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In recent years, the global steel overcapacity, coupled with unfavorable factors such as the unfavorable steel market, has created both opportunities and challenges for the Turkish steel industry.

Although Turkey has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, it is subject to an insufficient supply of raw materials and electricity, which has led to a decline in Turkey’s galvanized steel coil industry in recent years.

List of Galvanized Steel Coil manufacturers in Turkey


Address: Organized Industrial Zone 12th Street No:55 Kayseri

The company was established in 1987 in Kayseri, and after years of steady development, KMC has become one of the leading local companies in Turkey.

KMC is one of the leading steel producers and stockists in the country, stocking over 75.000 tons of flat carbon steel products. Over the years, we have been specializing in the production and cutting of a series of products such as cold-rolled coil, hot-rolled coil, hot-dip galvanizing, color coating, etc.

With 100.000 square meters of warehouses all over Turkey, KMC has the ability to supply materials for customers’ urgent needs through multiple processing lines in Gebze, Izmi.

Galva Metal A.Ş

Address: Kocaeli, Turkey

Galva Metal is a local Turkish trading company specializing in galvanized, galvanized and other coated flat steel products. The company has its own warehouse in Romania, headquartered in Turkey, and offices in neighboring countries.

The company has a complete production line and a professional team, and can also provide products such as corrugated sheets, strips, flat sheets and coils, and has the ability to deliver products in the shortest time.

After years of stable development, Galva Metal has established a very extensive steel contact network, providing customers in nearly 70 countries around the world with the most cost-effective steel products and the best solution for steel buyers.

They manufacture and sell galvanized steel coils of steel grades Dx51, Dx52, DX53, and DX54.

Tatmetal Steel Industry and Trade Inc.

Address: Hamzafakıhlı Mah. Ebetasi Sok. No:1 Eregli / Zonguldak

Tatmetal Steel Industry and Trade Inc., established in 1994, is a local steel service center in Turkey. The company brings innovative machine technology to Turkey to provide customers with first-class steel products and services.

In addition to providing iron and steel services, the company also continuously upgrades production equipment, and has established new facilities such as pickling, cold rolling, galvanizing, and color coating, realizing comprehensive production of iron and steel, and can also provide value-added services such as cutting.

The company is a genuine galvanized coil manufacturer. Cold forming and high yield strength galvanized coils are available. 



Sunset Metal was established in 1994, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, under the name “Sunset Ltd”, initially as a real estate company, and later the company only focused on steel production and trading.

Sunset Metal has nearly 30 years of experience in the steel industry. The company mainly produces steel pipes, hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, hot-dip galvanized coils, strip-longitudinal seam coils, and other products, which can meet all customers’ steel needs. need.

The company currently exports about 36.000-40.000 tons of steel products each year, mainly providing services to Europe, Africa, the United States, and other places.

Their galvanized coils comply with en 10142 and the steel grades are DX51D+Z – DX56+Z/OR ZF S220GD+Z – S350GD+Z/OR ZF.


Address: Sultan Orhan Mah. 1174/1 St. No:6 41400 Gebze/KOCAELİ

SAMİ SOYBAŞ IRON INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. was established in Turkey in 1961 and are one of the most mature steel service companies in Turkey.

The company has multiple offices and complete production lines at home and abroad, mainly producing galvanized coils, hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, corrugated sheets, and color-coated sheets, and has been committed to providing customers with the best quality for many years. The product.

They accept customers’ small batch customization and have the ability to deliver the products customers need in a short period of time.

Bridge Metal

Address: Umraniye - Istanbul

Bridge Metal was established in 1989, mainly engaged in the trading of non-ferrous metals, and subsequently expanded its product range by producing aluminum and galvanized sheet products.

As a company with 30 years of experience in the industry, the company mainly produces products such as galvanized coil, aluminum sheet and insulating metal.

Steel Price

Address: Istanbul, Turkey

Steel Price is one of the most mature steel suppliers in Turkey and has been serving the Turkish and international markets since 2003.

The company has the most advanced production equipment, mainly produces galvanized coils, has 6 production lines and 4 cutting lines, can accept special customization and requirements of our customers, and the output can reach about 300 tons per month.

The company has its own warehouse and logistics team, which can serve the local and foreign markets in Turkey, and can deliver products in the shortest time.


Address: Istanbul, Turkey

TURKEY STEEL INDUSTRY is a professional steel production and trading company in Turkey. The company combines industry-leading expertise and advanced technical equipment to continuously update steel types to meet the needs of our customers.

The company is not only active in the local steel industry in Turkey, but also has extensive cooperative relations in the international market, all of which depend on the company’s professional team, who can provide customers with the most suitable solutions.

The company has been improving its own comprehensive steelmaking and small-scale steelmaking technology capabilities, can accept small batch customization from customers, and has the ability to deliver on time.

Somal Steel

Address: Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone Farabi Caddesi No:4 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli TR

Somal Steel started its business in the steel industry in 1956. After years of experience, it has been providing efficient service quality and high-quality products.

In response to market demands and product quality requirements, Somal Steel has expanded its product range in recent years, the company offers hot-dip galvanized steel and cold-rolled steel in thicknesses ranging from 0.20 mm up to 10,00 mm.

As a market leader in the production of steel products in Turkey, the company is located in an advanced technology park, has high inventory capacity, and a well-developed logistics system, in addition, they also provide value-added services such as coil slitting.


Address: Kocaeli / TURKEY

Since 2006, STEELEX has been supplying steel products to customers around the world and popularizing the knowledge of steel trade. Over the years, the company has been adapting to international market changes and has supported global customers in inventory management, logistics planning, and more.

STEELEX mainly supplies long flat carbon steel products to European countries from China and Turkey, and its global business volume has grown steadily.

As of today, the company’s steel products supply scope has covered many countries in Europe, Asia and America.

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