SPCC Definition

In the Japanese JIS standard, cold-rolled carbon sheet has several grades such as SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, among which the latter two represent cold-rolled carbon sheets for stamping and deep drawing, which are equivalent to the 08AL high-quality carbon in China’s 13237 standards. Plain structural steel and 08AL deep drawing steel in the 5213 standards.

SPCC indicates that a cold-rolled carbon sheet is generally used, which is equivalent to China’s Q195-Q215A. No stamping test is required. The tensile test must be ensured. Add T after the grade to indicate SPCC-T or SPCCT.

PCC cold-rolled sheet steel is representative of stamping steel in cold-rolled sheets. Because of its excellent stamping performance and beautiful appearance, it is widely used in household appliances, automobiles, and chemical industries. It has gradually become high demand, excellent quality, and economical Steel products with considerable benefits.

SPCC Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition (%)

SPCC Mechanical Properties

SPCC tensile strength Rm/MPa: ≥270
SPCC yield strength RP02MPa: ≤240
SPCC elongation after breaking A80mm%: ≤38

SPCC Equivalent

SPCC is a Japanese standard, which is equivalent to Chinese Q195 or American ASTMA653.

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