What is galvalume?

With its excellent performance, the application demand of galvalume products in the market has been increasing, and the market scale has also expanded, and it is expected that the development trend of continuous growth will continue in the future.

This article will give you a detailed introduction to what is galvalume.

Galvalume meaning

Galvalume is a coating composed of zinc, aluminum, and silicon that protects metals (mainly steel) from oxidation. And it is an important alloy material used in daily life.

The coating composition is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon in weight ratio. It is sprayed on the surface of the cold-rolled plate, which has a good protective effect on the substrate.

Applications of galvalume

Construction industry: roofs, exterior walls, garage doors, fences, shutters of civil and industrial buildings.

Home appliance industry: ovens, explosion-proof strip steel, outer covers of air conditioning and ventilation systems, solar water heaters, electrical components.

Automobile industry: automobile silencers, exhaust pipes and heat shields of catalytic converters, automobile body bottom parts, road signs.

Industrial instruments: electric control cabinets, industrial freezers, vending machines.

Features of galvalume

  1. Strong corrosion resistance.
  2. Resistance to high-temperature oxidation.
  3. High heat reflectivity.
  4. Easy to process.
  5. Beautiful appearance.
  6. Surface spraying.
  7. More usable area.

Galvanized vs galvalume

Corrosion resistance

The corrosion of galvanized steel is 6 to 8 times that of galvanized steel, especially in the environment of acid rain, it can guarantee no rust for 20 years.

  1. Edge-cutting protection: Aluminized zinc plate has a good protective effect on cutting edges. The life of standard weight of aluminum-zinc plate is 3-4 times that of galvanized plate.
  2. Atmospheric corrosion resistance: In the harsh marine environment, rural and industrial environment, the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel is better than that of galvanized steel.
  3. Adaptability to humidity: The Cleveland condensation experiment shows that the humidity and corrosion resistance of galvanized steel sheet is 5-6 times stronger than that of galvanized steel sheet.
  4. Water resistance: The aluminum-zinc plate has excellent water resistance and is more corrosion-resistant than ordinary galvanized plates.Heat-resistance
  5. Heat resistance: The heat resistance of galvanized steel is far better than that of galvanized steel.The galvanized steel sheet can withstand the high temperature of 67 7 ℃, and often works at 3 15 ℃ without discoloration, and its heat resistance is better than that of the galvanized steel sheet.


The galvanized sheet has the characteristics of being very easy to be fixed and rotated, and does not require more complicated forming equipment.

Heat reflectivity

The heat reflectivity of the galvanized steel sheet is almost twice that of the galvanized steel sheet. Therefore, it can also achieve energy-saving effects as a roof and panel when it is not painted.


Compared with galvanized steel, galvanized steel is less fume and safer than galvanized steel, and it is not easy to produce pores. It can be compared with aluminum plate in terms of welding speed.


Due to the excellent adhesion between the zinc layer of the galvanized steel sheet and the unpainted, it can be painted without pretreatment and weathering when used as a signboard or for general purposes: while galvanized steel needs weathering and pretreatment. deal with.

Does galvalume rust?

The cut of the galvanized sheet will rust for a long time without special treatment. This is because the material that is plated is only on the surface, not on the inside.

Iron generally rusts, but if aluminum-zinc is plated on iron, the iron is not easy to rust. This is because through electrochemical plating, aluminum-zinc can protect the iron material from corrosion and protect the substrate, plus the aluminum-zinc itself It has good weather resistance and is not easy to rust.

Galvalume vs aluminum

Galvalume is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon in weight ratio.

Aluminum plate is a steel plate coated with aluminum-silicon alloy, with 90% aluminum and 10% silicon.`

The processing performance and weldability of the aluminum-plated sheet are poor, and the processing performance and weldability of the galvalume sheet are better.

The paintability of aluminized plate is poor, but the paintability of galvanized steel is better.

The cut protection of the aluminized plate is also poor, and the cut protection of aluminized zinc is stronger.

The price of aluminized sheet is higher than that of galvalume sheet.

Compared with the galvalume plates, the galvanized layer has relatively active chemical properties, so the corrosion resistance is quite different. Tests under the same outdoor conditions show that the service life of galvanized steel is more than four times that of galvanized steel.

Galvalume Color

The surface of Galvalume steel plate presents unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star-shaped flowers with a silver-white background.

Galvalume vs painted metal roof

The coating structure of Galvalume board is Al-Zn alloy, and the coating composition is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon. Its surface is smooth, has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature corrosion resistance, and has good coating and processability.

Painted metal roof is a kind of composite material, which is composed of substrate and paint. It has the advantages of both steel plate and organic material. It not only has the mechanical strength and easy forming performance of steel plate, but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of organic material.

How long will a galvalume roof last

The special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance. The average service life of galvalume roof can reach 50 years.

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