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Recommend Products

Are you looking for aluminum roofing sheet companies in Nigeria or purchasing aluminum roofing sheets?

Here are 15 aluminum roofing companies recommended to you, and the price of the aluminum roofing sheet is listed.

Nigeria’s Construction Industry has grown so much over the last ten years. One of the key features has been the use of Aluminium roofing sheets.

A range of highly specialized materials is currently being used in the construction industry to be able to build roofs for houses as well as other buildings. As technology has developed, some more advanced techniques are now being used to be able to keep the buildings safe, dry, and warm.

They do include the use of Aluminium sheets. Aluminum is incredibly light to the other roofing sheets. This makes transportation much easier and does not add so much weight to the overall building structure.

Cost of Aluminium roofing sheet in Nigeria

Today, roofing sheets have evolved beyond the major purpose of offering shield for buildings. Now, they beautify structures, displaying elegance in their style. Here is a look at the prices of the Aluminium Roofing sheets that are available in Nigeria.

Sheet Type Price for 0.55mm Price for 0.45mm
Long Span Aluminium N1,800 per Meter N1,400 per Meter
Step-tile Aluminium N1,900 per Meter N1,550 per Meter
Metcoppo Aluminium N1,950 per Meter N1,650 per Meter

The thickness of the Aluminium Roofing Sheet

Aluminium Roofing sheets are expensive in relation to the others. Even though they are not the costliest roofing sheets that are available in the market, they can maintain their rank as among the most efficient and reliable roofing sheets. It is important to note that despite the thickness of the Aluminium Roofing sheet if they are not well installed, there is a tendency to experience leakages. Some of the most common thickness includes 0.55 mm and 0.45 mm. The higher the thickness, the more costly it is.

Standard Length of Aluminium Roofing Sheet

The standard lengths for the Aluminium Roofing sheet are 12, 10, and 8 feet. This width does vary greatly, depending on the style of the roofing. Width is measured simply straight across the top of the sheet, from edge to edge to be able to indicate coverage of the Aluminium Roofing Sheets.

How Many Aluminium Roofing sheets are in a bundle

Each bundle contains 20 roofing sheets.

Here are some of the best Aluminium roofing sheet companies in Nigeria.

Aluminium Roofing Sheet Companies List

Tower Aluminium Group

Address: 9,Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

This Tower Aluminium Group began with Aluminium Kitchenware in the year 1959 with its flagship company Tower Aluminium Plc in Lagos, Nigeria. Over the many years, this company has been able to expand its operations, commitments and investments in West Africa.

Some of the company products include roofing sheets, cookware as well as extruded Profiles. Tower Aluminium Group has been a leader of Aluminium products in Nigeria and has been known for high-class quality as for the excellence in customer service as well as value to the society.

Proteck Aluminium Global

Address: No 6, Behind Embrace International Church Opposite Erunwen Junction, Off Obafemi Awolowo Road, OkeotaOna, Grammar School, Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria.

Proteck Aluminium is a company which specializes in the production, sales, as well as installation of the oven, baked color coated as well as stucco-mill Aluminium roofing sheets/coils. Also, included in their services is sales, as well as installation of the stone, coated metal roof tiles.

This company is importer as well as distributor of the Aluminium Roofing sheets, Aluminium Profiles in Nigeria as well as Aluminium Coils.

This company is highly committed to the constant availability of high-quality Aluminium products of diverse range in terms of texture, colour as well as thickness for their highly esteemed customers.


Address: No 1. Coker Market Street, By Odiche Road, Coker Village, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Kovarite Aluminium Ltd is a company which deals with roof installation of the Stone Coated Steel Roof Tiles as well as Aluminium Roofs. The company is highly involved in the manufacture of the Aluminium Roofing Sheets, importation as well as the distribution of the Aluminium Coils as well as the Aluminium Profiles.

Some of the categories which they have include Metcoppo Aluminium Roofing sheets, Long Span Corrugated Roofing Sheets and Step Tile Aluminium Roofing Sheets. Some of the benefits which come with Aluminium Roofing sheets provide beauty as well as aesthetics.


Address: No 50/52 hospital Road Jimeta Yola

UCHE KINGS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a company which was incorporated in Nigeria, in compliance with the companies as well as Allied Matters Decree of 1990 and is in the business of manufacturing as well as selling of steel and iron, Aluminium Roofing Sheets, Production as well as sells of Nails, production and the sale of the ridge cap, wall flashing, gutter and ceiling baton. The company is a major manufacturer and marketer of Aluminium products in Nigeria.

Their range of products does include long span Aluminium roofing sheet as well as step times, claddings, flashing, doors, windows as well as partitions.

A-Net Products Concept

Address: Otta Road, Oke – Odo, Lagos.

This company is primarily in the production of Aluminium products as well as other building products. The company has been distinguished for high-quality Aluminium products as well as excellence in the customer service.

This company does supply as well as install high-quality oven-baked roofing sheets, stone coated roof tiles, galvanized sheets, doors, cladding, canopy awnings as well as suspended ceilings. The company’s office is in Lagos, and they operate widely through all the states in Nigeria where their products and services are required.

