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There are several reasons why aluminum coil supply in the United Arab Emirates is in demand. For one, manufacturers ensure that these aluminum coils are of the highest quality. Metal also costs less in the Arab countries, that’s why they are guaranteed cost-effective. Most importantly, these aluminum coils deliver what every product should be today — environmentally friendly. Here is a comprehensive list of aluminum coil suppliers in the UAE that shows how vast this industry is.


Address: Al Jerf Industrial 1 - Ajman - United Arab Emirates


ALPHAGLASS LLC  is among the largest suppliers, importers, exporters, retailers, and stockists of aluminum and glass products in the United Arab Emirates. The company has been in the aluminum coil supply industry since 2005. Through the years, it has expanded its customer base across Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and certain African nations.

The company is among the leaders in UAE’s aluminum coil trading. In this sense, it offers a wide selection of aluminum coil sheets that cater to many industries. These industries include the industrial, engineering, architectural, mechanical, and construction industries. It currently offers high-quality aluminum coil sheets ranging from 0.65 mm to 10 mm in thickness.

Globe Metal and Power – FZE

Address: Jurf Industrial Area 2, Ajman, UAE

Globe Metal and Power – FZE, a subsidiary of Gosh Group, began operations in Dubai, UAE, last 2012. Since then, it has established itself as one of the most trusted traders, importers, and exporters of value-added steel products. The company’s annual sales for the steel and power divisions are currently at $120 million and around $10 million, respectively. More than expansion goals, the company aims to employ more than 200 individuals globally. 

The company has been manufacturing mill finish aluminum coils for the past nine years. It offers three kinds of coatings for its mill-finish aluminum coils and sheets: the standard polyester finish coatings and PUPA and PVDF finish upon request. The company also promises that its products are durable, lightweight, and have anti-corrosive properties. 


Address: Ajman, UAE


INTERGLASS CO. LLC is the sister company of another aluminum trading company, ALPHAGLASS LLC. The company provides custom-built positive solutions for projects such as those involving aluminum. In doing so, it continues to support the growth of aluminum and glass demand in the UAE and abroad. The company achieves this through continuous research and innovation in its equipment, materials, and processes.

The company has one of the largest warehouses and stock in the UAE aluminum industry. Its products are guaranteed high quality with the help of high-tech machinery and a well-equipped warehousing facility. It’s no surprise that the market highly demands the company’s aluminum coils and sheets ranging from 0.65 mm to 10 mm in thickness. Upon request, the company also coats coils based on PVDF.

Dinco Trading LLC

Address: Near Al Quoz Mall PO Box 231384 Dubai, UAE

Dinco Trading LLC is among the most reliable companies in the UAE that stocks and distributes aluminum sheets and other allied products. Formed in 1997, the company has since developed into an industry leader. The company supplies aluminum products to over 2000 clients from various industries. With warehouses in Sharjah and Dubai, the company speeds up its delivery and thus avoids compromising its service quality.

The company collaborates with leading mills from across the globe to meet the demand of the UAE market and serve them effectively. Through this, it can supply aluminum coils in different sizes and alloys. Also, it offers them in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths.

Metal and Machine

Address: New Industrial Area Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Metal and Machine is a renowned importer and exporter of cost-effective steel products and mill finish aluminum coils. The company, founded in 2012, promises hassle-free, honest service to its global clients. As a result, the company enjoys a remarkable run in the market and receives maximum client satisfaction.

The company offers clients a broad selection of colored and finished aluminum sheets and coils.

It even customizes these products per clients’ requests. The company also makes sure its products are reasonably and relatively affordable. Customers use its mill finish aluminum coils to create various products for many purposes and industries.

Ghosh Group

Address: Post Box 113659,UAE

Ghosh Group is a famous supplier and manufacturer of value-added steel products and high-quality solutions and services in the UAE. Its subsidiaries cater to many industries, such as the metal and transportation sectors. Established in 2012, the group continues to lead the race of the leading aluminum coil manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE.

Currency, the group mainly offers mill finish, prepainted, and stucco embossed aluminum coils and sheets. It is ISO certified, hence highly trusted in providing only the highest quality aluminum coils. Mainly, the construction and electronic industries widely use Gosh Group’s aluminum coil and sheet products

Core Metal L.L.C.

Address: Sharjah, UAE

Core Metal L.L.C. stocks a wide range of mild steel products catering to the UAE and its neighboring GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) countries. Its primary goal is to guarantee, or exceed, customer expectations. The company accomplishes this by establishing alliances with industry leaders worldwide.

It has been offering aluminum coils and sheets to the market in different grades, thicknesses, and sizes. It provides them in grades AA 1100 to 6000 Series. Meanwhile, the thicknesses available are from 0.50mm to 4.00mm, with widths of 1220 mm to 2000 mm.

Milano Orchid Aluminium Trading LLC

Address: Sharjah, UAE

Milano Orchid Aluminium Trading LLC is a reputable aluminum and steel coil trader founded in 2018 in Sharjah – Kalba, UAE. Despite being relatively new in the business, the company has established itself by providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. It also has partnerships with large manufacturing companies in India, China, and countries from other parts of the world.

Staying true to its promise, the company only trades the most durable and high-quality aluminum coils and sheets. It offers the market high-quality pre-painted aluminum coils (PPAL) and mill finish aluminum coils (ALUM). Keeping a large stock of aluminum products, the company delivers them efficiently throughout the UAE.


Address: Ajman, UAE

JS METALS has established a solid presence in the UAE’s steel industry. It is among the leading suppliers of the highest quality steel and aluminum sheets and coils across the UAE and its neighboring Middles Eastern countries. It exports and imports these products and has even dealt with major international brands from India, Japan, and China.

The company consistently supplies the market with aluminum coils in alloy AA 1100, 3105, 3003, and 5005 coatings. Meanwhile, these aluminum coils are also available in thicknesses of 0.50mm to 3.80m. Its sizes can be customized, but they are also available in sizes 1220 x 2440.


UAE aluminum coils are essential in various processes and industries because of their impressive features and quality. It is useful not only for the construction and engineering industries but also widely utilized in the transportation and even the food industry. Hence, it is no surprise that the industry keeps expanding locally and internationally.

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