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In recent years, Bolivia has begun to develop its steel industry on a large scale. With the gradual expansion of the domestic steel industry, the country is expected to gradually reduce its dependence on imported steel.

Currently, Bolivia’s largest steel project is still under construction. The main contractors for this project are China Steel Corporation and China Metallurgical CCID Group.

The development of domestic steel production is mainly to ensure that the amount of steel required by the country is met, but recent government activities have also shown that its future goals also include making Bolivia a neighboring country’s steel exporter.

This article mainly introduces the suppliers and traders of galvanized steel coils and prepainted galvanized steel coils in Bolivia.

List of Galvanized & Prepainted Steel Coil Manufacturers Bolivia

Metales del Oriente SRL

Address: Carretera a Cotoca Km 9 Bolivia

METALES DEL ORIENTE SA was established in 2006 and was mainly engaged in the import and export of steel products from the beginning.

The company accepts customer’s size customization and can provide free cutting and bending technology.

The company mainly produces steel coils, galvanized coils, etc. All products are manufactured in strict accordance with quality manufacturing standards. With its own physical warehouse, it can provide customers with sufficient inventory.

Today, METALES DEL ORIENTE SA has more than ten years of experience in cold rolled steel coils

Grupo Pinto SA

Address: Avenue. Aroma S-0884 Cochabamba - Bolivia

Grupo Pinto SA has been committed to steel import and export business in different markets for a long time, and has long-term and stable customer resources and experience.

The company has offices in Bolivia, Spain and China, with operations all over the world, mainly producing cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel.

The company provides customized steel coils with the following specifications:

Thickness 0.12 mm-5.00 mm

Wide 750 mm-1850 mm max

Coating quality 20 g/m2-400 g/m2

Sequins zero, minimize, regular

Surface treatment: chrome-plated / non-chrome-plated oiled / non-oiled


Coil inner diameter 508mm or 610mm


Address: Av. Litoral No. 145, Zona Rosas Pampa Industrial (Planta Industrial) , El Alto , ,Bolivia

ACERGAL was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in La Paz. The company currently has three large factories across the country.

The company not only has its own factory, but also a corresponding warehouse, which can provide customers with enough products in stock.

The company’s main products are galvanized steel coils and cold-rolled benches.


Address: Cota Cota, Av. Muñoz Reyes entre calle 28 y 29

ACERMAX has always been committed to making the best galvanized steel coils, and so far has the most types of such products in the Bolivian market.

For many years, the company’s top priority has been to produce high-quality and durable products for customers in need.

Because of the company’s high-quality requirements, the company’s products have always stood out among many peers. We have the best technology to make galvanized steel coils.

All products can accept customer’s color or thickness customization.

Aceros Arequipa

Address: Industrial Unit UI 06, Mz. 1, lot 4 - Warnes

Aceros Arequipa has more than 55 years of rich experience in the steel industry and currently has offices in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and other countries.

The company can accept customized galvanized steel coils of different colors, the size specifications are as follows

ASTM A792 / A792M-21a: Standard specification for steel plate, 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coated by hot-dip process.

ASTM A653 / A653M-20: Standard specification for hot-dip galvanized (galvanized) or zinc-iron alloy coated (galvanized) steel sheet.

Roll weight: about 4.5 tons


The above article introduces the supplier and trader of galvanized steel coils and prepainted galvanized steel coils in Bolivia, hope it can be helpful.

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