PPGI & PPGL Steel Ultimate Guide

Color-coated plate usually refers to the abbreviation of color-coated steel plate which is based on metal strip and coated with various organic coatings on its surface. Color-coated boards are widely used in construction, home appliances, and automobiles due to their rich colors and the protective effect of the coating on the substrate, the colors coordinated with the environment, and various corrosion resistance and weather resistance. In recent years, the market consumption has been average The annual growth rate is more than 25%.

This article introduces the production process, advantages of color-coated steel sheet and the materials used in the substrate and coating, so as to provide reference for the novices who want to understand the color-coated sheet industry and the selection of equipment and process technology for the new color-coated sheet production line.


The full name of PPGI is color coated galvanized steel, also known as color coated steel. PP is the abbreviation for painted, G is the abbreviation for galvanized. A layer of zinc metal is evenly distributed on the surface of the PPGI steel plate, which protects the base material and prevents the base material from rusting and corrosion.

The full name of PPGL is color coated aluminized steel. The surface coating of PPGL steel plate is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. A star flower with a smooth and flat surface, with a silver-white base color. In comparison, the service life of PPGL is 2-6 times that of PPGI.

Paint coating classification

1. Primer

Epoxy primer; modified epoxy primer; polyester primer

2. Back paint

Epoxy type; polyester type; amino alkyd type; polyurethane type.

3. Top coat

Vinyl coil topcoat; plastisols and organosols; polyesters; silicon modified polyesters; acrylics; water-based acrylic paints; solderable; fluorocarbon resins.

In view of the continuous expansion of the application field of color-coated plates, the requirements for coatings are more updated. For example, the coatings are required to be heat-resistant, non-sticky, anti-static, highly reflective, easy to clean or self-cleaning, heat insulation, and rich in texture such as orange stripes.

These coatings have been developed accordingly, and the recent advances in the construction technology of powder coatings and the development of light-curing coatings have also entered the field of color-coated board coatings.

Substrate material

The rigidity, strength, ease of processing, and corrosion resistance that the color-coated plate should have are basically reflected by the performance of the substrate. At the same time, the process performance, apparent quality, corrosion resistance, and adhesion performance of the color-coated plate coating are all related to the surface state of the substrate.

There are the following types of substrates:

Cold rolled sheet is mainly used as furniture and interior decoration materials.

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets are mainly used for exterior decoration materials and home appliances.

Alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheets are mainly used in automobiles and home appliances.

Hot-dip galvanized-aluminum steel plate, mainly used for exterior decoration materials.


The main advantages of color-coated panels are durability, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and bright colors. At present, they have been widely used in various industries such as construction, home appliances, and electromechanical.

1. Construction industry The most extensive application of color-coated panels is the construction industry. With the rapid development of steel structure construction technology, and the country vigorously promotes steel structure construction, the application scope of color coated panels in this field is rapidly expanding.

From industrial buildings to civil buildings, from roofs and walls to balconies, doors and windows, kiosks, telephone booths, etc., its usage is growing rapidly. With the development of color-coated board manufacturing technology, many high-end ceilings and interior wall panels with embossing and printing have begun to be used in the decoration industry. At present, there are many kinds of architectural color-coated panels, all kinds of coatings are applied, and the thickness of coatings can vary widely.

2. Household appliance manufacturing industry. With the increase in the variety of color-coated plates and the improvement of manufacturing processes, the application of color-coated plates in the household appliance manufacturing industry is growing at a high speed, mainly used in refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, Sanitary equipment, etc. At present, color-coated plates for household appliances are mostly high-gloss single-color coated plates and film-coated plates.

3. The application of color-coated plates in the electromechanical product manufacturing industry includes electronic control device panels, housings, and various instrument housings. In addition, color-coated plates are gradually being used for the shells of office equipment such as computers and copiers.

4. Color-coated plates in other industries are also used in many other industries, such as agricultural machinery, light industrial products, toys, etc.

Benefits & advantages (Why use it?)

The advantages of color coated boards are being recognized by more and more people, and their applications are becoming more and more extensive.

PPGI steel coil, while the base material is protected, it also enhances its beauty and usability, while still maintaining the processing and formability of the base material and other properties. It can be directly processed for further subsequent processing without painting.

PPGI steel coils are generally produced in rolls, and the quality is easy to control. It is easy to be consistent and stable in terms of product color and appearance quality, which brings unparalleled convenience to mass production and large-scale use.

The PPGI steel coil production line has stricter exhaust gas control and pollution control during coating drying. Compared with the product coating of dispersed operations, it reduces the waste of coatings, energy and environmental pollution.

PPGI & PPGL coating style

The surface condition of the color-coated board refers to its color category, embossing and printing patterns, etc. Some new processes at home and abroad have become increasingly active, such as the addition of laminating, embossing and printing by roller coating. The lacquer colors are white gray, navy blue, crimson red, and bean green, while the backside paint is mainly off-white, and the embossing and printing are mainly wood grain.

PPGI & PPGL Layers


  • Top (finished) coating
  • Primer coating
  • Chromate coating
  • Galvanized layer
  • Base metal (cold rolled steel sheet)
  • Galvanized layer
  • Chromate coating
  • Epoxy, polyester

How to Choose PPGI & PPGL?

First of all, we must pay attention to the choice of substrate. For outdoor use, small spangle flat hot-dip galvanized steel coils are generally used, and it is best to use zinc-free flat hot-dip galvanized steel coils.

In recent years, there has been a trend of increasing zinc alloy coated coils as substrates. Electro-galvanized steel coils can be used for indoor use, cold-rolled coils are used as substrates for film color-coated sheets, aluminum coil substrates are used for color-coated sheets for sanitary ware, and stainless steel is used for some high-end products. Roll to make substrate.

Second, you should pay attention to whether to apply a new pretreatment process system to increase the stability of the pretreatment solution, enhance the corrosion resistance and flexibility of the color-coated board, and reduce environmental pollution.

It is recommended to use functional coatings, such as anti-insect, dust-proof, and thermal insulation coatings.

Whether the equipment of the color coating unit is complete, pay attention to the diversification and high-grade of products.


The above article gives a rough introduction to the color-coated plate products, and summarizes and analyzes the color-coated plate products with pictures and texts. Hope it can help you.

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