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Galvalume Steel Coil Prices List

We produce galvalume steel coils of DX51D+AZ;

We share the price list and cost composition of galvalume steel coils;

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Galvalume Steel Coil Prices

Changes in raw material prices. Galvalume steel coils are made on the basis of cold roll coil, and changes in upstream market prices directly affect product prices. such as coke, iron ore, etc.

The thickness of the substrate affects the price. The thicker the substrate, the lower the price.

The thickness of the aluzinc layer of the galvalume sheet, the minimum of our company’s aluzinc layer is 30g, the highest can be 180g, the higher the aluzinc layer, the higher the price

Galvalume steel coils are divided into anti-fingerprint-resistant and ordinary anti-fingerprint-resistant. The anti-fingerprint galvalume coil is coated with a layer of colorless and transparent resin on the basis of the galvalume coil, which can protect the surface of the coil from being scratched and prolong its service life. The price of a fingerprint-resistant aluzinc coil is 10-20 US dollars per ton higher than that of an ordinary fingerprint-resistant aluzinc coil of the same thickness. Now most customers purchase fingerprint-resistant galvalume coils.

This is the reference price of FOB Qingdao, China

Thickness(mm)Width(mm)Coating Weight(gram)USD/Ton
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