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Why Import PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil from Egypt?

Egypt is the second largest pig iron producer in Africa, accounting for 10% of Africa’s total pig iron production. The steel industry is a pillar industry in Egypt, and its products are mainly used in construction, shipbuilding, and automobile industries.

The resident population of Egypt occupies the first place in the Middle East and the second place in Africa. At the same time, it is at the leading level in neighboring countries in terms of technology and economy.

As one of the North African countries, Egypt has long been a leader in Africa in the fields of economy and technology, and some industries are relatively developed. Therefore, its gross domestic product (GDP) has consistently ranked first in North Africa for many years.

List of Prepainted & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers Egypt

El Shebika Steel

Address: Meat Nama, el tarek el bateae, Kalioub - Cairo Alexandria Agricultural Road, Egypt

El Shebika Steel was founded in 1982. Since its establishment, the company has grown rapidly. It has now become one of Egypt’s largest suppliers of galvanized products.

The company covers most provinces in Egypt, with standardized management, efficient business, and large-scale warehousing. The company’s service functions are relatively complete, with relatively systematic processing, transportation and maintenance capabilities, and can provide customers with some auxiliary services.

The company produces galvanized steel coils with a thickness of 0.3-4mm and pre-coated steel coils with a thickness of 0.3-1.5mm.

Main products:

  • PPGI steel coil,
  • Galvanized steel coil,
  • PPGL steel coil.

Mass Steel

Address: 9/11 Bahaa Alzohir Street, Al-Laban, Alexandria, Egypt 21552

Mass Steel sells steel products to a wide range of customers, ranging from small local family businesses to global companies in the steel industry. The company’s market focus is Egypt and North Africa.

While maintaining high service quality and product quality, the company also provides customers with the lowest prices. The company is well-equipped, advanced, and financially strong. It also has a good social reputation.

The company’s production specifications Thickness: 0.28MM-3MM, width: 1000MM-1500MM galvanized steel coil. At the same time, it also produces PPGI steel coils with specifications thickness: 0.28MM-0.7MM, maximum width 1250MM.

Main Products:

  • Galvanized steel coil,
  • PPGL steel coil,
  • Pre-Painted galvanized steel coil.

EDT Steel

Address: 270 Gamal Abdel Nasser st., Miami, Alexandria, Egypt.

EDT Steel is a company located in Alexandria, Egypt, with convenient transportation, supplying and selling flat steel (coil/plate).

The company is experienced, has a good reputation in the industry, and has an excellent team and advanced equipment. The company’s services can meet the needs of individual customers, and its product quality, supply customization and production speed stand out in the market.

Main Products:

  • PPGI Coil,
  • Cold Rolled Coil,
  • Galvanized Coil,
  • PPGL steel coil,
  • Galvanized sheets.

ICON Construction and Development

Address: ICON Industrial Zone. Wadi Houf, Helwan, Cairo-Egypt

ICON Construction and Development was established in 1977. The company has been a pioneer and leader in Egyptian steel related industries.

The company owns and operates several factories. By ensuring the highest quality products, the company has an excellent reputation in the market.

The company has participated in many extraordinary large-scale and national projects, with high product-to-price ratio and good user response. At the leading level in the industry.

The specifications of the color-coated galvanized steel coil produced by the company are thickness: 0.40-0.70mm, galvanized layer: G 60-180 gm / m 2.

Main Products:

  • Prepainted Zinc Coil,
  • PPGL steel coil,
  • Galvanized Iron Coil.

Kama Manufacturing

Address: 3/6 and 10/6 Industrial Zone A2, 10th of Ramadan, Egypt

Kama Manufacturing was established in 1865. The factory has two production lines and two cutting lines. The company has advanced equipment, high efficiency, and diverse product numbers and large production capacity.

With standardized management and high business capabilities, the company has become Egypt’s leading innovative steel service center.

Main Products:

  • Hot Rolled steel coil,
  • Cold Rolled steel coil,
  • Pre-Painted steel coil,
  • Hot Dip Galvanized steel coil.

Group Steel

Address: United Group for Steel Industries (Group Steel), Mit Helfa, Qalyub, Egypt

Group Steel was established in 1967 and has a long history and rich experience. The company has been providing high-quality, customer-satisfied flat steel products all over the world.

The company has a wide range of raw material supply advantages and strong capital. With stable product quality, it is one of the most influential flat steel product suppliers in Egypt.

The company’s after-sales service is good, and it has a large warehousing center that can quickly deliver goods.

Main Products:

  • Galvanized steel coil,
  • Pre-Painted steel coil,
  • PPGL steel coil,
  • Cold Rolled steel coil,
  • Hot Rolled steel coil.

Ragab Siam Sons company

Address: 46 Abi Eldarda St., Alexandria, Egypt.

Ragab Siam Sons company is one of Egypt’s most historic steel companies, founded in 1949. The company has now developed into a well-known enterprise involving multiple industries.

The company’s product quality is stable, customizable products, product price comparison is high, staff capabilities are better, and a full set of after-sales service is provided.

The company has a large warehouse, strategic location, timely delivery, and fast delivery.

Main Products:

  • Galvanized steel coil,
  • PPGL steel coil,
  • Pre-Painted galvanized steel coil and plates.


Address: Area #91, Industrial Zone A-3 10th of Ramadan, Egypt

KANDIL STEEL has a long history of growth. Dating back to 1865, it was originally a pioneer in the manufacture of manual and primitive agricultural machinery, but developed into a boiler in the 1900s, and then finally focused on steel.

The company is one of the largest companies and flat steel manufacturers in the Middle East, with an annual output of 350,000 tons in 2003, most of which are for export, thus becoming a reliable coated steel supplier in Europe and the Middle East.

The company’s after-sales service is good, and the company has a highly qualified and aggressive professional team. And the company has rich experience and complete equipment.

Main Products:

  • Cold-rolled coils and sheets,
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel coils and sheets,
  • Pre-painted steel coils and sheets.

Prime steel

Address: 11-12 Mustafa Refaat street,6th floor- Office No.602-Sheraton Heliopolis-Cairo-Egypt.

Prime Metal for Metal was established in 2008. The company has grown rapidly and has now become one of Egypt’s largest stockpilers and traders of steel products.

The company has 7 large warehouses with superior geographical location, convenient transportation, fast delivery, and high-quality after-sales service to customers.

The company’s products involve various industries and are the main suppliers of various steel products required by the construction, steel manufacturing, shipbuilding and oil and gas industries.

Main Products:

  • Cold-rolled coils
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel coils
  • Pre-painted steel coils


ICON Construction and Development

This company has a long history and has a good reputation both locally and even in Egypt. Able to provide customers with excellent quality and timely after-sales service. The company’s product specifications are complete, and the products have passed repeated inspections and passed the quality.


The company was established earlier and is one of the most experienced companies in the Egyptian steel industry. The company’s experienced employees and innovative concepts have laid a solid foundation for high customer satisfaction.

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