Roll Forming Machine: 101


The roll forming machine is composed of unwinding, forming, and post-forming cutting. The products produced are flat and beautiful in appearance, uniform in paint texture, high in strength, and durable.

They are widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as factory buildings, warehouses, hangars, and hangars, Gymnasiums, exhibition halls, theaters, and other rooms and walls.

Its components include a complete machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, and fully automatic post-shear system.

Machine features:

There are many parameters to be set in the roll forming machine, which can be set with the text screen. There are two types of parameter settings: device parameters and user parameter settings. The equipment parameters are single-pulse length, overshoot, pressing distance, pressing time, cutting time, and so on. User parameters are the number of sheets, length, the first section, last section, pitch, number of sections, etc.

The roll forming machine must use the high-number pulse input function, and use the fixed value interrupt function to ensure accuracy. The high-number input performance is excellent, and the AB phase selection has a strong anti-interference ability.

Operation requirements:

The components of the roll forming machine include the complete machine of the color steel roll forming machine, the PLC computer control system, the hydraulic pump station system, and the fully automatic post-shear system.

Equipment characteristics: The color steel plate equipment adopts high-level automatic control software, and the color steel roll forming machine achieves the production information management. The automation control system of the entire unit adopts a highly integrated network, which makes the automation system better.

Machine function:

  1. The roll forming machine must use the high-number pulse input function. The high-number input performance is excellent, the AB phase has strong anti-interference ability, and the fixed value interrupt function is used to ensure accuracy.
  2. The detection part of the roll forming machine includes: pulse encoder for detecting the length of the color steel tile, the up and down stroke switch of the profile, the up and down stroke switch of the cutter, the up and down operation button of the profile, the up and down stroke button of the cutter, and the emergency stop switch, Hydraulic start-stop switch, etc.
  3. The execution part of the roll formingmachine has a frequency converter drive motor, a hydraulic station motor, two hydraulic solenoid valves for the press type, and two hydraulic solenoid valves for the cutter.
  4. The PLC has 14 inputs/10 relay outputs, which just meet the input and output requirements. With KDN text screen, parameter setting, alarm display, help information, production data display, and so on can be completed.


Matters needing attention for roll forming machine:

  1. The electrician must understand the type of equipment in the workshop and the performance of the equipment. If you do not understand the performance of the equipment, you cannot use it adventurously.
  2. The electrician must set the time to check the condition of the motor and the electric console. If you see the situation during the inspection, you must deal with it quickly.
  3. In addition to measures for temporarily constructing electricity, it is not allowed to set up temporary wires, do not hang lights arbitrarily, use tools and welding equipment, and use stable sockets. The previous wires cannot be changed at will.
  4. According to the regulations, the products shall be inspected and nursed on schedule, and the electrical product lines not used shall be completely removed.

The characteristics of the roll forming machine:

The equipment has the advantages of easier operation, maintenance, mechanical debugging, mold replacement, etc. The entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network, which makes the performance of the automation system more superior.

The equipment uses high-level automatic control software to achieve production information management. During the straightening process of the color plate produced by the roll forming machine, the profile will move from top to bottom, left and right, which requires that the gap between the straightening mechanism and the profile be relatively loose.

There can be a certain gap between the straightening mechanism and the upper, lower, left, and right surfaces of the profile. The gap size is between 0.010-0.050in (0.25-1.25mm). If the straightening and torsion deformation, the gap can be smaller.

Factors affecting the price of the roll forming machine:
1. The price of steel. The sharp price reduction of steel products will lead to the reduction of the price of the roll forming machine and finally resulted in the reduction of manufacturing costs.
2. The price of different tiles produced by the roll forming machine is accordingly different. In general, for models with high corrugation and large openings, the size of the molding die is relatively large, and the input is relatively large, therefore the price of the machine will be high.
3. If the number of forming rows of the machine is large, the length of the whole machine will be lengthened, and the price of the roll forming machine will be high.
4. The larger the number of corrugated is, the greater the number of molds will be. As a result, the price of the roll forming machine will be high.
5. The wider the width of the plate is, the wider the machine will be, and the price of the roll forming machine will be higher.

6. The material and thickness of the plate are different, accordingly, the design process of the machine will be different. Therefore the difficulty of forming is different,  the price of the roll forming machine is different.
7. Specially customized models are more expensive than stereotyped models. Special models require temporary design and production, including drawing, blanking, processing, assembly, and modification, with a long construction period and high risks.
8. The arc-shaped model is more expensive than the ordinary trapezoidal model. The pressing mold needs CNC machining and processing.
9. Models with pressure molds are more expensive than those without. The manufacturing cost of the compression mold is high, the process is exquisite, and the requirements for the computer system are also high.
10. The more complex the board type to be produced is, the higher the price of the machine will be.


Roll Forming Machine Price:

Purlin Roll Forming Machine:  $25,000.00 – $110,000.00

Portable Roll Forming Machines:  $ 6,800.00-$ 19,800.00

Metal Roofing Machine:  $8,000.00 – $15,000.00

Highway Guardrail Machine:  $55,000.00 – $85,000.00

Gutter Making Machine:  $15,000.00 – $25,000.00

Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine:  $15,000.00 – $48,500.00

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine:  $20,000.00 – $48,000.00

C Channel Roll Forming Machine:  $18,000.00-$19,000.00

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine:  $15,000.00 – $21,000.00

What is the roll forming process?

The roll forming process refers to the process of forming various complex parts by the principle of rolling extrusion, relying on the plastic movement characteristics of the material. Roll forming is to roll different structural designs on the silk board onto the workpiece.

According to the needs, it can roll out various threads, convex rings, knurling, chamfering of the ends, grooves with different depths and widths, and other required shapes. Rolling deformation is linear contact, which is carried out continuously and gradually. The required deformation force is small, and one or several workpieces can be produced in one stroke.

Compared with the cutting and grinding processes, the roll forming process not only has high production efficiency and saves materials, but also has high product strength and stable quality.

This process is particularly suitable for processing workpieces that are difficult to cut, especially for annual production. Millions of products in large quantities are most beneficial to roll forming technology and have the most economic benefits.

What is the material of roll forming?

Cold-rolled steel coils, Hot-rolled steel coils, Galvanized steel coils, Galvalume steel coils, color coated steel coils, Stainless Steel Coils, PPGI steel coils.

Roll Forming Machine Design:

The roll forming machine is composed of a frame, two roller systems, a transmission device, torque support, a roller cover, a feeding device, a hydraulic (pressurization) system, the main bearing lubrication system, a dry oil lubrication system, an electrical system, a roller removal device, etc.

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