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Canada ranks fourth as the largest and primary producer of aluminum and other metal products. It shares the top positions with China, India, and Russia. On the production side, Canada is known for having the world’s lowest carbon footprint compared to other giant producers because it uses hydroelectricity and the latest, most advanced generation of manufacturing technologies.

Here is the list of the top aluminum coil suppliers in Canada:

Diversified Ulbrich

Address: Unit #1 Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

Diversified Ulbrich  is a leading provider of aluminum, stainless steel, and specialty metals to cater to the needs of a variety of customers. It has served over 30 markets in Canada and the United States since 1971. It has an ISO 9001:2015 certification.

It offers a 3003-grade aluminum coil, a 5052 aluminum coil, and a 6061 aluminum coil in different dimensions and tempers. They all feature Mill Finish, or the surface texture has a natural, mirror-like appearance. Diversified Ulbrich also customizes sizes to match the special requirements of clients.

Aaluminum Sheet & Wire

Address: 3679 Weston Road North York, Ontario, Canada M9L 1V8

Aaluminum Sheet & Wire  supplies various aluminum products in general specifications or customized to fit customers’ needs. With a wide selection of high-quality aluminum coils for engineering or commercial purposes and direct links with the manufacturers, it can deliver the products on specified dates at competitive prices.

The company has anodized (colored and clear), painted, raw, or sublimated (white or clear) aluminum products for leading manufacturers, including Novelis and Alcoa. It has an aluminum coil for radiant heat and solar applications, metal fabricators, industrial, transportation, aerospace, and other consumer markets. It comes in different sizes, weights, and finishes.


Address: 151 Great George St. Suite 301D Charlottetown, PE C1A 4K8

HCC Aluminum & Ore  has specialized in aluminum products since 2016. It is a professional international trading supplier of aluminum products in Canada and other global clients. Its reputation in the industry is on top with a broad range of products and outstanding customer service. It guarantees fast delivery, premium quality products and services, and competitive prices.

 The company offers its loyal clients aluminum coils, aluminum sheets, and other custom material solutions. Its aluminum coil products are available in the 1000-8000 series range in alloys. It also has PVDF-coated and PE-coated aluminum coils for exterior purposes like roofs, wall cladding, canopies, covers, and more. Moreover, it can do slitting, annealing, and rolling of aluminum coils.

Venture Steel

Address: 60 Disco Road Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 1L8

Venture Steel is a reputable flat-rolled metal distributor and procession that caters to the industrial and commercial needs of customers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It has grown exponentially from a company with an automotive customer base and a single slitter. Now, it has offices in different areas across North America.

The company offers a 3000 Series aluminium-manganese alloy coil known for its formability and excellent corrosion resistance. Other products are 5000 Series and 6000 Series with 0.0045-0.250-inch thickness and 3 to 100-inch width. The reduced weight of the coil and special coating delivers unique characteristics that benefit commercial and industrial projects.

Mainbridge Development Limited

Address: 3300 Ridgeway Drive, Unit 12, Mississauga, ON Canada L5L 5Y6

Mainbridge Development Limited  has SGS and ISO9001 Certification that proves its compliance with the industry standards and premium quality of products. Based in Toronto, this top Import & Export company has hundreds of products and delivers comprehensive solutions to its customers. It guarantees up to 20% savings in purchasing costs with 6 to 8 weeks of production to the delivery timeline, depending on the complexity and quantity of orders.

The company offers aluminum coils, sheets, foils, and strips. It has clear or color-coated, embossed (Stucco or Tread) aluminum products with different finishing. The aluminum-coated coil comes 200mm to 1,590mm wide and has thicknesses of 0.08mm to 1.2mm. It can also be cut into sheets. The outer diameter is 1,200mm, and the weight is 3,000kg/coil. The aluminum alloys can be customized aside from the available products in 1100, 3003, 3004, or 5005.

Sinobec Trading

Address: 4455 Rue Cousens, St-Laurent, QC, Canada, H4S 1X5

Sinobec Trading is a master-trader company that supplies non-ferrous products, which include stainless steel and aluminum. It was formed in 2002 to provide innovation and efficient service of giving clients top-quality products at fair prices. It has three large-sized facilities in Canada and the United States with a standard stock of aluminum products for vendor partners and customers. It aims to become one of the biggest supplier-trader in North America.

This company supplies premium aluminum coils in 1050, 1060, 3003, 3105, 5005, 5052, and 8011 alloys. It comes in different width (5.90, 19.25, 20, 26.25, 36, 36.38, 75.50 etcetera) and thickness (0.02, 0.03, 0.6, 0.13 and more). The aluminum coil guarantees high thermal conductivity, formability, and non-corrosion quality.

Samuel, Son & Co.

Address: 5 Burley Court Hermosillo B3B 2A3

Samuel is one of North America’s most prominent distributors and processors of aluminum products. It has been a market leader in the industry and is known for consistently offering competitively—priced supply solutions. With extensive metal inventory, it promptly delivers orders in its jurisdiction and provides satisfying services to its customers.

The company offers aluminum coil products using non-heat treat alloy like 1100, 1350, 5086, and 5454 and heat treat alloy, which includes 2014, 2124, 6016, 6111, and more. Customers can choose from 0.0045-inch to 0.249-inch thickness and width of 3-inch up to 103-inch. The length can be customized up to 300plus inches or the standard length of 96-inch up to 144-inch. For finish options, you can choose from Tread, Anodized, Polished, Painted, Bright, and Custom (on request.)

Thyssenkrupp Materials NA, Inc

Address: 9451 45th Ave NW, Edmonton

Thyssenkrupp is Canada’s reliable supplier of aluminum products like coil, pipe, sheet, plate, long bar, and tube. It offers standard cut metals and customized products without a minimum ceiling of order. This company has served the medical, defense, and other industrial fields for years. To ensure the top-tier quality of products, all items go through quality testing at their own A2LA-Accredited Metals Laboratory.

The company has Alloy 1100 with an H14 temper, 0.19 – 0.249-inch thickness, and 48-inch to 72-inch width. It is known for high electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, workability, and readily welded capability. This aluminum coil grade is perfect for decorative parts and trim, heat exchanger fins, cooking utensils, spun hollow ware, and chemical equipment. It also offers Ally 3003 with H14 temper, 0.016-0.063 thickness, and 36-48-inch width that is best for general purpose projects, and Alloy 5052 with H32 temper, 0.016 to the 0.125-inch thickness, and 36-60 width for home appliances, truck and bus bodies, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Russel Metals

Address: 6600 Financial Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5N 7J6

Russel Metals  is a primary distributor of high-quality metal products in Canada. It offers excellent customer service in its three business segments – Metals Service Centers, Steel Distributors, and Energy Products. It has a broad line of products, including aluminum coils in various shapes, sizes, and specifications. As a leading steel distributor and energy products provider, it sourced materials from trusted international and domestic producers to ensure consistency and performance.

The company has an aluminum coil 1100-0, which yields a strength of about 5,000 pounds per square inch, and up to specification 7075-T6 offers 70,000 pounds per square inch. It has Aluminum Truck Roofing Coils 3003-H16 weighing around 4,000 pounds and is ready as a single-piece roof for trailers.

Aluminum coils from Canada are much sought-after because of their quality, performance, and features. It has been producing 2.9 million tons yearly, proving its capability to supply global markets. In 2020, the companies on our list contributed to Canada’s export of raw aluminum worth $5.48 billion. With this figure, it is expected that the aluminum industry in Canada will continue to soar this year and onwards.

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