Mild steel pipe

According to the amount of carbon, iron is usually divided into high carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and low carbon steel.

The higher the carbon content, the harder the iron, and the worse the toughness, the easier it is to break.

Mild steel pipe is a steel pipe with a carbon content of 0.3%. Mild steel pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and superior impact resistance. At the same time, it has a compact surface and is widely used in water conservancy and construction.

Mild/low-carbon steel pipe specification

MaterialsQ195,Q235,Q345,STK400,STK500,A53 Gr.B,SS400,St37,St37-2,S235JR,etc
StandardJIS G3444,BS1387,BS EN39,BS1139,ASTM A53,etc
Length6m 12m or customized
Surface treatmentHot dip galvanized, black painting
Applicationswater pipe, low fluid transportation, scaffolding pipe, greenhouse pipes etc
Outer Diameter20 - 660 mm
Thickness1.5 - 18 mm

Classifications of Mild steel pipe

As the name implies, low-carbon steel pipes are steel pipes with low carbon content. Stainless steel can be divided into three grades according to the different carbon content: that is, the general carbon content, the mass fraction of carbon is 0.14%; the low-carbon grade is 0.06%, and the ultra-low-carbon grade is 0.03%.

Carbon content 0.02%~0.3% is called low carbon steel. Low carbon steel can be divided into ordinary low carbon steel and ultra-low carbon steel:

The main purpose of ordinary low-carbon steel in the manufacture of steel bars, casting materials, construction steel, steel plates, etc.

The main uses of ultra-low carbon steel are stamping resistant parts and aircraft steel structures.

How strong is mild steel tubing?

Mild steel pipe contains about 0.05-0.26% carbon, has a low hardness (HB 100-130), and low strength (σb372~470MPa). It has lower strength, easier welding, and forming, and is usually used in oil pipes and fire pipes.

Is carbon steel pipe the same as mild steel pipe?

Mild steel pipe is a kind of carbon steel pipe. However, mild steel pipe has very little carbon content, and the ductility of mild steel pipe is higher than that of carbon steel. The main difference between low carbon steel and high carbon steel is carbon content.

What is the difference between MS and GI pipes?

MS steel pipe refers to a mild steel pipe, and a GI steel pipe refers to a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe. Low carbon steel pipes/mild steel pipes are untreated, and the process is usually cold rolled or hot rolled. Low-carbon steel pipes are more prone to rust in humid weather. The zinc coating of the galvanized steel pipe remains intact, and the galvanized steel pipe can maintain a relatively good condition.

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