Q195 is a carbon structural steel. The yield strength is 195MPA. Lower strength than Q235. The price is cheaper. Used in construction, structure, motorcycle frame, etc. The American ASTM brand is Gr. B (σs185). σs185 is the yield strength of 185MPa.

The Q in Q195 represents the code for the yield point (limit) of ordinary carbon structural steel, and 195 represents the value of its yield point (limit), unit: MPa (N/mm²).

Q195  has high plasticity, toughness, and welding performance, good pressure processing performance, but low strength.

Q195 steel equivalent

  • United States: ASTM A283 Gr. B (σs185)
  • International standard: ISO: HR2(σs195)
  • Former Soviet Union: гOCT: CT1Kп
  • Japanese JIS: SS330(SS34)(σs205)
  • German DIN: St33
  • British BS: 040A10
  • French NF: A33

Q235 steel equivalent

TypesChina GBJapan JISAmerica ASTMGerman
Grade GradeStandard NOGradeSteel NoMaterial NOSTANDARD NO
Q235GGPSTPY41 G3452
(ASTM A53 type F)
St331.0033DIN 1626

Q235 vs Q195

195, 215, and 235 respectively represent the value of their yield point (limit), unit: megapascal MPa (N/mm2); due to the comprehensive mechanical properties of Q235 steel such as strength, plasticity, toughness, and weldability, it is in common carbon structural steel which can better meet the general requirements of use, so the application range is very wide.

Q195 is generally used to manufacture anchor bolts, ploughshares, chimneys, roof panels, rivets, low-carbon steel wires, thin plates, welded pipes, tie rods, hooks, brackets, welded structures, etc. Q235 is generally used for construction.

In terms of chemical composition, the higher the carbon and manganese content of low-carbon steel grades Q195, Q215, and Q235, the stronger the plasticity.

Low-carbon structural steel chemical composition (mass fraction) (%)
NameGradeCMnSiSPmethod of deoxidation

F for rimmed steel, B for semi-killed steel, Z for killed steel, TZ for special killed steel.

ASTM A283 vs Q195 vs Q235

ASTM-A283 is carbon structural steel.

ASTM A283 Gr. B and Q195 are equivalent.

ASTM A283 Gr.D and Q235 are equivalent.


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