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The durability and strength of cold rolled steel are the result of passing the metal steel through rollers at a temperature below the recrystallization point.

The hardness, thickness, and strength of the metal are suited to various applications and industries. Browse our list of cold rolled steel coil manufacturers in USA for more information.

List of Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturers In The USA

Chesterfield Steel

Address: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Chesterfield Steel had its humble beginnings in 1940. It started as a service center for steel and shears using a storage shed. The building underwent a series of renovations and transfer of ownerships to what it has become today.

Chesterfield and Cold Mill, a sister company, offer all types of cold rolled steel services, such as cut to length, slitting, and blanking processing.

Their slitted cold rolled steel has a thickness of 015” – .250,” width of 1.125” – 72,” OD Maximum of 72” and 50,000 pound incoming master coils. Multi-blanking and cut to length steel is 50,000 pounds coil weight and16, 000 pounds exit weight.

Siegal Steel Company

Address: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Siegal Steel Company started in 1940 as a steel service center. For years, it has forged a long-term relationship with local steel mills to provide high-quality cold rolled steel coils in the United States.

Over the years, Siegal has resolved numerous case studies in industrial doors, hand tool and residential doors using their cold rolled steel coil products. They also implemented the just-in-time inventory program that caters customer needs and deliver the cold rolled steel within a few hours.  

Such products include cold rolled full hard steel, cold commercial steel, cold rolled drawing steel and high strength low alloy cold rolled steel coil.

United States Steel Corporation

Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

United States Steel Corporation was established in 1901.  Through the years, American business legends J.P. Morgan, Charles Schwab, Andrew Carnegie, and Elbert H. Gary were behind its success as a major player in the steel industry.

The company has provided steel for the construction of infrastructures and buildings in the country. Today, it provides high quality cold rolled steel coil for various applications ranging from home appliances to electric motors.

They have a wide collection of steel grades for cold-rolled coil products. These are motor lamination sheet, full hard sheet and VITRENAMEL™ Steel that has ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001, and ISO/TS 16949 certifications.

Commerce Steel Corp

Address: Commerce Township, Michigan, USA

Commerce Steel Corp is a leading steel coil and sheet distributor. It has been supplying cold rolled steel coil and sheets for over fifteen years. It has forged a relationship with brokerage customers, end users, and steel service centers.

CSC offers a full line of cold rolled steel coil and sheet with a thickness of 10, 27, and 30 gauges up to 3/8 inches. These are in standard grade (C1074, C1006), and high strength grade (Grade 40-Grade 80) for Structural Steel and HSLA.

Sheeted to size or slitted to size are available. They deliver quickly as they have access to logistics and steel mills.

IM Steel, Inc.

Address: Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA

IM Steel is a premier steel coil supplier across North America. It has been instrumental in supplying steel coils to steel service centers, agriculture sector, counterweight manufacturers, construction industry, and heavy & machinery industry.

Their cold rolled steel is durable and aesthetically appealing. They also offer bulk supply that is reasonably priced. They have all kinds of cold rolled steel coils in multiple grades, gauges, and sizes. They also cut plates to size.

IM Steel has a large stock of tested and certified cold products that can be filled instantly as soon as you place your order and delivered within 24 hours.

MidWest Materials

Address: Perry, Ohio, United States

MidWest Materials is a family business established in 1952 by Joseph and Harry Koppelman with Eugene Fant.  From its small office, MidWest is currently occupying a 240,000 square foot steel facility.

It is a leading processor and distributor of cold rolled steel coil and carbon flat rolled steel. For many years, it has developed a long-term relationship with suppliers, end-users, and employees across North America.

MidWest supplies customers with cold rolled steel coil and steel sheet. The width is up to 72 inches and thickness from 24 to 10 gauges. They offer commercial steel, drawing steel, structural steel, and high strength steel.

Alliance Steel

Address: 2700 E 5th Ave Gary, IN 46402

Alliance Steel is a distributor of cold rolled steel and steel products serving industries for more than two decades. A.S. is a one-stop shop providing fabricators and OEMs throughout the region and across the USA.

Their 300,000 square foot facility is strategically located near ports, steel mills and highways in Northwest, Indiana. They also have branches in Memphis and Atlanta.

Alliance Steel offers cold rolled slitting with thickness from 0.10” to .500”, 84-inch maximum OD, and min/max ID of 20” to 30” and slit width tolerance of +/-.005 inches. Their cold rolled steel coil has met industry standard and it has an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Premium Steel Sales

Address: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Premium Steel Sales is a supplier of cold rolled steel coil and cold rolled carbon steel. This Ohio-based company offers custom quotes across the Southern US and Midwest. It started operating in 1992.

As a go-to supplier, Premium Steel has a large inventory of cold rolled steel to answer your manufacturing and industrial needs. Their cold products come in different widths and grades.

Their processing facility can produce more than 10,000 tons of steel, so they can deliver truckloads of cold rolled products quickly. They also work closely with large steel mills and suppliers to ensure that they will never run out of supplies.

Curtis Steel

Address: Houston, Texas, USA

Curtis Steel began distributing steel products in 1976 in Texas. Today, it has expanded its customer service in Rio Grande Valley, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Houston.

It remains steadfast in its relationship with local and international steel mills to maintain its large catalogue of steel products, including cold rolled steel coil.

CS has a ready stock of cold rolled steel coil ranging from 7 to 30 gauges with a width from 36 up to 60 inches. They also offer cold rolled cut to length and 60-inch slitter line with quick turnaround time.

The company is equipped with manpower and logistics to deliver the products to your location.

California Steel Industries, Inc.

Address: Houston, Texas

California Steel Industries, Inc. is a supplier and manufacturer of steel products serving customers in the West Coast. Their steel and cold rolled steel coils are manufactured by 1,000 workers in their 430-acre lot in Houston.

CSI distribution centers in the Midwest and Western USA are responsible in the exportation of their product lines abroad.  They have maintained their high sales volume and production capacity annually because of the good quality of their steel products since 1984.

CSI continues to manufacture cold rolled coil for industries that need durable and high surface quality steel. The coils have a gauge of 0.011 to 0.134 inches and widths from 36-60 inches.

There are also many cold-rolled steel manufacturers in the US such as Majesticsteel, They sell cold-rolled steel in 36-inch to 60-inch, Commercial Steel Type B, Deep Drawing Steel, Forming Steel, Structural Grades 33-80.

Did you like our list of cold rolled steel manufacturers? Using cold rolled steel provides many advantages like improving the surface finish and hardness of steel for up to 20 percent.

The strength of tensile and yield also increases, including the tolerance to elements compared to its hot rolled version.

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