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Aluminum is a primary export industry in Australia, with a total production of over 25 billion USD in 2020. It is higher than its revenue of over 24 billion in 2019. 

The aluminium coil manufacturers in Australia are one of the few worldwide that uses alumina refining, aluminum smelter, and bauxite mining operations.

Learn more about the best Australian coil manufacturers. 

Austral Wright Metals

Address: Welshpool, Western Australia

Austral Wright Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal manufacturer in Australia. The company has over 20 years of experience in producing non-ferrous products. They take pride in more than 5,000 metal products and aluminum coils in stock. 

AWM provides special stocking arrangements to meet your specific requirements for special sizes and non-standard products. Apart from manufacturing their products, they also import a large bulk of specialized products from foreign mills. 

AWM’s mill finish aluminum coils come in different sizes, such as 2x1200mm, 1.6x1200mm, 3x1200mm, 3.0×1500, and 2x1500mm.

The coils are in a range of alloy temper 5251-H32, 5083-H116, 5083-H321, 1100-H25, 5005-H34,5052-H32, 50011326, 50024460, 50107517, 50159524, and 50110553. 

BlueScope Distribution 

Address: Wingfield, South Australia  

BlueScope Distribution is a single-source solution and processing provider of DNV-certified aluminum products. They provide cuts to the size aluminum coil specifications and router cut according to your requirements. 

BlueScope is a distribution member of the Australian Aluminium Council. Their membership in the council keeps customers abreast of the aluminum product news.  

They offer certified non-combustible aluminum coils that underwent testing by the CSIRO following the AS 1530.1-1994. Their range of mill-finish aluminum coils has a thickness of 6.30mm.

The coils are H34 and H32 temper with alloys of 5005 and 5052 with gauges 1.6, 2.0, 3.0, 2.5, and 4.0. 

Atlas Steels 

Address: Australia

Atlas Steels is Australia’s largest aluminum, specialty, and stainless steel supplier. It started in 1930 when Atlas Steels Canada began operating in Australia. 

Atlas Steel has eight customer service centers in Melbourne, Shepparton, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Mackay, Adelaide, and Launceston. They distribute their products to various industries in Australia and New Zealand. 

Their aluminum coils are in alloys 1145, 5251, 5052, and 5005 with temper ranges of O, H38, H34, and H32. The length varies, such as 1800, 3000, and 2400.  

The aluminum coils are 0.5mm to 6.0mm, with widths of 900, 1200, 2000, and 1500 and customer-specific widths (minimum of 25mm).

Ullrich Aluminium 

Address: Woree, Queensland, Australia

Ullrich Aluminium had its humble beginnings in 1961 when its founder William Ullrich imported corrugated aluminum sheeting from Europe. Since then, it has slowly grown into Australia’s large aluminum manufacturing company. 

UA employs over 700 employees throughout its 46 New Zealand and Australia branches. They send its products to customers in 23 South Pacific countries, making it the leader in aluminum in Oceania.  

They have a wide variety of aluminum coils with a thickness of 0.55, 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 1.60, 2.0, 3.0, 1.20, 0.90, and 10mm. The width is 1220, 2515, and 1500. Their temper alloy consists of H26, H34, H16, etc. 

Australian Stainless Distributors Pty Ltd (ASD) 

Address: Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia

Australian Stainless Distributors is a 100% Australian-owned stainless steel company. They have nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing stainless and ASTM A240/480 aluminum coils in the country. 

Their stainless steel coil type 304 has multiple sizes, such as 3.0×1219, 1500, 2.5×1219, 1.5×914, 1000, 1219, 1.2×750, 914, 1050, 0.9×914, 0.7×914, and 0.55×914. 

The sizes of coil type 316 include 3.0 x 1219, 1500, 2.5 x 1219, 2.0 x 1219, 1.5 x 1219, 1.2 x 1219, 0.9 x 1219, 0.7 x 1219, and 0.55 x 1219. The sizes of coil type 430 include 1.2×1219, 0.9×914, 1000, 0.7×914, and 1219. 

Impact Steel 

Address: Clayton South VIC, Australia

Impact Steel has over 25 years of experience processing and supplying coil and sheet steel products. They offer clients expert advice and customize the aluminum coils according to their requirements. 

Impact Steel is a JAS/ANZ and Lloyd’s Quality Assurance Register certified manufacturer, ensuring customers with high-quality aluminum coils at the highest industry standards. 

They manufacture aluminum coils in commercial grades 5052 H32, H116/H321, 5083, and 5005 H34. The standard widths are 900mm, 1220mm, and 1500mm, with a thickness range of 0.60mm to 10mm. 

The sheet lengths are in three standard measurements such as 1800mm, 2400mm, and 3000mm. 

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