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Mexico is a free market economy, with modern industry and agriculture, and the proportion of the private economy has increased significantly. This article mainly introduces the suppliers and traders of Mexican galvanized steel coils and pre-painted steel coils.

List of Galvanized & prepainted steel coil manufacturers Mexico

Dongkuk Steel México S.A. de C.V.

Address: "Av. Internacional #303, Parque Industrial Huinala Apodaca, N.L. México. C.P. 66645"

Founded in 1954, Dongkuk Steel was one of the first companies recognized by the world’s leading steel manufacturers. It is not only involved in the steel industry but also includes logistics and transportation, electronic parts production, and property management industries.

The company has strong technical strength and full enthusiasm in the steel industry and has become a comprehensive steel producer.

The company has strong technical capabilities, modern equipment, and perfect systems to provide its customers with high-quality products.

Main products:

  • Pre-painted Steel Coils
  • Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Coils
  • GL (Galvalume) Coils
  • EGI (Electrogalvanized) Coils


Address: Vicente Guerrero 151, Cuauhtémoc, 64000 San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L.

Tenigal is a company that specializes in selling galvanized and galvanized coated steel sheet metal series for the auto parts industry. The company is close to the central city, the transportation is very convenient, and the location advantage is obvious.

The company is equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment, and its employees have strong technical capabilities, which are conducive to better production of high-quality products and better service to customers.

The specifications of galvanized steel products are 0.4-2.6mm in thickness and 700-1850mm in width.

Main products:

  • Galvanized steel coils
  • Galvanneal steel coils

POSCO Mexico

Address: "Reforma #250 Torre A piso 12 Colonia Juarez Delegacion Cuauhtemoc C.P. 06600 Cd. De Mexico "

POSCO Mexico was established in 2006. Located in the industrial port of Altamira Tamaulipas in Mexico, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, and the transportation is convenient. The main field of activity is the manufacture and supply of galvanized sheet products.

The company’s products are of high quality and meet the highest standards of automotive sheet materials, and are known as the best automotive steel supplier in the United States. The annual output of hot-dip galvanized steel is 900,000 tons.

Main products:


Ternium Mexico

Address: Calle 22 No. 2345 Zona Industrial Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44940

Ternium Mexico is a leading company in the steel industry, producing various steel products in the Americas. There are a total of 17 production centers, producing various types of steel. It is a large-scale modern steel enterprise integrating sintering processing, construction and transportation, steel smelting, steel rolling, material trading, and logistics services.

The company has a highly integrated production system and provides customers with the best products and services through an efficient industrial and technical foundation and a global business network.

Main products:

  • Pre-painted Steel Coils
  • Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Coils

Mitsui de Mexico

Address: "Av. Paseo de la Reforma 505, Piso 33 Torre Mayor, México DF., C.P.06500"

In 1913, Mitsui de México was established in Mexico. The company has become an outstanding international company. The main business areas in Mexico are steel products, chemical products, and minerals. Globally, the company has 154 offices.

The company has formed distinctive technical and industrial advantages. Advanced equipment and strong technical force. The company has a product design and development team with high professional quality, strong innovation ability, and rich experience.

Main products:

  • coated steel coil
  • electrolytic tin coil
  • electro-galvanized steel coil

Hanwa Group

Address: Celaya No 105, P.I. amistad, 38160 Apaseo el Grande, Gto.

Founded in 1974, Hanwa continues to carry out active business operations and further enhances its value as a company.

By adjusting and optimizing the operating varieties of the steel market in different periods, the company strengthens marketing and expansion of the market and has a large number of stable customers in the development of the steel trading industry with its superior supply channels, sensitive market information, and perfect service methods.

Hanwa takes the iron and steel industry as the leading factor, focuses on the market-oriented adjustment of industrial structure, completes the process, comprehensive utilization of energy, and green and civilized production.

Main products:

  • Electro Galvanized Steel Coils
  • Aluminum Steel Coils
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils
  • Pre-Painted Steel Coils
  • Stainless Steel Steel Coils
  • Electrical Steel Steel Coils

Querétaro Samsung Steel (service) Center

Address: "Av Industria de la Construcción 632 Parque Industrial Querétaro Querétaro, Qro. CP 76220 México"

Querétaro Samsung Steel (service) Center is a steel plate sales and cutting service center that continuously improves the quality management system to meet customer requirements.

Since its establishment, the company has built its brand with integrity, strict corporate management, and enhanced product quality. With high-quality products and services, the company has established a good corporate image.

Through continuous management upgrades, the company now has a group of high-quality employees and a professional sales team to provide customers with value-added services that save worry, time, and money.

Main products:

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