Top 9 Mabati Rolling Mills from Kenya

Here are the best Mabati Rolling Mills in Kenya.

As far as I know, they import raw materials(PPGI steel coil, Galvanized steel coil, Galvalume Steel Coil) from China.

Mabati Rolling Mills Review

Mabati Rolling Mills Limited (MRM)

Address: Mombasa Malindi Highway, Mombasa, Kenya

Mabati Rolling Mills, commonly abbreviated as MRM, has grown to become the largest company within the Safal Group. Its operations started in the year 1962 at the Mariakani, close to Mombasa, Kenya.

MRM was among the first companies in Africa to be able to produce coated steel using the patented Aluminum-Zinc alloy that is recognized as leading technology worldwide to offer superior service life to the steel.

This technology has been licensed to the Safal Group by the BIEC International. Mabati Rolling Mills owns an integrated Coil facility located at Mariakani.

It produces world-class coated and also painted coated coil products from that it does manufacture a wide variety of prestigious roofing items in its facilities across Kenya. This company does have service centers that are located in several locations across the country.

These locations do include Athi River, which is situated near Nairobi, Kisumu, Thika, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisii, and Nyeri.


Mabati Rolling Mills has been the leading manufacturer when it comes to Metal Coated and Painted Steel Roofing solutions for the building and construction industry in Kenya for over 50 years.

There are various reasons which have helped them to maintain a grip on being CoverMax the market leader.


  • Saflok 700
  • Dumuzas
  • Dumu Rangi
  • Resincot
  • Minicorr
  • MaxCover
  • Versatile
  • Safintra
  • S-5!

My Opinion:

Mabati Rolling Company has been the leading manufacturer of Metal Coated and Painted Steel Roofing solutions. Over the past five decades, this company has revolutionized the building industry by offering a wide range of products.

All their products are coated using the latest Aluminum-Zinc technology and also painted using the highest quality Paint MaxCover Systems available. The company does have a wide range of products that cater to numerous sectors.

This is ranging from the popular DUMUZAS to the premium tiles including VERSATILE and the most premium Stone Coated Tile range by the name LIFESTYLE.

Mabati Rolling Mills is on the leading edge of the industrial and commercial innovative products including SAFLOK concealed fixed roofing system. Most recently, they have launched a new light Weight Steel Truss Roofing system by the name UltraSpan.

Royal Mabati Factory LTD

Address: Along Mombasa Road, Mlolongo Opp Signature Mall Nairobi

For very many years, Royal Mabati Factory has been able to support many clients to be able to succeed through the various solutions and also products.

This is a multinational company that deals with the roofing materials, beginning out with the factory that is in Nairobi since its inception in the year 2005.

Currently, they are the leading manufacturer of roofing products with over ten distribution centers in Kenya. Strict implementation of the state of art manufacturing facilities has allowed them to ensure the integrity of their products.


This company does offer clients an extensive service line that dies include free product delivery to individuals and the companies.

The high-quality sheets come with quality and high convenience. Their products are designed with the best technology so as to withstand the harsh weather conditions.


  • Box profile
  • Eurotile Profile
  • Corrugated profile.
  • Bricktile profile
  • Zeetile Profile
  • Corrugated Profile.

My Opinion:

Royal Mabati Company not only does care for you but it is consistently in line with emerging roofing trends. Here, you will not be subjected to one color scheme of the roofing material.

With this company, you are sure that you can get a wide variety of colors including Grey, charcoal grey, Brick red, and tile red, and the list would go on and on.

Mabati and Steel Enterprises LTD

Address: Nakuru Pipeline, Elementaita Road, P.o Box 1034 – 20100 Nakuru.

Super Mabati is a well-known and trustworthy, highly reliable and competent roofing manufacturer in Kenya. The company works tirelessly to provide customers what they do want for a competitive price.

This company does have a capacity of over 6,000 metric tonnes of roofing material and this is expected to grow in the next seven years to reach 50,000 metric tonnes.


Their continuous effort to be able to offer high quality and also cost-effective products have been able to give them an opportunity to serve very many clients.

The company believes that the confidence that their customers have is as a result of the high quality that they offer.


  • Box profile roofing sheets.
  • Corrugated iron sheets.
  • SANCOT roofing sheets.
  • Super Tiles Roofing sheets.

