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The British steel industry has a long history and is the birthplace of the modern steel industry. It has maintained the “steel throne” in the world for over one hundred years. This article mainly introduces the suppliers and traders of the British steel coil industry.

List of Galvanized & prepainted steel coil manufacturers UK

Galvanised Sheet and Coil Ltd

Address: "Doris Road Bordesley Green Birmingham B9 4SJ"

Galvanized Coil Company has been established for 36 years and has developed into Birmingham’s largest steel inventory, processor, and distributor.

The company is located on Doris Road in the center of the second city, with convenient transportation and fast and efficient delivery. It has a large inventory that meets British and European standards and can be unrolled and cut according to actual needs.

The specification of galvanized steel coil is 0.8-3.0mm in thickness and 1000-1500mm in width.

Main products:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil


Address: "DNT Company Limited 5 Chestnut Court Jill Lane Sambourne Redditch B96 6ew"

DNT was established in 1993 as a steel trading and distribution company specializing in inventory and trading of flat products. The company is located in the center of the UK, with a superior geographical location, convenient transportation and convenient and timely delivery.

The company is not only the representative of Europe’s leading steel companies, but also the exclusive UK agent for Serverstal in Russia and Marcegaglia in Italy.

The specifications of the galvanized steel coils are thickness: 0.4mm-3.0mms, the maximum width is 1550mm, and the weight ranges from 5 to 20 tons.

Main products:


Rowham Steel Products

Address: Lyons Road, Trafford Park, Manchester. M17 1RN

Rowham Steel Products was established in 1979, mainly supplying low-carbon steel flat rolling products and providing steel cutting services. It has gained a good reputation by relying on high-quality products and competitive prices.

The company provides a variety of steel products with a wide range of applications. The specification of galvanized steel coil is thickness: 0.5mm-3.0mms, width: 1000-1500mm.

Main products:

  • Galvanised Steel Coils
  • Zinc Coated Steel Coils


Address: "Shaw Lane Markfield Leicestershire LE67 9PU"

Uptonsteel is a company specializing in the sale and processing of coils. It has a huge storage capacity with a warehouse area of more than 50,000 square meters. It also has a large production capacity with 9 production cutting lines.

The company has the capacity to handle more than 200,000 tons of steel plates and coils per year.

Galvanized steel products are available in specifications ranging from 0.5mm to 3.0mm in thickness and 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1500mm in width.

Main products:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Coils
  • Electro Zinc Coated Steel Coils
  • Aluminised Steel Coils


Address: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 9WN. UK

Founded in 2000, Steelscope is mainly a British company that sells and distributes semi-finished steel products, flat steel and long steel products. The company’s product prices are competitive, and the employees are experienced and able to provide better solutions to customers.

The company has a dedicated freight forwarder, which is convenient for delivery. And can arrange product insurance, storage and inspection services.

Main products:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Coils
  • Electro Zinc Coated Steel Coils
  • Aluminised Steel Coils

A&PJ Steel

Address: "Bromley Street Lye Stourbridge West Midlands DY9 8HU"

A&PJ Steel is the number one supplier of steel plate products in the West Midlands. It has a history of 40 years and is one of the main contributors to the British steel manufacturing industry.

The company is located in the center of the UK, with a warehouse area of more than 5,000 square meters and an inventory of more than 1,000 tons, thus ensuring fast delivery.

The company is able to provide customers with rich and professional knowledge. The standard for galvanized steel products is EN 10346:2015, and the specifications are thickness: 0.5mm to 5.0mm, width 1000-3000mm.

Main products:


Camtrex Limited

Address: "Alexander Works Speedwell Road Hay Mills Birmingham B25 8ET"

CAMTREX LTD was established in 1976. It is a steel company and service center, providing slit coil and wide coil products. Good product quality and excellent service have won the company a good reputation.

The company has the ability to provide high-quality steel from the UK and around the world to meet customer needs. The total sales volume has reached 100,000 tons, and there are more than 25,000 tons of strip steel products.

Specifications of hot-dip galvanized products Thickness: 0.25 mm-3.00 mm, grades are DX51, DX52, DX53, DX54.

Main products:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Products
  • Electro-Zinc Coated Steel (EZ)


Address: " 31A Southbourne Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 5AE, UK"

ABM STEEL UK LTD was established in 2008 and has developed into an international steel supplier and trader. It is one of the most reliable and stable steel suppliers in the UK.

The company can provide internationally renowned steel grades and various standard long and flat steels. And cooperate with reliable transportation companies to provide comprehensive logistics services.

The company has a wide range of products that can meet the various needs of customers. And the employees are experienced and able to better serve customers.

Main products:

  • Hot Dip Galvanised Coils, Slits, and Sheets
  • Electro-galvanized Coils, Slits, and Sheets
  • Prepainted Coils, Slits, and Sheets
  • Tinplate Coils and Sheets, Aluzinc (Galvalume) Coils
  • Galvanized Corrugated Sheets


Address: "Unit 20, Billport Lane, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10 0NT"

Hawthorn Trading was founded in 1988 as a steel inventory and cutting company. The factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters and employs more than 300 people. And passed the ISO 9001: 2008 national commercial standard.

The company is located in the city center and has three operating points, a dedicated truck fleet, can provide nationwide services, and is committed to delivering products on time.

The company can provide galvanized steel coils with a thickness of 0.5-5.0mm. Specifications include DX51-DX56, CR380, HCT600, DP600-DP750, etc.

Main products:

  • Galvanised Coil
  • Cold Reduced Coil
  • Hot Rolled Coil

Meridian Steel Limited

Address: "Meridian House, Grazebrook Industrial Park, Peartree Lane, Dudley, West Midlands DY2 0XW"

Meridian Steel Limited is one of the largest steel stockers and processors in the UK. The factory covers an area of more than 45,000 square meters and has more than 120 employees.

The company provides various grades of coils. The standard of hot-dip galvanized steel coil is BS EN 10346:2009, and all products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certification.

Main products:

  • Hot Rolled Coil Sheet Coil, Sheet
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised  Coil, Sheet
  • Electro-Zinc Coated Steel Coil, Sheet

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Since the UK adopts strict quality control in all production procedures of smelted products, the quality of the products is relatively high. In addition, while improving quality, it also pays attention to the diversification of products.

Now there is a relatively complete variety of British steel products, which not only guarantees the domestic demand in all aspects but also can be sold abroad. The above article specifically introduced the suppliers of galvanized steel coils and pre-painted galvanized steel coils in the UK, and I hope it can be helpful to you.

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