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The aluminum industry in Turkey is widespread, according to TALSAD. It represents 1.1 million tons of unwrought aluminum and 1.6 million tons of aluminum products. The total export of aluminum has doubled during the last decade. The total exports were 805.000 tons in 2018.   Learn more about the aluminum coil manufacturers Turkey. Keep reading.

Köprü Metal San. ve Tic. A.S. 

Address: Ümraniye – İstanbul, Türkiye

Köprü Metal had its humble beginnings in 1989. It is the largest privately-owned aluminum producer in Türkiye. 

Their flat and embossed coils are in alloys of 1050, 3003, 5005, 5754, and 5083. They are in HO, H12, H16, H18, H22/H32, and H24/H34 conditions. The coated coil is in alloys of 1000, 3000, and 5000 with coatings of Pvdf, Plastisol, and Polyurethane. 

The flat coil has a thickness range of 0.30mm to 5.00mm and widths of 1000, 1500, 1250, and 2000mm. The embossed aluminum coil has a thickness range of 0.30 to 1.00mm and widths of 1000 to 1250mm. The mosque dome coil has a thickness of 0.80 to 1.00mm.


Address: Kartepe – İzmit, Türkiye

Trakya Sanayi a pioneer aluminum manufacturer in Turkey. It has diversified its portfolio since its operation in 1970. They specialize in making aluminum coils, sheets, and discs for kitchenware, construction, transport, and other industrial purposes. 

Their ISO 9002 quality system certified facility has an annual production capacity of 12,000 metric tons of aluminum coils. Seventy percent of their product goes to the export market.  

The company produces non-coated aluminum coils in alloys of AA 1050 and 1070. These aluminum coils have a maximum width of 780 mm, and thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 2.7mm. The temper ranges from H0, H12, H14, H16, and H18.

VIG Metal

Address: Kütahya, Türkiye

VIG Metal began its operation in 2006. It specializes in aluminum and magnesium sheets and coils. Their aluminum division started in 2012 with a yearly production capacity of 12,000 metric tons. 

With the acquisition of modern equipment, their production capacity rose to 36,000 metric tons per year. 

VIG Metal aluminum coils are in alloy groups of 1xxx, 3005, 3003, 3105, 5754, and 5005. They come in tempers 0, H1x, and H2x. 

The thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 4mm, with a maximum width of 1.500mm. The coil OD has a maximum of 1.800mm with a maximum weight of 9500 kilograms. The coil ID is from 150mm to 508mm.


Address: Nilüfer, Bursa, Türkiye

INNOTECH is a premium aluminum coil manufacturer in Turkey. The company outsources its raw materials from top steel suppliers for mill-finished or silvery aluminum coils. 

INNOTECH has over 50,020 customers, 30,891 customer reviews, and 49,671 satisfied customers. 

Their ISO 9001 quality certified aluminum coils are in alloys of 1050, 1060, 5052, 3003, 5083, 6061, 5182, and 1050. The temper includes HO-H24 (1050), HO-T651 (6061), and H0-H321 (3003, 5083, 1060, 5052, 51, 82). 

The thickness ranges from 0.2 to 7.0mm, with widths of 20mm to 2200mm. The length is less than 6000mm with weight ranges of 0.5 to 7.0 metric tons per pallet.

Baransan A.Ş. 

Address: Gebze/Kocaeli, Türkiye

BARANSAN specializes in aluminum coil manufacturing. Their products have quality certifications, such as CE 15088, TSE, Qualanod, OHSAS, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, and QUALICOAT. The company exports 80 percent of its production to over 30 countries. 

BARANSAN offers a variety of aluminum coils in alloys of AA 5754, AA 5005, AA 3105, AA 3003, and AA 1050. The condition includes Soft (H0), 1/2 Hard (H14, H24), 1/4 Hard (H12, H22), 3/4 Hard (H16, H26), and 4/4 Hard (H18, H28). 