Rafiki Roofing Mabati

Address: City Engineering Works, Busia Rd off Enterprise Rd, Nbi.

Rafiki Roofing Mabati is a subsidiary of the City Engineering Works Kenya Limited and does leverage on the 50-year experience and a long pedigree of the quality that the City Engineering Works Kenya Limited has been able to observe in the manufacturing and supplying trusted as well as ISO certified products in both the residential and the industrial customers.


Their dedication and experience have been able to lead to lasting roofing supplier relationships with renowned companies.

Some of the companies they have worked with does include Kenya Power Lighting and Rural Electrification Authority of Kenya since the year 1971.


  • Elite Tile
  • Box 1050
  • Box 860/4
  • Contempo 780/6
  • Industrial 930/6
  • Maxroof 1110/10
  • Rafiki Tile
  • Roman Tile
  • Elite Tile
  • Corrugate 11/3
  • Corrugate 14/3
  • Rafiki Crimped

Imarisha Mabati Factory limited


Imarisha Mabati Factory limited is a small scale private company in production, sales as well as trade industry.

The company is situated in Southern part of Kenya of Nairobi, along Mombasa road in Kenya.

This Company started its operations in the year 2017 and it has grown from being a single roofing profile manufacturer to the current state production of over 6 roofing profiles as well as accessories.


The company has invested as well as has gone on to introduce all profiling from the mabati with colors to be able to adapt to advanced manufacturing techniques and the control system so as to ensure that the company only produces the best products as per the current world standards.


  • Imarisha box
  • Bamboo Tile
  • Wave Tile
  • Mettro Tile

Maisha Mabati Mills Limited

Address: Ruiru Town P.O. Box 33319-00600, Nairobi, Kenya

This is a company that is headed by Mr. Narendra Raval EBS, to be able to supply building and also construction materials at a very affordable cost to the buyers so as to enable all the Kenyans to easily build their homes.

Maisha Mabati Mills became the second major diversification and also growth initiative of the Devki Group. The company began its operations in the year 2009.


Maisha Mabati Mills Company sensed the need to be able to supply high-quality roofing sheets with a longer lifespan in local as well as regional market.

This is what made it build the third best state of the art Alu-zinc plant in Africa in the year 2013. This is located at Ruiru Kenya.


  • Maisha Tile
  • Maisha Mabati 11/3
  • Maisha Alu-Zinc Mabati
  • Maisha mabati Cover
  • Maisha Box I.T.4 & I.T.5
  • Mabati 11/3

My Opinion :

The company does supply high-quality Alu-Zinc and also color coated steel roofing sheets under the brand name of Maisha ALU-ZINC in local as well as the regional market at economic cost achieving full customer satisfaction.

This company has ensured that their mabati can be used for any kind of construction as well as application. It does have multiple options of profiles as well as corrugation.

Top Mabati Roofing LTD


Top Mabati Roofing is among the leading manufacturers of Mabati in the country. It has specialized fully in a range of roofing.

This company has the aim of becoming the first choice for quality, affordable and roofing products to the building industry in the market that they serve.

This company does have well-motivated human resources and highly advanced methods, that seeks to be the leading roof service provider with high-quality craftsmanship that is targeted at being able to to create satisfied and also contented consumers.


The company has a very competitive price in the market but they do not compromise when it comes to quality. This company has all major profiles, colors, and thicknesses in the industry.

Their production usually takes an average of three to five working days. The company does offer free delivery to destinations within the country.


  • Brick Profile
  • Box profile
  • Roman Profile

Penta Mabati Factory LTD

Address: Visit our sales office located at Sunplaza building. next to Delta petrol station. Along Eastern Bypass

Penta Mabati does specialize in offering the best quality and also affordable products and services to its customers. The company is locally owned and it is registered in Kenya.


The company has products that are fade-free and also rust-free with a guarantee of up to 15 years. It does offer free and also timely delivery within seventy-two hours to the customer’s site.

The company has various colors including Charcoal grey, dark blue and also brick red both in gauge 30 and gauge 28.


  • Penta Box 940 Mabati
  • Penta Corrugated 850
  • Penta Curve Tile
  • Penta Long Tile
  • Penta Tile


Address: Parkside Towers, Mombasa Road

The TOPROOF is among the best manufacturers and suppliers of the roofing sheets or even mabati as it is locally known in Kenya.

