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According to The Economic Times, there had been a fundamental change in the roofing industry for India, mainly when industrial applications had grown within their market. To respond to the high demand, they utilized their assets for high-quality equipment.

If you are looking for suppliers you can trust, we’ve listed the nine best PPGI sheets manufacturers to date. This way, you can quickly contact them for possible partnerships or even just hire them as your official dealer.

List of PPGI Sheet Manufacturers in India

Nkoda Steel Industry

Address: Service Road Musakhedi, Indore, India

Nakoda Steel Industry is one of the leading manufacturers of PPGI sheets in India and Shandong, China. They also offer PPGL with various specifications, with customization available upon customer requests.

The production process utilizes hot-dip galvanized steel coils as a substrate, following this sequence: surface pre-treatment, coating layers of liquid coating, baking, and cooling.

Their coating material includes polyester and silicone modified polyester, leading to enhanced formability, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

As for their PPGI sheets, they can be used for roofing, building, furniture, home appliances, and even solar energy. Customers are free to choose from all RAL colors or request customization.

They can even extend the durability of each product. Each comes with 0.13-2.0mm thickness, 600-1500mm width, and 40-275 g/m2 Zinc Coating. The top side features primer paint+polyester paint coating, while the backside is made through primer epoxy.

RR MetalMakers India Limited

Address: Salt Pan Road, Wadala (E) Mumbai - 400037

RR MetalMakers India Limited is best known for color-coated products, including PPGI corrugated profile sheets.

They use steel’s strength to make high-end products. Along with it, they incorporate aesthetic beauty  (creative designs) in all their offers, always meeting international standards. Aside from PPGI sheets, they also offer color coils, round bars, and pipes.

Their PPGI corrugated profile sheets may come with 0.18mm – 1.5mm thickness, 1220mm -1450mm width, and 10 / 12 / 14 / 16ft profile length. Customers are also free to choose profile sheets between 7-1257 mm or 6-1062 rib (out).

Available colors are Brick red and RAL colors, including 5012, 5015, 5018, 9002, 9006, 6005, 6011, and 7015.

Exodus Ispat Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 3A Ram Mohan Mallick Garden Lane RAIKVA (Sapphire Banquets) Building 4th Floor, Unit -4

Exodus Ispat Pvt. Ltd. is a PPGI sheet manufacturer making products out of intensive research. Thus, they guarantee that each product comes with extravagant strength and durability.

Their PPGI sheets can stand still despite extreme weather conditions as they employ special pre-treatment processes.

The manufacturer does not leave the aesthetics behind, as their products come in various colors – customers are free to pick one according to their wants. Durability is prolonged using high tensile or strength steel.

Along with the process, each is coated with 100% zinc. Before releasing the piece, they finish it with primer and paint to ensure that durability is guaranteed.


Address: Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

ColorTop is another leading manufacturer of different industrial roofing materials and services inside and outside India. Aside from PPGI sheets, they also offer PPGL, Bare Galvalume, other sheets, and additional roofing accessories.

It features extreme climatic conditions protection and anti-rust property, making each product a waterproof system.

For PPGI sheets, they use mild steel, which features galvanized zinc coating. It has a minimum mass of 120 grams per square meter, following the international standards number 277.

Their products are ideal roofing solutions as they come with 240 MPA minimum tensile strength.

Dolphin Exports

Address: Punjab INDIA

Dolphin Exports is a company known globally because of its transparency and quality PPGI sheets, and variety of specifications.

The manufacturer operates with the help of highly proficient professionals, so they offer color-coated sheets as well. Rust-free products with dimensional accuracy are what make them stand out.

All their PPGI sheets are available in different colors and sizes. Colors include RAL 3001, 5012, 5005, 6028, 9002, 6002, and 9001.

You can also request more customized colors, including brick red, seco red, Hulas green, and bright green. As for the sizes, sheets may come with a 0.3-0.60 x 1220 mm thickness. Lastly, it features an aluminum coating and 550 MPA super strength.

Vivek Steels Skyline Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Indore - 452001, Madhya Pradesh, India

Vivek Steels Skyline Pvt. Ltd. is considered a one-stop-shop of PPGI sheets and related products in India. They cater to different industries such as automobiles, fabricating, and construction.

Their main goal was to offer a trustworthy store within Madhya Pradesh but later expanded across the country. They employ specific teams for product testing, packaging, warehousing, and fabrication to ensure quality products. 

Being an ultimate one-stop-shop, they offer various types of PPGI sheets. Customers can choose from planes and colored sheets. Roofing, profile, and curved sheets are also available with multiple sizes and color options.

All products are made from high-quality raw materials, following industry standards.

Bhagwati Royal Roof

Address: Surat, Gujarat 394510.

Bhagwati Royal Roof manufactures and trades various high-quality products, including roofing sheets and Air Ventilators. They have partnerships with different firms, including those located in Shandong, China, serving as their supplier since 1990.

Until today, the manufacturer can provide sheets in varying industries while maintaining their compliance with industrial standards. 

Their PPGI sheets come with various specifications. For instance, various RAL colors are available such as 1013, 1015, 2002, 2005, 3005, 3013, 5010, 5012, 5015, 5017, 6005, 7011, and many more.

Customers can also request customization along with their samples. Each comes with a hardness of >=F, T Bend of >=3T, reverse impact of >=9J, and grade of SGCC SGCD.

Nilkanth Rooftech

Address: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Nilkanth Rooftech is a specialized manufacturer of profile and roofing PPGI sheets. Their products apply to domestic, agricultural, and domestic cladding and roofing fields. Their mission is to provide traditional roofing looks using modern coated steels for durability.

Anyone can choose from diverse color options as well as sizes. However, the significant benefits you can get from their sheets include ease of installation, durability, strength, and flexibility.

With their products, you will not be required to conduct frequent maintenance or reinstallations.


Address: Surat – 394101, Gujarat State, India

Hi-Tech Industries is another PPGI sheets manufacturer that caters to other roofing products. They have already obtained several ISO certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

All products are made by experienced professionals who already have comprehensive experience. As an additional perk, business partners are free to ask for lab certificates like mechanical properties and chemical composition tests.

Their PPGI sheets are available in various sizes, including thickness and width, with lengths for customization.

They also provide different color options, including blue, gray, red, white, green, etc. The tensile strength can go from 350-650P MA, with a hardness of 55-65 HRB. Additionally, guard film is available, but it is optional.

These are by far the top Indian-based suppliers you can consider. As they invest in raw materials and facilities and employ experts in the roofing industry, they are able to come up with products that are very durable and with high reliability.

With that said, you’re sure to meet the demands of your customers and achieve customer satisfaction.

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