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Today, galvanized steel is the building material of choice due to its lower initial cost, lower maintenance cost, ease of inspection, and faster construction time. Galvanized steel manufacturers have a centuries-old history of innovation, making galvanized steel one of the world’s most important building materials and structural components.

Construction and steel service centers in the U.S. account for the two largest segments of galvanized sheet production, while the electrical and power industries show signs of tapering.

Galvanized sheet accounts for about 50% of North American zinc consumption, and an increase in zinc prices will directly affect galvanized sheet profits. Producers across the U.S. are looking for ways to use less zinc in their galvanizing applications as prices fluctuate due to the pandemic. But they are also worried about competition from overseas.

As China’s steel industry expands, so does China’s galvanizing industry. Galvanized steel sheet has not only become a necessity in the agricultural, automotive, furniture, manufacturing, power transmission, storage, transportation, and utility industries, but is also versatile in other ways.

This article mainly introduces the suppliers and traders of galvanized steel sheets in the USA

List of Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturers In The USA

Industrial Metal Supply Company

Address: 8300 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, CA 91352

Industrial Metal Supply Co. (IMS) is the largest metal supplier in the Southwest,

Industrial Metal Supply Co. offers hot-rolled, cold-rolled, bonded, and galvanized steel and steel sheets in a variety of lengths, widths, gauges, alloys, and gauges to meet customer material requirements.

The company has its own factory and warehouse, which can deliver the products required by customers for the first time.

The company’s galvanized sheet and sheet are often used in applications where corrosion resistance is required. Galvanized sheets and sheets are easy to drill, form and weld and can have a lifespan of 20 years or more. Can accept customization of various sizes and specifications of customers.

Advance Steel Company

Address: 100 E. Big Beaver Road Suite 300 Troy, MI 48083

Advance Steel Company was established in 1950 and has been a high volume and highly competitive galvanized steel sheet supplier. The company’s mission has always been to provide customers with better material and service quality, a professional team, and the best price.

The company has its own warehouse, which can store 30,000 tons of inventory and can deliver the products customers need for the first time.

The company accepts customer’s product customization, our hot dipped galvanized steel sheet products ranging from .012 – .063” in size.

In addition, the company offers the following value-added services: girth cutting, cutting to length, pickling, tempering and stretch leveling, coating, painting and other processes.

Rolled Steel Products Corporation

Address: 2187 S. Garfield Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90040

Rolled Steel Products Corporation is a professional company specializing in steel distribution on the West Coast of the United States for many years, occupying an important position among many local distributors.

The company factory has its own cold rolling mill, has its own 125,000 sq. ft. inventory, can hold a sufficient amount of steel products, and has its own fleet of transporters that are able to ship on time.

The company offers various types of galvanized sheets, including electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized two techniques.

Hot-dip galvanized sheet is available in the following styles: commercial steel, forming steel, deep-drawing steel, extra-deep-drawing steel, structural steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, high-strength low-alloy steel with improved formability, solid Solution hardened steel and bake hardened steel.

Steel Dynamics

Address: 4500 County Road 59 Butler, IN 46721

Founded in 1993, Steel Dynamics has grown over the years to become the fifth largest producer of carbon steel in the United States. SDI manufactures commercial steel products such as flat bar, structural profiles, special profiles, galvanized sheet, etc. at its five steel mills.

The company has a complete range of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel technologies, with operations including six galvanizing lines, two coil coating lines and six new millennium building systems plants.

The company accepts the customization of hot-rolled galvanized steel sheet and cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet. The data reference is as follows:

Hot rolled galvanized sheet:

Gauge (inches)

.044-.160 Minimum Order Thickness




G30, G40(U), G60(U), G90(U), G100, G115, G140, G165, G185, G210, G235, A40(U), A45, A50, A60(U), 60G, 70G, 90G , 98G

Material Specifications

ASTM A 653 Hot-dip galvanized carbon steel sheets, including commercial, formed, and structural steels, and high-strength, low-alloy steels.

ASTM A 929 Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for corrugated steel pipe.

SAE J1392 Hot dip galvanized high strength low alloy carbon steel sheet.

Cold rolled galvanized sheet:

Gauge (inches)

.012-.070 Minimum Order Thickness

Width (inches)



G30, G40(U), G60(U), G90(U), G100, G115, G140, G165, G185, A40(U), A45, A50, A60(U), 60G, 70G, 90G, 98G

Material Specifications

ASTM A 653 Dip Galvanized Carbon Steel Sheets for Commercial, Forming, and Structural Steel Grades, as well as High Strength, Low Alloy Grades. We also offer post-annealed drawn steel for enhanced formability.

SAE J1392 Hot dip galvanized high strength low alloy carbon steel sheet.

