Steel pipe manufacturers south Africa

Steel pipes are essential since they are used in various applications. They are used in water supply, sewerage systems, and natural gas supply. Many people prefer using steel pipes since they are resistant to damage due to extreme weather conditions, tree roots, and human errors.

Steel pipe companies in South Africa manufacture high-quality steel pipes, ensuring they last for an extended period. These pipes are also produced in large quantities to meet the ever-increasing demand.

How to choose a steel pipe manufacturer in South Africa

Selecting the best steel pipe manufacturer is not an easy thing. This is because they are many, but you need not worry. We will let you know some of the things you need to consider to identify the best steel pipe manufacturer.

Years of experience

Experience is something very crucial. Look at the company’s profile, and you will see how many years of experience the company has. The more the years the company has been in the industry, the more experienced it is and vice versa.


This is another crucial thing to consider. If the company does not have any certifications, it means that it has not complied with industry regulations. This implies that the products the company is manufacturing are not up to standards.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

A good manufacturer understands the needs of its customers and executes changes based on these needs. Giving customers superior services will leave them satisfied, and they are likely to come back again.

Steel Pipe Manufacturers In South Africa Review

Steel & Pipes for Africa

Address: 21 Binne Street, George Industrial, South Africa.

Main products:

  • mild steel pipes
  • round shape steel pipes
  • aluminum steel pipes

The company was established in 1993, and it operates 19 outlets all over South Africa. The company is South Africa’s biggest supplier of Robor steel tubing and produces superior steel products that last for a long period. Their staffs are well known for their ability, commitment, and product knowledge.

The company also manufactures other products such as castors, cleaning products, connectors, building products, and door hangers. It is ISO and SABS Certified.

Hall Longmore

Address: 2 Osborne Road, Wadeville, Germiston, South Africa

Main products:

  • ERW steel pipes
  • spiral steel pipes
  • welded steel pipes

The company is one of the largest steel manufacturers in South Africa and South of Sahara. It exports its products to more than 30 countries across the world.

The company was established in 1924, and it has been providing high-quality products to its customers. It holds esteemed accreditation of the American Petroleum Institute (API), BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 14001 Certification.

The company manufactures ERW steel pipes, spiral steel pipes, and welded steel pipes, which are sold at competitive prices. It also has a team of experts who serve its customers well for optimal customer satisfaction.

Garsin Steel Tube and Pipe (Pty) Ltd

Address: 265 Main Reef Road, Knights, Germiston, EXT 3, 1401, Gauteng, South Africa.

Main products:

  • welded steel pipes
  • spiral welded steel pipes
  • seamless steel pipes

It was established in 1967, and since then, the company has built an excellent reputation for superior services, competitive pricing, product quality, more satisfied customers, and great service.

The company manufactures long welded steel pipes, spiral welded steel pipes, and seamless steel pipes. It delivers the products you order within a short period. Its staffs are friendly, welcoming, and have in-depth market product knowledge. If you have any inquiries, you can contact its customer care, and they will sort you.

Macsteel Service Centres SA

Address: 7 Brook Road, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Main products:

  • stainless steel pipe
  • hot-dipped steel pipe
  • seamless steel pipe
  • cable-lock steel pipe

The company is so proud to be in the industry for over 116 years. It’s the leading distributor, merchandiser, and manufacturer of steel in South Africa.

The company has eight Dynamic Business units and operates in over 50 branches. It mainly deals with carbon steel, specialty steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products. Its products are of high-quality, ensuring that they serve you for an extended period.

All products are offered at a competitive price and are used on multiple applications without stressing the user. This versatility helps these products to endure, even when tested against environmental hazards. The company is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.

Euro Steel

Address: 10 Commercial Road, Wadeville, Germiston, 1422

Main products:

  • stainless steel pipe
  • large-diameter steel pipe
  • DSAW steel pipe

The company has been in the steel industry for a long period, and it’s the largest local distributor and exporter of stainless steel, aluminum, and special steels. Apart from South Africa, it also operates in Mozambique, Zambia, and Namibia.

