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Prepainted Steel Coil Manufacturers in Canada

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The most common application of pre-painted steel is roofing and cladding. FMI report shows the U.S. and Canada prepainted steel roofing and cladding market will be valued at USD 1,765.9 million in 2022. The U.S. and Canada market is expected to witness a significant growth rate of 4.6% on account of sustained demand from the construction industry. North American metal roofing companies can choose from the following pre-painted steel coil suppliers.

List of Prepainted Steel Coil Suppliers in Canada

PCHG Product Development Inc.

Address: 27 Pauline Crescent, Brampton, ON L7A 2V4, Canada

PCHG Product Development Inc. is dedicated to producing high-quality products that conform to industry standards. The company’s commitment to excellence is founded on its core strengths, including a skilled and diverse team of account executives, design engineers, manufacturing experts, and quality assurance specialists.

PCHG provides a range of high-quality steel coils((cold rolled, hot dipped galvanized, pre-painted steel) designed to meet various specifications and industry standards. Their Prepainted Steel (PPGI) thickness range is 0.2-1.0mm, width is 1000/1070/1200/1219/1250MM. Topside uses PE paint, and the paint thickness can be 14mic/16mic/20mic. They also provide special colors, such as wood grain PPGI.

The thickness of the galvanized steel coil is 0.30-4.00mm, and the weight of the zinc coating is z60-z275.

Pioneer Steel

Address: 1045 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON L4W 3P1, Canada

Pioneer Steel Limited, established in the year 2000, has its roots firmly grounded in a mission to address the increasing demand and evolving requirements of local suppliers and clients within North America. They deal in a variety of steel coils, including galvanized, galvanneal, galvalume, and pre-painted steel.

Pioneer’s pre-painted steel is created through a continuous coating process that applies primer and paint to the steel. It offers a versatile range of specifications, including a thickness range from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm, width options from 100 mm to 1550 mm, and a weight range spanning from 500 kilograms to 25 metric tons. Additionally, pre-painted steel is available in various grades, from CQ (Commercial Quality) to HSLA (High-Strength Low-Alloy), making it a flexible and adaptable material suitable for a wide array of construction and manufacturing applications.


Address: 4000, route des Aciéries, Contrecoeur, QC, Canada, Quebec

Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel, ArcelorMittal is one of the leading suppliers of quality steel in the construction market. When you buy steel from ArcelorMittal Dofasco, you get more than a product, you get the experience and problem-solving skills of our employees, who strive to provide all of our customers with Solutions in SteelTM.

For commercial or institutional projects, ArcelorMittal recommends products like Perspectra PlusTM and Metallic PVDF. Architectural applications can benefit from Metallic PVDF and Wrinkle Textured SMP. Residential projects are well-suited to options such as Perspectra PlusTM and Wrinkle Textured SMP. For industrial and barrier-related needs, it suggests the Barrier Series and Galvanized solutions. Coastal and tropical environments can be addressed with a selection of products, including Metallic PVDF and Galvalume. Moreover, for high UV exposure conditions, Metallic PVDF and the 10000 Series are the recommended choices

Colour Chart

Perspectra PlusTM

Perspectra MetallicsTM Polyurethane

Wrinkle Textured SMP

Specialty: 10000 Series

Specialty: Barrier Series

Specialty: Metallic PVDF

Cascadia Metals


Cascadia Metals operates as a high-quality metal distributor, specializing in a wide range of coil and sheet products, encompassing galvanized and prepainted steel. Its expansive inventory offers customers a convenient one-stop shopping experience for all its metal requirements. They also have slitting, cut-to-length, in-line slear processing services.

Cascadia Metals offers a range of pre-painted steel products available in various colors, and there are 3 kinds of paints: SMP, PVDF, and POLYESTER. SMP and PVDF offer a 40-year warranty, while POLYESTER only has a 5-10-year warranty.

The coating weights of galvalume steel coil are AZ35, AZ50, and AZ55, and Chemical Treatment and Resin Coating options are available.

They deliver galvanized steel coils according to ASTM A653 standards, more details can be found in the datasheet.

Pre-Painted Steel Brochure

Galvalume Steel Grade Data Sheet

Galvanized Steel Grade Data Sheet

Taylor Steel Inc.

