fluctuate, with an average annual crude steel output of approximately 14 million tons.

75% of Spain’s domestic steel is produced from scrap raw materials, which is higher than the EU average of 50% and also higher than the global average of 40%. The main export target countries of flat products also include Italy, Morocco, and Turkey. This article mainly introduces Spanish galvanized steel coil and Prepainted steel coil manufacturers and traders, I hope it can be helpful to you.

List of PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers Spain


Address: "Avda/ de Aragón, 8 esc 4 - pta. 4 46021 - Valencia"

STALMED, S. L was established in 1997, is a company dedicated to the import, export, marketing, and distribution of steel materials.

The company has complete products and high-quality services. The specifications of galvanized steel coils are thickness: 0.45-1.25mm, width: 610-1250mm. Standard EN 10169 / EN 10143 for pre-coated galvanized steel coils, the specifications are thickness: 0.45-1.25mm, width: 610-1250mm.

Main products:



Address: "Avenida República de Nicaragua, 42. Urbanización Industrial Díaz Casanova 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria "

Medifonsa was established in 1967 and mainly provides steel products. The company covers an area of more than 33,000 square meters. , And has a professional warehouse, equipped with 32 bridge cranes, 14 scales, and its own logistics team.

The company’s products are diverse, including steel bars, wire mesh, coated steel wires, steel plates and sheets, profiles, beams, steel bars, flat steel, special-shaped steel pipes, pipes, and accessories.

Main products:

  • Cold-rolled, hot-rolled & pickled plates & sheets
  • Galvanized plates, sheets, and coils

Network Steel

Address: "C/ Cardenal Marcelo Spínola, 2 – 5ª planta 28016 – Madrid"

Network Steel is a steel limited liability company that integrates production, processing, and sales. It enjoys a high reputation in the steel trade industry and its customers give very high evaluations.

The company has a complete set of testing methods such as mechanical performance testing, process performance testing, eddy current flaw detection, and a group of high-quality process technicians and inspectors.

The company’s annual output exceeds 5.3 million tons and a turnover exceeds 350 million euros. The specifications of galvanized steel coil products are thickness: 0.2-4.5 MM, width: 400-1600 MM. The specifications of pre-painted galvanized steel coil products are thickness: 0.20-1.5 MM, width: 600-1600 MM.

Main products:

  • PRE-PAINTED steel coil
  • GALVANISED steel coil

Goldium Steel, SLU.

Address: C/ General Vara de Rey, 5 BIS, 1º, 4, 26003-Logroño, La Rioja, España.

Goldium Steel, SLU has more than 15 years of experience in the steel trading industry. The team is professional and experienced. The geographical position is superior, and there is a special warehouse near the port, which is convenient for transportation and delivery.

The company has sufficient inventory and complete varieties and specifications. Focusing on customers, helping customers achieve value enhancement capabilities, by providing customers with the most cost-effective products, and creating maximum value for customers in terms of product delivery, quality assurance, and service follow-up.

Main products:

  • Prepainted Steel(PPGI) steel coils
  • Galvanized Steel(EG & HDG) steel coils


Address: "Playabarri Bidea nº5 · 48950 Erandio. Bizkaia. (España) "

SteelMed mainly sells industrial steel plate and steel coil products. And provide customized services, advanced technology can meet the high requirements of industries such as automobiles and home appliances.

The specifications of the company’s galvanized coil products are 0.3-3.0mm in thickness and 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1500mm in width. The specifications of pre-coated color steel coils are thickness from 0.6-1 mm, the maximum width of 1250 mm.

Main products:



Address: "Nacional II-a, Km. 448 C.P 25181 SOSES Lleida, Spain"

Brausa was founded in 1968 and has been committed to steel manufacturing and innovation. Due to its rich experience and avant-garde development track, it has become one of the leading companies in the production of cold-formed steel in the world.

The company’s products are diverse and come in different sizes. With 2 cutting lines, it can better provide customized services. The maximum thickness of the hot-dip galvanized coil is 4mm.

Main products:

  • PPGI steel coils
  • GI steel coils


Address: C/ Progreso, 4, Polígono Industrial Los Olivos 28906 GETAFE (Madrid)

Plafesa Group was established in 1984 as a company dedicated to the supply and processing of sheet metal. The company’s warehouses and factories cover an area of more than 50,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees, a professional team, and have received positive recognition from nearly 1,000 customers.

The company provides high-quality products, responds quickly to customer needs, and has confidence in industry experience and reputation.

Main products:

  • Prepainted steel coil
  • galvanized steel coil

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The steel industry accounts for approximately 4.6% of Spain’s GDP, and its five largest domestic steel production companies dominate the industry. The above article mainly introduces Spanish steel coil manufacturers and traders, hope it can be helpful to you.

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