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Brazil’s steel, shipbuilding, automobile, and aircraft manufacturing have leaped into the ranks of the world’s important producing countries. This article mainly introduces the suppliers and traders of Brazilian galvanized steel coils and pre-painted galvanized steel coils.

List of Galvanized & prepainted steel coil manufacturers Brazil


Address: "Rod BR 040, Km 801 Av. Empresarial Park Sul, nr. 60 - Sala 7 36120-000, Matias Barbosa, MG Brazil"

IMEXBRA TRADING SA was established in 1980 and is committed to providing and trading steel products. With multiple offices all over the world, we can better serve our customers.

The company has established a strong cooperative relationship with world-renowned steel mills and manufacturers and can provide customers with high-quality and diverse products and competitive prices.

Main products:

  • Hot Deep Galvanized Coils,
  • Galvalume Coils
  • Prepainted Coils
  • Electrolytic Tinplate Coils

Grupo Jefer

Address: "Estr. Mun. Luiz Fernando Marchi, 240 Jardim Nova Leme, Leme – SP – 13613-002"

Grupo Jefer was founded at the end of the twentieth century and is composed of five companies. It has now developed into one of the largest groups and centers for the distribution of steel products in Brazil.

The company is headquartered in Lima, Sao Paulo, with two factories and multiple sales offices in the country.

The company’s products are of high quality, complete services, and provide customers with professional steel solutions.

Main products:

  • Galvanized coils
  • Galvalume coils
  • Pre-painted coils

Aço Certo

Address: R.Mal.Floriano,74-América,Joinville-SC,89204-180

Aço Certo is a steel company located in southern Brazil. It has a responsible team and competent staff, committed to providing customers with quality services.

The company’s products are diverse and of high quality, with a complete service system and fast delivery, providing customers with high-quality steel product solutions.

The front surface of the pre-coated galvanized steel coil product is a chemical layer 5 µ primer + 20 µ polyester RAL paint, and the bottom surface is a 5 µ chemical primer layer and a standard white topcoat.

Main products:

  • Galvanized steel coils
  • prepainted steel coils
  • galvalume coils


Address: João Roberto, nº 170 Cumbica, Guarulhos – SP

Messa Group was established in 1972 and consists of three companies. The main business area is the supply and trade of flat steel. The company now has three factories, with timely shipments, convenient and fast delivery.

The company has a pivotal position in Brazil, covering all links in the flat steel processing and production chain. And provide flat steel processing services. The products are of high quality and have passed the ISO 9001 quality certification.

Main products:

  • Galvanized steel sheets/coils


Address: Evaristo de Antoni Street, 1875 - São José - Caxias do Sul - RS - Brazil

COMERCIAL R3 is a large-scale enterprise integrating steel trading, processing, distribution, logistics and warehousing, and commodity import and export. Having worked hard in the steel product market for many years, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources.

After years of painstaking accumulation, it has become one of the few representative companies in Brazil’s steel processing, production, and steel import and export trade. Insist on providing better products at more competitive prices.

The coating type of galvanized steel coil products is ordinary or flake crystal. The supplied standard is NBR 7008, the specification is 0.30-3.00mm in thickness and 350-1500mm in width.

The thickness of the pre-coated coil is 0.43-0.65, and it provides the global standard RAL color code.

Main products:

  • Galvanized steel sheets/coils
  • Prepainted steel coils

Sampaio Distribuidora deAçoSA


Sampaio was founded in 1979 and has been engaged in the steel business. Has become one of the largest suppliers and traders of Brazilian flat steel products. The company always puts product quality standards and excellent service in the first place.

The company has a modern service center capable of processing coils up to 16 mm thick and 2200 mm wide.

Main products:

  • Galvanized coils and sheets

Nacional Telha

Address: Rua São João Batista, 144 to 180 (Anhanguera KM 106.5) Jd. Santa Olivia

Nacional Telha is a company specializing in the supply and trade of roof tiles, metal bricks, and coil products. It is an excellent enterprise with excellent quality, perfect service, and a reliable reputation.

The company maintains high inventory all year round, with complete product specifications and reasonable prices.

Main products:

  • Galvanized coils
  • Galvanized steel sheet

Expert Ferro e Aço

Address: "Rua Manguari, 257 São Paulo – SP"

Expert Ferro e Aço is a carbon steel distributor and importer. The main area is the distribution business of steel products.

Relying on convenient transportation advantages, intelligent marketing network, strong storage processing, and distribution system, and good reputation, the company provides customers with international standard steel processing and distribution services.

Main products:

  • Galvanized steel coil
  • Galvalume coil
  • Pre-coated steel coil

SB Trade

Address: Rua Sebastião Furtado Pereira, 60 - Sala 1109 - Ed. Itaguaçu Trade Center - Barreiros - CEP 88117-400 - São José - SC

SB Trade was established in 2010. It is not only a company specializing in foreign trade and providing comprehensive operation management, but also a distributor of steel coils and sheets.

The company has a reliable and experienced professional team that can provide customers with high-quality services to ensure operational safety, trust, and agility.

The galvanized steel coil provided by the company complies with the international standard ASTM A653, with a thickness of 0.40-3.00mm, a maximum width of 1200mm, and a weight of 4-12 tons.

Main products:

  • Hot-dip galvanized carbon steel coil
  • Pre-coated carbon steel coil


Address: "Edifício Comercial MURANO ESTAÇÃO Rua Coronel Flores, 749 – Sala 702 Bairro São Pelegrino Caxias do Sul – RS – Brasil"

Asian Metal is a comprehensive steel company integrating steel trade, logistics, and distribution. The company gathers excellent steel sales talents and specializes in steel coating products.

The company has accumulated a wealth of product knowledge in the long-term sales process. In terms of pre-coated galvanized products, it has very professional expertise and in-depth research.

The company combines modern professional metal processing plants to make every effort to bring convenience to customers in purchasing.

It has reached a long-term and stable business cooperation relationship with major domestic and foreign steel mills, tens of thousands of steel structure enterprises, and home appliance enterprises.

The supplied galvanized coil product standard is ASTM A-653, the galvanized layer is 10g/m²-450g/m², the specification thickness is 0.35-5.00mm, and the width is 600-1500mm.

Main products:

  • Galvanized carbon steel coil
  • Prepainted carbon steel

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This article specifically introduces the suppliers and manufacturers of galvanized steel coils and pre-coated steel coils in Brazil. Hope it can help you.

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