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As of last year (2021), India is the world’s second largest crude steel producer. With increased global demand for steel, many expect the Indian steel sector to expand and cater to a larger market.

Investing in state-of-the-art mills and continuous modernization are two of the critical reasons for the country’s success in this field. Case in point, below is a list of the top ten manufacturers of galvanized steel coil in India.

List Of Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in India

SV Trade International

Address: New Delhi - 110087. India

SV Trade International has over 30 years of steel trade experience. It’s one of India’s most prominent and fastest-growing steel companies. Since its establishment, it consistently provided the highest-quality flat, long, and finished steel products. Such commitment allowed the company to expand operations worldwide.  

Mainly used in the construction industries, the galvanized steel coils it provides have a variety of specifications designed to meet its customers’ individual needs.

These products especially have corrosion-resistant properties that have been tried and tested for years. The company also supplies diverse products such as galvanized steel pipes and HFW/ERW pipes.

MadhavKRG Group

Address: 1st NetajiSubhash Palace, New Delhi

MadhavKRG Group is a steel manufacturing enterprise that highly values professionalism and the need for a competent workforce. Since its establishment in 2002, the company now boasts over a thousand proficient employees. It strives to provide high-quality steel products that match international standards continuously.

The company sells pre-galvanized coils that are manufactured according to OEM specifications. These galvanized steel coils have structural integrity and resistance to highly corrosive environments. Their thickness typically ranges between 0.8 and 3.3 mm, with widths ranging from 100 to 650 mm.

JSW Steel

Address: Near MMRDA Grounds, Bandra East,Mumba

JSW Steel is the only Indian company ranked among the top 15 global steel producers by World Steel Dynamic. It has been on the list for 13 consecutive years. Decades of perseverance earned its acclaims and partnerships. These also allowed the company to create the world’s most extensive conveyor system.

It claims to be India’s first preference for galvanized steel products. It offers these products with a wide thickness range that enables bending and shaping without the zinc coating flaking. The company was the first to supply galvanized steel with a higher coating (550 gsm) for India’s solar industry.

Mahadev steel

Address: Malgodown,Mehsana

Mahadev steel was founded in 2013 and has since traded galvanized steels, color-coated steel, and other flat steel products. The company is committed to the ethical manufacture of quality products in adherence to its dedication to humanity preservation. It’s also proud to have established a strong link between its employers, customers, and fellow suppliers.

The company is well-known for its zero-spangle galvanized steel coils manufactured only from optimum quality steels. Some surface finishes available include standard, zero, ultra, and alloy-coated iron zinc.

Additionally, they are characterized by durability and corrosion resistance, selling them at the most economical prices possible.

AM/NS India

Address: Gujarat 394270,India

AM/NS India aspires to be India’s largest steelmaker. It has facilities across India that cover its ironmaking and steelmaking services. Thanks to these facilities, it can reach a crude steel capacity of 9 million tonnes per annum. For the company, placing value on sustainability is just as important as investing in innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology.

The company promises to provide premium galvanized products where customers can enjoy various benefits.

These benefits include excellent surface finish, corrosion resistance, tight dimensional tolerance, and durability. Its galvanized steel coils are particularly well-suited for pre-engineered buildings, construction, ceiling and ventilation systems, grain silos, and the automotive industries.

Doshi Steel Group

Address: Mumbai-400072, India

Doshi Steel Group is one of India’s finest and most reliable manufacturers of steel strips, sheets, and coils. It was established in 1987 and has since been under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Jitendra Doshi. MT STEEL, Bhavna Strips Processors Pvt Ltd, Doshi Enterprises, and Metcut Industries are among the group’s subsidiaries.

The esteemed group only produces top-of-the-line galvanized steels in hot-dip, skin pass, galvannealed, and electro-galvanized finishes.

Its products typically have a thickness of 0.15mm to 3.50mm and a width of 4.5mm to 2000mm. For the length of its galvanized steel sheets, it caters to its customers’ requests.


Address: The Horizon Building,11/5 South Tukoganj

ISC, or Indian Steel Corporation Ltd., claims a steely determination in delivering perfection to its local and international clients. It exclusively manufactures excellent quality cold-rolled and coated steel products. Not limiting itself to the Indian market, it exports to over 50 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, America, and Africa.

Customers can expect world-class quality galvanized steels from ISC. Geared with modern technology and a dedicated workforce, the company provides a comprehensive range of steel solutions.

Its galvanized steels are chromated, dried, or oiled on the surface. Customers can also choose between a bright finish with regular spangles or kin passed and a tension leveling finish.


Address: 43, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata - 700071

TSDPL, or Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited, was initially established in 1997 as Tata Ryerson Ltd. Then, it grew to become India’s largest Steel Service Centre Organization catering to a diverse range of sectors. The company is also India’s first organized Steel Service Centre for high tensile steel processing.

Its galvanized steel product’s resistance to corrosion and high Red Rust is among its most advantageous features. It also achieves superior and uniform zinc adhesion through electrolytic cleaning of steel substrate before coating. Hence, these galvanized steel coils also boast malleability, ductility, and absolute flatness.

Excellent Engineering Company

Address: Narhe Dhayari Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411041

Excellent Engineering Company is among the few companies in India capable of manufacturing and housing a massive volume of galvanized roofing sheets and industrial fabrications.

Hence, it’s one of the leading organizations in the Indian steel trade that also continuously expands to overseas clients. It also places high value on its highly trained and dedicated staff.  

When it comes to galvanized steel coils, it offers some in 240, 350, and 550 MPa yield strength. It also provides them with and without tension leveling, and in tempers’ extra soft, semi-hard, full-hard. Whatever the specifications their customers look for, the company guarantees to only provide them with the highest quality galvanized steel coil product.

Uttam Galva Steels Limited

Address: Uttam House 69, P.D'Mello Road, Mumbai

Uttam Galva Steels Limited dominated Western India in manufacturing cold-rolled steel and galvanized steel products. Its strategically located manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra, India, allowed it access to the imports and exports of raw materials and finished steel goods.

The company is now investing more effort in optimizing its overall manufacturing processes to produce higher-value products.

The company currently ranks first in single-site production of galvanized value-added steel products in India.

It boasts uniform coating thickness and controlled spangles in its galvanized steel products with automated and computer-controlled manufacturing. It also utilizes a specially formulated chromating solution for that shine and gleam surface finish.

A steady rise in Indian steel production has put the country in a strong position in the global market. This is more than just a nod to India’s steel industry, as the sector was integral to the country’s economic growth. Thus, the country is projected to get more involved in preserving this status, if not surpass it. 

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