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Hot Rolled Coil Price

The price of hot rolled coil is constantly changing every day, it is very important to know the price of hot rolled coil when purchasing galvanized coil or prepainted steel coil. This article explains how to check the price of hot-rolled coils and the factors that affect the price of hot-rolled coils.

Hot Rolled Coil Price Chart

HRC prices vary from country to country.

Chinese HRC prices:


Hot Rolled Coil Price 1

The website is in Chinese, 3532 means that the price of hot-rolled coil per ton is 3532 yuan, and the currency is RMB.

U.S. HRC prices:


Hot Rolled Coil Price 2

The price of hot rolled coil in the United States is US$1,099 per ton.

Factors Influencing the Price of Hot Rolled Coil

1 supply and demand

The demand side includes engineering infrastructure, manufacturing and processing, etc. When the global demand for hot-rolled coils is strong, the price will increase. Hot-rolled coils are the raw material for galvanized roofing. For example, when earthquakes occur in some countries, metal roofing is required to build a large number of temporary houses.

The production capacity and operating rate of factories including hot-rolled coils on the supply side.

2 raw material cost

Iron ore, steel scrap, coal, and natural gas are raw materials for producing hot-rolled coils, and their price changes will affect the price of hot-rolled coils

4 stock

Including changes in global social inventory and steel mill inventory data

5 Macro policies

The Chinese government’s steel mills implement environmental protection policies to limit production capacity, and the US government imposed a 25% tariff on hot-rolled coils in 2018, which will affect prices.

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