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Cold rolling is a process in metalworking to lessen the material thickness in steel in order to form a smooth surfaced steel coil. They are a product of sheet metal and rolled to form into byproducts for manufacturing automobiles, electronics, and home appliances.  

List Of Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturers in Turkey

VCP Steel

Address: Cesur Sokağı No:5, 34940 Tuzla, İstanbul Turkey

VCP Steel is a Turkish-based cold rolled steel coil company. It was created by a team of steel experts with the vision of providing customers with homegrown long steel and galvanized products.

VCP has a production capacity of 1.5 million tons of cold rolling and pickling. The company has partnered with Yıldız Demir Çelik factory since 2018.

Their cold rolled steel coil is used in general manufacturing, building industry, automotive industry, pane radiator manufacturing, and white goods. Their cold rolled steel has a thickness from 0.25-2.50 mm, 700 to 1250mm width, and inner diameter of 508 to 610mm. The maximum weight for coils is thirty tons.

Gazi Metal

Address: Baris Mah. 1804 Sk

Gazi Metal is a Turkish steel manufacturer, specializing in cold rolled steel coil. It is   one of Fortune Magazine’s top 500 companies. Its beginning can be traced back in 1927.

It partnered with Ferco BV, Dutch Company in 1998. Gazi Metal boasts of its innovative and sustainable cold products that have ISO 9001 (2015), ISO 14001 (2015), ISO 45001, ISO 5000, TS EN 10111, and TS EN 10130 certifications.

Their products are designed based on organic or metallic coating methods using electrolytic and hot dipping process. They suit in the standard welding process. The surface quality is based on the EN 10130 standard.


Address: Istanbul, Turkey

Gemina is an international supplier and trader of steel pipes, industrial stones, minerals as well as hot and cold rolled steel coils. They have a wide selection of cold products that are used in agricultural, construction, oil, landscaping, and automotive companies.

This Turkish company offers all standard grades and sizes of their steel cold rolled coils. These products are manufactured in the state-of-the-art mills in Asia, European Union, and Turkey.

Structural steels are in Grades 25, 30 and 33 (Types 1 & 2, 40 Types 1 & 2, 80) for full hard. High strength low alloy grades include Grade 40, 45, and 50.  

Ararat Endustri Makina

Address: Istanbul, Turkey

Ararat Endustri Makina is one of Turkey’s premier supplier and wholesalers of all types of coil and sheets. It has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing of cold rolled steel coils that are used in various industries.

They have a wide range of cold products, such as St 12 grade for general & drawing applications; RRST 13 for general & deep drawing applications; St 14 for general & extra deep drawing applications.

General and building applications comprise two steel grades, such as St 37-3 G and St 44-3 G. The EK2 and EK4 steel grades are excellent for enameling.


Address: Bayrampasa ISTANBUL/TURKEY

ODAK METAL&TEXTILE FOREIGN TRADE CO. is a large-scale supplier of textile and steel. It started operating in 2008. Today, ODAK is one of Turkey’s leading producers and supplier of cold rolled steel coil.  

They export their products to Asia, Europe, North & South Americas, West Africa, and East Africa. ODAK has its own processing center for cold product processing. They customize orders for cold rolled steel coil based on their specifications.

Cold rolled steel coils and sheets have a dimension of 0.20mm to 2.00mm. The quality is according to the standard set by the ISO, SAE, JIS, GOST, BS, DIN, ASTM, and EURONORM.

Eksper Metal

Address: TR-34758 Ataşehir/İstanbul

Eksper Metal is an international trader and supplier of iron and steel. It works closely with producers in Far East Asia to produce high quality cold rolled steel coil. They distribute their finished products to Africa, South America, Asia and the CIS countries.

Eksper Metal offers fast service and logistics for foreign companies through its offices in Paraguay, Turkey, and China. The commercial and special Grades of their cold products follow the ASTM, EN, and JIS standards.  

The products have a width ranging from 20mm to 1250mm. Their qualities are according to applications, such as deep drawing quality, full hard quality, and enameling quality.


Address: 7 Karadeniz Eregli 67330 ZONGULDAK

Erdemir began its steel production in 1965 in Turkey.  Erdemir is the mother company of OYAK Mining Metallurgy, which handles the production of cold rolled steel coil and other steel products.

Today, it has a production capacity of 4 million tons of crude steel, and 5 million tons of finished product. OYAK was declared a runner up in 2013 as Export Stars of the Year Awards.  Erdemir was second prize winner in the Productivity Project Awards in 2014.

Erdemir manufactures cold rolled steel coil that meets international standards. They have all kinds of cold products with a thickness ranging from 0.20mm to 2.00mm.

Did you like our list of cold rolled steel coil manufacturers? Cold rolled steel is stronger than hot rolled steel. The surface of cooled steel has a smooth texture, which makes the paint adhere to the steel.

Using low temperatures, the metal is formed to resist against corrosion, deformation, and tension breaking.

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