What is galvalume?

Galvalume definition

Galvalume is a coating composed of zinc, aluminum, and silicon that protects metals (mainly steel) from oxidation. It is similar to galvanizing and is a sacrificial metal coating that protects the parent metal.

Galvalume sheet is a very common alloy material, and it has many applications in daily life. Air conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other household appliances all use aluminum galvanized sheets. The composition of galvanized zinc sheet The surface of galvanized steel sheet presents a unique smooth, flat, and gorgeous starflower, and the base color is silver-white.

The special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of aluminum-zinc plates can reach 25a. It has a good heat resistance and can be used in a high-temperature environment of 315℃; the adhesion of the coating and the paint film is good, and it has good processing properties and can be punched, cut, welded, etc.

Features of galvalume

1. Strong corrosion resistance.

2. Resistance to high-temperature oxidation.

3. High heat reflectivity.

4. Easy to process.

5. Beautiful appearance.

6. Surface spraying.

7. More usable area.

The main applications of galvalume sheet

Construction industry: roofs, exterior walls, garage doors, fences, shutters of civil and industrial buildings.
Home appliance industry: ovens, explosion-proof strip steel, outer covers of air conditioning and ventilation systems, solar water heaters, electrical components.

Automobile industry: automobile silencers, exhaust pipes and heat shields of catalytic converters, automobile body bottom parts, road signs.

Industrial instruments: electric control cabinets, industrial freezers, vending machines.

Galvalume vs Galvanized


Due to the excellent adhesion between the zinc layer of the galvanized steel sheet and the unpainted, it can be painted without pretreatment and weathering when used as a signboard or for general purposes: while galvanized steel needs weathering and pretreatment. deal with.


The heat resistance of galvanized steel is far better than that of galvanized steel; its heat resistance is almost equal to that of aluminized steel.

Heat reflectivity

The heat reflectivity of the galvanized steel sheet is almost twice that of the galvanized steel sheet. Therefore, it can also achieve energy-saving effects as a roof and panel when it is not painted.





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