Their sheets are made from alu-zinc-coated steel that is pre-painted, which provides it a longer lifespan in relation to the traditional galvanized steel roofing.

Color on the Toproof sheets is usually painted on using the heat fusion technology to be able to ensure that they do not fade over time hence making TOPROOF a very high quality and also a durable solution for roofing.

What is Mabati

Mabati is a Swahili name for corrugated galvanized iron sheets which are used to cover a house.

Mabati is usually a building material that is composed of the sheets of the hot-dip galvanized mild still.

They are then cold rolled to be able to produce a linear corrugated pattern.

The corrugations help in increasing the bending strength of the sheet in a direction perpendicular to corrugations, and not parallel to them as steel must be stretched to bend perpendicular to corrugations.

Mabati is lightweight and it can easily be transported. It is widely used in Kenya, especially in the rural areas and the military buildings such as sheds and water tanks.

Pros and cons of Mabati

As many people in Kenya strive to become cost-efficient and eco-friendly, mabati has become a viable roofing alternative to the traditional shingle for the majority of the homeowners.

Whether you are building a completely new home or even looking to replace curling asphalt shingles on the roof, there are a number of reasons as to why you should consider the corrugated roofing to be able to protect your home from elements. Here are some of the pros and cons of Mabati.


  • Installation

Most of the roofing jobs usually does involve a series of back-breaking steps which help make the roof watertight. Getting to install mabati roofing is easier and much faster than being able to roof with asphalt shingles.

Depending on the style of the corrugated roofing that you are going to choose, the sheets of roofing material is going to cover a larger area to be able to get the job done in minimal time.

Since the mabati roofing works in the same way to siding, every installed piece is going to help in guiding the next sheet into place to be able to reduce the time that you would take to ensure every shingle has been properly lined.

  • Durability

While most of the asphalt shingle is going to need a replacement after a period of 20 to 25 years, mabati roofing can be a lifetime investment. Mabati is made in a unique way as they can deal with any climate.

They do not deteriorate as well as quickly and can easily be able to maintain the appearance for very many years. There has been pressure in Kenya to be able to make environmentally friendly homes.

The permanent nature of the mabati roofing offers you an excellent option over the alternatives that are available in the market.


  • Initial expenses

There is a likelihood that you shall hesitate with this kind of roofing material when you get to see the cost. Unlike the asphalt roofing as well as other materials, this is quite expensive as a result of the good reasons which have been tackled above.

However, this can be considered as a demerit, very many homeowners usually disregard this fact as it offers them with function and also the purpose of the corrugated roof.

  • Visual appeal

When it does come to the style though, the mabati roofing is behind other types of roofing materials as a result of its simplicity.

For this major reason, some of the homeowners are skeptical with a decision of practicality as many people would want to own elegant looking houses with very beautiful roofs.

But, there are also people who do not actually care at all as the mabati roofs are also good looking,

Why Mabati is popular in Kenya

In Kenya, Mabati roofing has become popular as a result of them being cost-efficient. The reason for this is because is that it does require minimal maintenance and they have a longer lifespan in relation than the traditional roofing.

In addition, Mabati has been known to last for a long time hence making it a good investment to any homeowner, and this is especially to the people who have a hard time with the budget. Well, regardless of the high cost initially, most of the people who have had installed this on their homes are happy and satisfied with a sturdy roofing material that had saved them on repairs and maintenance expenses.

Most of the homeowners do disregard mabati roofing as a result of the lack of the choice in style. But, gone are the days when mabati roofing was reserved for the garden shed.

Well, the mabati roofing does come in standard wavy sheet metal. By using the new technologies, the mabati roofing is usually produced in quite a wide range of colors and also styles. Mabati comes in a wide variety of styles and you can be sure that there is something for every household.

The installation process of getting to setup the mabati roofing materials on any roof type is super easy. You will not need to hire a professional roofer for this kind of job as you can do this simple task all by yourself.

Many Kenyans have come to love the fact that putting up the roofer is much faster than you can think with this kind of material as you won’t need any curing activity as that of the asphalt roofing.

All that is needed is to be able to drill the holes on a roof where you can securely install corrugated roofing material. The installation procedure is quite similar to the majority types of roofing material in a way that you will need to overlap bottom in order to be able to prevent water from getting to drip inside the house.

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