The company has gained an excellent reputation due to producing high-quality products and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. This is achieved through its team of experts and workers who are passionate about their work. Its customer care desk is always open for you in case you have any inquiries.

The company is also devoted to its employees’ empowerment and development to ensure it creates an equitable society.

Tubecon Africa

Address: Piet Rautenbach Street Rosslyn 0200, Pretoria

Main products:

  • welded steel pipe
  • seamless steel pipe
  • large-diameter steel pipe

The company was established in 1977, and it has grown rapidly to become one of the leading manufacturers of cold-formed steel and steel products in South Africa. It also manufactures structural steel tubes, profile tubes, specific tubes, and steel conduit.

The company has carried out many projects that are reliable and excellent. It strives to ensure quality is guaranteed for optimal customer satisfaction. It offers its products and services at competitive prices.

The company has a team of skilled professionals who ensure that everything runs as planned. Contact customer care if you have any inquiries.

Africa Steel and Tube (Pty) Ltd

Address: 15 Dan Jacob Street, Alrode, Alberton, Johannesburg

Main products:

  • square tubing
  • round tubing
  • rectangular tubing

This is a newly established steel tube manufacturer. It is determined to ensure it understands its customers’ needs for optimal customer satisfaction. The company’s mission is to be the top service provider in Africa. All its products comply with system specifications and standards.

The company is also committed to providing excellent customer delivery and technical competence through comprehensive testing and quality assurance. For any inquiries, feel free to contact its customer care.


Address: 68 Brand Road, President Park, Midrand

Main products:

  • carbon steel pipe
  • ERW mild steel pipe
  • special alloy piping
  • stainless steel pipe

API PIPING (PTY) LTD is an excellent choice for you. For a long period, the company has been in the steel industry, providing high-quality products for its clients in South Africa.

Committed and dedicated professionals and workers enhance this for the excellence of the company. This has made the company gain an excellent reputation since its customers are always satisfied. It engages in sustainable practices and anticipates the needs of its customers. The company also manufactures fittings and flanges.

BSI steel

Address: 4 Prevett Street Spartan Ext. 1, 1619, Johannesburg South Africa.

Main products:

  • hot rolled steel pipe
  • seamless steel pipe
  • hot rolled square pipe

The company is committed to stimulating the economy and promoting innovation. It delivers the products the customers have ordered on time. All its stainless-steel fittings come in various grades, sizes, thicknesses, and dimensions.

Its products are sold at affordable prices. It has a team of professionals who are friendly to its customers and always leave customers satisfied.

The company complies with strict standards of manufacturing excellence and quality. It also manufactures flanges, tubing, round bars, plates, fittings, and forged products.

Incledon Quality Fluid Conveyance Products

Address: 96 Cavaleros Dr. Industrial West, Germiston, 1401, South Africa.

Main products:

  • steel pipe fittings
  • steel pipe & tubing
  • steam pipe fittings
  • galvanized iron pipe

The company was established in 1906; hence it has been in the steel industry for over 110 years. The reason for its success is continued customer satisfaction and producing quality products.

The company also manufactures irrigation products, pumps, plumbing products, valves, water meters, and civil products. The company adheres to local and international standards, ensuring that its products are safe and secure for human use.

The company has a team of qualified professionals and committed individuals who enable the company to meet clients’ urgent needs in time.

Our recommendations

Garsin Steel Tube and Pipe (Pty) Ltd

The company has the capacity to manufacture almost any size tube within its production range. It delivers the products ordered by customers within a short period. Its staffs are friendly, welcoming, and have in-depth market product knowledge. Apart from providing quality products, the company offers workshop efficiency, competitive pricing, and excellent service.

Tubecon Africa

The company manufactures a wide range of products. It strives to ensure quality is guaranteed for optimal customer satisfaction. It offers its products and services at competitive prices.

The company has a team of skilled professionals who ensure that everything runs as planned. It has customer care that answers all questions on a polite note.


Steel pipe manufacturers in South Africa play a vital role in the country’s economy. They help to manufacture and supply high-quality steel pipes that are used in many applications.

Steel pipes are used in water line systems, irrigation systems, and sewerage systems, among other applications.

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