Wichtech Industries Ltd

Address: 5 Wema Terrace Osborne Estate, 2-9 Udi St, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Wichtech Industries is among the best companies when it comes to Aluminium Roofing in Nigeria. This company has built a reputation on the quality of its products as well as service.

With the support by the national billboard and advertising, the local TV commercials as well as backed by advertising on the CNN international platform, Wichtech brand has become a household name.

Over the last ten years, the company has grown to become a superb international partner of stone coated metal roofing that is supplied by AHI Roofing Ltd.


Address: Km21, Ojomu Royal Plaza, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria

PLUSWORLD GROUP is Nigeria’s most diversified as well as innovative roof engineering company. Their workforce is highly trained as well as certified; hence this allows them to be able to maintain their excellent reputation for superb business practices.

The company’s specialization is in the residential, industrial and institutional roofline works. This company has over 10 years’ experience in working with numerous manufacturers as well as various roofing systems such as flat roofs, metal roof and membrane roof.

Ceemetal Aluminium Ind & Allied Product Ltd

Address: No. 2a Onowu Anatogu - 430001, Onitsha, - 430001, Nigeria

Ceemetal Aluminium Ind & Allied Product Ltd is a renowned manufacturer as well as an installer of Aluminium roofing sheet, balcony, stone coated metal roofing tiles, hinged doors, sliding doors, casement windows and sliding windows?

The company has been listed among the reliable sources of Aluminium Bifold Doors that do offer similar functions of the regular doors but are embellished with some unique designs which do aid in the folding ability.

Differential Aluminum and steel Co. Ltd

Address: KM 18 Aba P/H Expressway, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Differential Aluminum and steel Co. Ltd is a purely owned Nigerian company that was started in 2007. Their vision is to be able to create a company which ranks among the best in Aluminium and steel companies in Nigeria and Africa and also to be able to make their staff as well as clients as part owners of this company.

The company is on a mission to be able to offer unique as well as affordable quality materials and services for Aluminium and steel building product market in Nigeria as well as in Africa.

Agen Longspan Industries

Address: Km 9 Benin-Lagos Expressway, Evbuomore Quarters, After S&T Barracks, Benin City. Edo State.

Agen Longspan Industries is a wholly-owned Nigerian Company. Currently, they are operating in both the upstream as well as downstream sectors.

This company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of Aluminium and steel roofing sheets as well as profile products in the mid-western region of Nigeria.

With its state-of-the-art factories, the company can provide national coverage for its products as well as services.


Address: 1 Ogunsolu street, by Abeoukuta Exp way cement bustop, Onilekele, Lagos State.

AUTHENTIC ROOF TILES do have a vast experience as well as a superb track record. The company have positioned themselves as an ideal solution for all the residential as well as commercial development projects.

The company does have good quality producing management system which ensures that they never compromise on quality.

AUTHENTIC ROOF TILES do provide whole series roof system materials with the most professional construction team to be able to offer customers with most quality service.

Mircrohomes Aluminium Technology Ltd

Address: 16 Udeagbala Road, Umueze Osisioma Aba Abia State Nigeria

Mircrohomes Aluminium Technology Ltd is a company which does specialize in the manufacture, processing as well as installation of Aluminium roofs as well as windows.

This company was started in 2009 under the leadership of the renowned Engineer with the other professionals in manufacturing as well as engineering sectors. They can be able to deliver their products to any part of Nigeria.

They have corrugated Aluminium Roofing sheets which are used for roofing and beautifying homes, housing estates, factories etc.

Robertson Nigeria Limited

Address: Emene Industrial Layout Enugu, P.O. BOX 1590, Enugu.

Robertson Nigeria Limited is a renowned roofing engineering company. The employees of this company work with dedication and integrity to ensure they deliver nothing than the best.

They have a knack for technological innovations as well as products. Products of this company are high in terms of quality, and they are competitive in price and available in a wide variety of textures, thickness, forms and colours.

Midgal Simba Roofings

Address: Km. 10, Abeokuta Lagos Road, P.M.B 2153, Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria

Midgal Simba Roofings is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing and flat steel coils and does stand out as flagship company of CLOVIS Group in Nigeria.

It is well equipped to be able to produce Aluminium-zinc coated. It does play an essential role in uplifting standards of the numerous communities in which it does operate through the various philanthropic activities.

Some of their products include Pre-Painted Aluminium Sheets and coils, Pre-painted galvanized iron roofing sheets and coils.

Qualitec Industries Limited

Address: 679, Lagos Abeokuta Road, Ojokoro Lagos Nigeria

Qualitec Industries Limited produces high-quality Aluminium roofing sheets with relevant and modern cutting-edge technology, Qualitec Industries has for so many years emerged as the leader in the Aluminium Roofing sheets industries.

The company was established with the key objective to produce, supply as well as install high-quality long span roofing sheets as well as flashings in numerous sizes and designs. Also, they also all other essential accessories to be able to complement as well as complete a perfect roof.

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