These aluminum coils have low-oil or oil-free product surfaces. They customize the products according to the application, such as plain, embossed, and checkered.

Assan Alüminyum

Address: Tuzla, Istanbul, Türkiye

Assan Alüminyum is one of the world’s leading flat-rolled aluminum producers. Since 1988, it has supplied aluminum coils, sheets, and pre-painted aluminum products to various industries. 

AA is a Kibar Holding subsidiary. It is known as two of the leading European manufacturers of foils producing 100,000 tons per year. It boasts of its yearly production capacity of 300,000 tons from its factories in Kocaeli and Instanbul. 

Their aluminum coil products are lightly oiled or oil-free. These coils follow the standards of ASTM, AA, and EN, and they are available in different sizes. They are in alloys of 1050, 3105, 3003, 5754, and 5005.

Istek Aluminum 

Address: İstanbul, Türkiye

In 2000, Istek Aluminum started offering alloy anodizing services to industries. For over two decades, it has expanded its product range and services. They also provide powder coating, cutting, and bending services. 

IA outsources its products from local and foreign suppliers. They have average monthly aluminum sales of 600 tons. 

Their aluminum coils are in alloys of 1XXX, 3005, 3003, 3103, 3105, 5005,5754, and 5083. They are in tempers H0, H1X, H111, H2X, H3X, F, and H00 (Derin Çekme Kalitesi). 

The thickness is from 0.18mm to 4mm. The minimum width is 20mm, and the maximum is 2.200mm, with weights ranging from 300 kilograms to 9000 kilograms. 

Karbak Metal San. Trade Inc. 

Address: Onikisubat, Kahramanmaras, Türkiye

Karbak Metal began in the 1970s as Kahramanmaraş Plate-Copper and Aluminum Limited Company. They diversified their products, such as aluminum plates and discs, after renaming the company name to Karbak Metal Industry Trade AŞ in 1998.

Their yearly aluminum production increased to 10,000 metric tons compared to its previous output of 100 tons per year. They aim to reach 24,000 tons annually in 2023 using its two casting facilities with melting and holding furnaces, a modern machine park, and robust infrastructure. 

Their heat-treated aluminum coils are in alloys of AA1050, AA1070, AA1060, AA1100, and AA1200. These products have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 1400:2015 certifications. 

Alfomet Alüminyum 

Address: Başakşehir, Istanbul, Türkiye

Alfomet Alüminyum began its aluminum manufacturing operation in 2013. AA’s main products include aluminum foils, coils, sheets, rolls, and pads. 

The company offers fast service without an MOQ limit of 60 to 250 microns.   

They have a wide range of aluminum foils in alloys of 1XXX, 3003, 3005, 3103, 3105, 5005, 5754, 8006, and 8011. The condition is H111, 0, H1X, H2X, and H3X. 

The thickness range has a minimum of 0.20mm and a maximum of 3mm. The width has a minimum of 11mm up to 2000mm. The surface is tiny checkered, wrapping, and flat. 

Customization is available upon customer request.


Address: Dudullu, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Türkiye

Feridun Güray is responsible for founding GÜRAY ALUMINYUM in the middle of 2011. The company provides automatic cutting to get the accurate size of their aluminum products per customer instruction. They also offer customers bar cutting, PVC coating, and technical support. 

GÜRAY ALUMINYUM manufactures checkered, film-coated, and plain embossed aluminum coils that are low-oiled and oil-free. These coils are in alloys of AA 1050, AA 3105, AA 3003, and AA 5005 in different dimensions. 

The conduction of alloy 1050 is F and H244, while alloy 5754 is H114 and H224. 

GÜRAY ALUMINYUM produces coils following ASTMB928, ASTM B209, and EN573 standards.  

Are you in doubt about which of the companies above has the best quality aluminum coils? There’s no doubt that Assan Alüminyum top them all. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of flat-rolled aluminum products and one of the two top manufacturers in Europe. They produce their products according to ASTM, AA, and EN standards.

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