Chesterfield Steel

Address: 1220 East 222nd Street Cleveland, Ohio 44117 USA

Chesterfield is a professional steel coil supplier serving Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Chesterfield mainly produces various types of galvanized steel sheets, which can be customized to various specifications from customers. The company has its own factory, professional team and the most high-end technical equipment. The company also provides many additional services, including: steel slitting, sizing Cutting, pre-coating, product coding and packaging, etc.

Customized galvanized sheet or coil size can refer to the following data:


Thickness: .015” – .250”

Width: 1.125” – 72”

ID: 20 – 24”

OD Max: 72”

50,000 lb incoming master coils


Thickness: .025 – .125”

Width: 12” – 72”

Length: 12” – 144”

50,000 lb coil weight max

Coremark Metals

Address: 216 27th Ave. N Minneapolis

Coremark Metals has a dedicated team of over 120 talented people in Minneapolis, MN, and Fort Worth, TX. Coremark Metals offers a wide variety of galvanized steels, our galvanized steel can provide many Custom sizes and thicknesses.

Coremark now stocks more than 12,000 major materials, operates two in-house production centers, an e-commerce site offering online transactions, and has two retail stores.

Galvanized sheet is a low-cost alternative to stainless steel and is hot-dip galvanized to provide rust protection for up to three decades. Galvanized is commonly used for structural applications, machining, and repairs in the building industry.

The company can customize the following sizes of galvanized sheets:

Thickness: 14ga/16ga/18ga/20ga/22ga/24ga/26ga

Width: 48.00″ and 60.00″

Length: 96.00″ and 120.00″

Weight (lb/ft): 0.906/1.156/1.405/2.156/2.655/3.280

American Metal Supply Co.

Address: CINCINNATI 11337 Williamson Rd.

American Metal Supply (AMS) was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1986. As the metal supply industry services transformed, AMS established its own production facility that could provide single-project prototype work to contract parts and assembly production. Today, it is more than just is a diversified metal supplier.

The company has its own warehouse and professional team, which can provide customers with the most professional solutions. With its own warehouse, it can deliver the steel required by customers in the shortest time.

The company provides customized galvanized sheets in the following sizes:


26 Ga./24 Ga./22 Ga./20 Ga./18 Ga./16 Ga./14 Ga./12 Ga./11 Ga./10 Ga.

Ace Steel Supply, Inc.

Address: 203 Blue Bell Rd.Houston

Ace Steel Supply, Inc. has nearly 50 years of experience in the steel industry, focusing on stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel sheet, cold rolled, hot rolled and hot rolled floor sheet and sheet products for many years, serving the south-central United States All regions and multiple countries around the world.

The company has its own factory and warehouse and transportation fleet, and for local customers, we can deliver the products for the first time.

The company’s galvanized sheet can be customized in various sizes from customers:

Galvanized sheet: dull appearance, but can be painted.

Paint Grip Sheet: A glossier appearance, suitable for painting.

Galvalume Plate or Coil: A792 is coated with Al-Zn alloy for additional corrosion protection. Sometimes used for roofs or carports and can be painted.

Commonly used grades: ASTM A653 G-90 G-60 A792 AZ50 AZ55

Typical Sheet Size: 48″ x 120″ or 60″ x 120″ Dimensions vary by thickness and grade.

Betex Metals

Address: 1219 SAN JACINTO SAN ANTONIO, TX 78207

Founded in 2011, Betex Metal has more than 10 years of professional experience in the import and export steel market, and has direct contact with and established good cooperative relations with steel manufacturers in the United States and around the world.

Over the years, the company has accumulated enough experience to meet our international market needs; especially in the US and Latin American markets, the products include all different grades of galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminized, aluminum, bonded, galvanized, galvanized, electro-galvanized, pre-painted, etc.

The company accepts galvanized sheet customization of various sizes and weights from customers, and the company has its own warehouse to deliver the required products as soon as possible. The specific cruelty can refer to the following data:


24GA, 26GA, 4″ x 10″, 5″ x 10″


Address: Houston, TX 77226

Founded in 1963, BMG has been serving the steel industry for over 50 years, with major products including galvanized sheet, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum as well as plasma cutting and burning services, sawing, and shearing services for over 50 years in the Mid-Atlantic region .

Today, the company has grown from a “mom and pop” steel dealer to a metals supermarket with five inventory locations in Virginia and Maryland.

The company offers galvanized sheets in a variety of sizes and specifications that can be cut to customer requirements, galvanized sheet is continuously hot-dip galvanized with a protective coating of G90 (0.90 ounces per square foot). Galvanized sheets can be formed, rolled, or otherwise manufactured at room temperature without compromising its protective qualities.


The above article introduces the supplier and trader of Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturers in the USA, hope it can be helpful.

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