Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

Glass wool is a roll made to meet the needs of large-area laying. In addition to maintaining the unique characteristics of heat insulation and heat insulation, it also has excellent fire resistance, shock absorption, and sound absorption characteristics, which is conducive to reducing noise pollution and improving The working environment is mainly used for: roof thermal insulation, roof thermal insulation, steel structure wall thermal insulation, indoor thermal insulation and sound absorption, breeding roof thermal insulation, and fire prevention) insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, and the effect is very ideal. In the construction, it can also be arbitrarily cut according to the need to have a good moisture-proof effect. It is excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, and sound insulation material for workshops, roofs, walls, and flat roofs.

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

The Definition of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

The glass wool sandwich panel is composed of two layers of upper and lower color profile plates through the combination of keel and glass wool.

The Advantages of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

(1) The glass wool sandwich panel has a high closed cell rate and excellent energy-saving effect;

(2) Green environmental protection, no formaldehyde;

(3) One-time investment and continuous savings;

(4) Unique plug-in interface design, stronger ability to resist negative wind pressure;

(5) Various shapes, beautiful and elegant advantages: no cold bridge, high rigidity, good flatness, and glass wool A-grade non-combustible;

(6) The plug interface is tight and there is no heat conduction of the steel plate

(7) Polyurethane side seals on both sides block the core material from absorbing water and extend the service life;

(8) Unique connection port design, stronger ability to resist negative wind pressure;

(9) Good fireproof performance: It is suitable for the wall and roof of large public buildings, industrial plants and other buildings that require fireproofing.

The Specification of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

ProductGlass Wool Sandwich Panel
WidthWall panel: 950mm/1150mm Roof panel: 960mm
MaterialsFiber glass wool , Color steel sheet
StructureUpper and lower layer: Color steel sheet
Middle: Fiber glass wool
ThicknessColor steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm
Fiber glass wool core: 50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm
Glass wool density40-80kgs/m3
Applicationvarious roofs and walls referring to the large size factory buildings,temporary house,dormitory, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.
Fireproof rateB1 / B2
Compressive Strength200Kpa
PriceUS $12-16/ Square Meter
HS Code7210709000

The Application of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

  1. Industrial plant, warehouse
  2. Cold storage, box packaging
  3. Light steel house, original building mezzanine house
  4. Activity board room
  5. Various clean rooms, air-conditioned rooms, etc.
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