Address: 477 Arvin Avenue Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 2N1

Since 1967, this privately owned and operated company has been a prominent player in the North American flat-rolled steel industry. With a remarkable history spanning over five decades, Taylor Steel has been processing and delivering high-quality, value-added flat-rolled steel to customers across the North. Their Canadian factory has 1,250,000 square inches and has 9 slitting lines. 3 cut-to-length lines, 2 tension level lines.

Their SMP pre-painted steel paints use Sherwin Williams and AKZO and are available in Wrinkle Finish. PVDF pre-painted steel paint using Kynar 500™ resin. Taylor Steel can customize patterns such as wood grain and marble.

The galvanized steel thickness range is .008”-.168”, width range is 2”-72”, Surface Treatment options are Passivated or non-passivated, oiled or dry, acrylic.

Galvalume steel thickness is .012”-.080”, width range is 2”-60”, and metal coating weights are available in AZM100 (AZ35), AZM150 (AZ50), AZM165 (AZ55), AZM180 (AZ60).

Russel Metals

Address: 6600 Financial Drive Mississauga (Ontario) L5N 7J6

Russel Metals stands as one of the largest and most influential metals distribution and processing companies in North America, driven by a steadfast commitment to value-added processing. The company’s core operations are concentrated in three primary business segments: metals service centers, energy field stores, and steel distributors.

Russel Metals offers pre-painted steel in Perspectra Plus SMP paint, available in 40 colors. Additionally, Kynar 500™’s painted steel comes with a 30-year warranty.

Baycoat Perspectra Colour Chart

Baycoat Perspectra Metallic Colour Chart

S&P Steel Products and Services

Address: 20506 115 Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada V2X 9Z1

S&P Steel Products and Services, Inc., known as “S&P,” serves as a master distributor of diverse steel products within the NAFTA region, encompassing the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With the founding year of 1985, the company’s headquarters are situated in Houston, Texas.

The zinc coating weights of pre-painted steel are G40 and G60, the thickness is 16 gauge and the width is 914mm, and the thickness is 18-32 gauge and the width is 36” and 48”. The top coating of pre-painted steel is polyester, siliconized polyester, fluorocarbon, and high build.

Galvanized steel coil thickness is 16 – 32Gauges, width is 36”-48”. Steel grade options are commercial, structural, forming, and deep drawn. Zinc coating is available in G40 and G90.


Address: 1211 Heritage Road Burlington, ON  L7L 4Y1

Bailey Metal Processing Limited is a carbon steel coil slitting service company. Their factory is equipped with advanced equipment and highly skilled operators to provide processing services to customers. They have 3 coil slitting lines, and the material types they can process are Cold Rolled, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Pre-Paint Steel, Galvanneal, and Galvalume.

Material grade:

CS-B/CQ – Commercial Quality Steel

SS – Structural Steel

DS-B/DQ – Drawing Quality Steel

HSLA – High Strength Low Alloy Grades 50, 60,70,80


Address: 244 Lanark Street Hamilton, ON L8E 4B3

Baycoat operates 2 coating lines with an annual output of 200,000 tons and provides more than 1,000 colors. It is the largest manufacturer of pre-painted steel coils in Canada. Baycoat, a joint venture between Dofasco and Stelco, was established to meet the growing demand for pre-painted steel.

Its pre-painted products include Perspectra Plus – Silicon Modified Polyester, 10,000 Series – Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Metallic/Elite – 4 coat PVDF, Barrier – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Perspectra Metallics, which meet the needs of Cladding, Roofing, Architectural application.

Canadian Super Steel

Address: 6660 kennedy rdmississauga, on l5t 2m9

Canadian Super Steel is a metal manufacturer, processor, and distributor. They have a variety of steel materials including coated flat rolled, and galvanized sheets.

The thickness of pre-painted coils is 0.25mm-1.5mm,

The thickness of galvanized coils is 0.25mm-4mm,

The thickness of galvalume coils is 0.25mm.


The above article mainly introduces the suppliers and manufacturers of galvanized steel coils and pre-painted steel coils in Canada. Hope it can be helpful.

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