Steel Pipe

Heat resistant pipe

Specifications of heat resistant pipe Heat resistant metal pipe When transporting strongly corrosive or high-temperature media, use seamless steel pipes made of stainless, acid-resistant steel, or heat-resistant

Square steel tubing

Square steel tube specification Square tubing for sale The square tube, as the name suggests, is a square steel tube, which is unpacked, flattened, crimped, and

Mild steel pipe

Mild/low-carbon steel pipe specification Classifications of Mild steel pipe As the name implies, low-carbon steel pipes are steel pipes with low carbon content. Stainless steel

Alloy steel pipe

Alloy steel pipe specification Alloy steel seamless pipes Alloy steel pipe has good performance, has good adaptability to high temperature, high pressure, and friction, and

Large diameter steel pipe

Large diameter steel pipe specification Large diameter steel pipe for sale The main markets for large-diameter LSAW pipes should be in the following aspects: Pipes for

Carbon steel pipe

Specification of carbon steel pipe Types of carbon steel pipe Carbon steel can be divided into two types due to their structure: general carbon steel

Coated steel pipe

Selection of coating materials for large diameter steel pipes The coating material of large diameter steel pipes is recommended to be lined with solvent-based synthetic

SSAW steel pipe

SSAW steel pipe specification SSAW steel pipe standard GB/T9711.1-1997 National standard, also known as the oil and gas industry transport steel pipe SY/T5037-2000 also known

Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe specification Seamless steel pipe standard The production process of  seamless steel pipe The production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipes can be divided

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe specifications Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe standard Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe making process At first, the steel pipe is pickled, and then cleaning the iron

DSAW steel pipe

Advantages of DSAW steel pipe DSAW has the following advantages: (compared to single wire submerged arc welding) Increase the welding speed by 30% to 40%; Reduce

Welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe specification Welded steel pipe standard Welded steel pipe Production Process Welded steel pipes are seam steel pipes, and their production is to

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