Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Specification of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

Product: C-shaped Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Dimension(L*W*H): 8500mm×1400mm×1200mm
Weight: 5500kg
Production Capacity: 7000-10000mm/min
Hydraulic Station Pressure: 10-12Mpa
Main Motor Power: 15kw
Hydraulic Pump Station System Power: 4kw
Main driving motor: 15KW
Plate Thickness: 18mm
Shaft material: 45# steel, solid dia.80mm
Electronic control system: PLC
Full-length of Assembly Line: 13000mm-17000mm
Price: $45,000.00

Product: C-shaped Purlin Roll Forming Machine(Automatic)
Dimension(L*W*H): 8000*1900*1500(mm)
Weight: 6(t)
Motor Power: 11(kw)
Production Capacity: 10 m/min
Host mid-board: 20mm
Mainframe: 350H steel
Electronic control system: PLC
Adjustment range: 80-300mm
Price: $8000-$9000

Product: C-shaped Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Steel Coil Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm
Production Capacity: 10-15 m/min
Roller Material: Bearing steel, hardened, 60mm shaft diameter
Main Motor Power: 7.5 kW
Hydraulic Station Power: 4 kW
Control System: PLC
Weight: About 5.5 tons
Dimension(L*W*H): 10500mm * 600mm * 800mm
Blade Material: CR12MOV
Hardness: HRC58-62
Price: $300000-$400000

Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Specification of Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

Product: Z-shaped Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Production Capacity: 8-10m/min
Underframe: 36# I-beam overall welding
Side Panel: 18mm thick A3 steel plate
Shear System: Burr-free cutting. Hydraulic punching
Rolling Plate Thickness: 2-3mm
Working Pressure: 12MP
Spindle Diameter: ¢75mm
Main Motor Power: 11KW
Motor Power of Hydraulic System: 7.5KW
Electronic Control System: PLC
Price: $160,000

Product: Z-shaped Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Production Capacity: 8-12 m/min
Weight: 8(t)
Motor Power: 11(kw)
Spindle material: 45# steel, outer diameter Φ80mm
Roll material: Cr12 chromium steel quenching treatment HRC60-62°
GCR15 bearing steel quenching treatment HRC58-60°
Blade, Punch material: Cr12, quenched 60-62°
Electronic Control System: PLC
Dimension(L*W*H): 10.5M×1.7M×1.2M
Roll inner diameter: 450mm–600mm
Roll Width: ≤600mm
Hydraulic Power: 3KW
Working pressure: 10Mpa
Price: $9000-$10000

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

C purlin roll forming machine is a set of a single-roll forming unit whose roll can produce various specifications of C purlin finished products. C purlin roll forming machine is mainly composed of a passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, cutting device after forming, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc.

C purlin roll forming machine adopts automatic flying saw punching, being easy to operate. The finished C steel purlins rolled by the C steel machine have the advantages of good tension, bending and compression properties, good straightness, full-automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, a high degree of automation, and quick and easy installation.

C purlin roll forming machine products can be used as the main force-bearing structure of large and medium-sized industrial civil buildings, such as roof load-bearing load and wall flat support of factory buildings, warehouses, machine garages, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, and market flower sheds.

The strip steel is fed from the rear of the equipment and pressed into C steel by various pressing rollers and sent out from the head. After gradually improving the production process, the automatic control of the whole process was finally achieved, which dramatically improved the production efficiency and increased the technical content and added value of customer equipment.

The improvement process is completed in three steps.

The first step is adding a length measuring device and flying saw. When the pressing length reaches the set length, the flying saw acts to automatically cut the profile.

The second step is to add a hydraulic punching device for punching side holes. Four holes are punched at the same time, and the flying saw is cut from the middle, thus forming two side holes for the head and tail of two adjacent sections of C steel.

The third step is to add a middle hole punching device. In the process of strip steel pressing, the middle holes are punched out according to the distance set by the user, with a maximum of 16 middle holes which can be punched.

The fourth step is to change the 4-hole punching die for the side hole into a 2-hole die for the new C steel that requires double holes in the middle of the profile. Modify the side hole punching program, so that the side hole punching equipment can punch double holes in the middle, and the hole distance should be set by the users.

The maximum number of double holes can be 8 groups so that it can meet the requirements of all C steels.

Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

Z steel purlin roll forming machine is a kind of equipment for making steel structure purlins. There are three types of shearing methods, namely die-cutting, flying saw cutting, and stepless cutting. This Z steel machine is a cold-bending forming unit that can produce a variety of Z steel products by rolling through the roller wheel.

Equipped with imported high-precision computer control systems, imported electrical components, and assembly language which bring convenience to users from various countries, it is simple and easy to operate.

The automatic flying saw cutting Z steel purlin roll forming machine is used to produce Z purlins of steel structure buildings. It is made of a high-strength steel plate and is formed by cold bending. It has the characteristics of uniform wall thickness, excellent cross-sectional performance, and large compressive strength.

It is usually used in large-scale steel structure workshops to support the overall frame. As the purlin of steel structure, it increases the stability of the steel structure. Overlapping continuous purlins, the unequal flange design, porous connection, are strong and reliable.

Adopting high-hardness flying saw cutting method, without changing the mold, it is fast in cutting and simple in operation. Using chain transmission, the transmission ratio is relatively fixed. The transmission distance is long, the bearing capacity is large, and the transmission noise is small.

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