Large diameter steel pipe

Large diameter steel pipes refer to the general term for large diameter steel tubes. It includes a large diameter seamless steel pipe, large diameter spiral steel pipe, and large diameter straight slit steel pipe.

The maximum size of the thermal diffused seamless steel tube is 325mm-1220mm, and the maximum thickness is 200mm. Large diameter spiral steel tubes refer to spiral steel tubes with a diameter greater than 1 m.

Large straight slit steel tubes generally refer to straight slit steel tubes with an outside diameter of more than 500mm.

The maximum diameter of double welds can reach 2020mm, and the maximum diameter of single welds can reach 1220mm.

Large diameter steel pipe specification

Production Large diameter steel pipe
StandardAPI 5L, SY/T5040, GB/T9711.1,L175-L555,L245NB
MaterialQ235, Q345, X52, X60, X70, X80, L245, L290, X42
Out Diameter200mm-3200mm
Wall Thickness 3mm-30mm
Length 5.8m-11.8m,or as customer's requirements.
Surface varnish coating / galvanized / 3PE/ 3PP/ FBE

Large diameter steel pipe for sale

The main markets for large-diameter LSAW pipes should be in the following aspects:

  1. Pipes for long-distance transportation; including natural gas, crude oil, refined oil, and other transportation pipes. 2. Pipes for urban pipeline network construction; including urban natural gas pipeline network, gas pipeline network, upper and lower water pipeline network, etc.
  2. Large-scale steel structure pipes; including round pipes, square pipes, and ultra-high voltage power transmission towers.

Large diameter steel pipe manufacture procedure

material entry→steel inspection→CNC cutting and beveling→pre-bending of the top side of the plate→multi-pass stamping→pre-welding→automatic submerged arc welding of pipe circumferential and longitudinal seams→straight seams Straightening→manual welding of stiffening plates→finishing and shaping→ultrasonic inspection→pipe end processing→acceptance and delivery

The main welds(LSAW) in the welding process of caliber pipes are all automatically submerged arc welding, and only stiffening girth welds and tack welding use manual arc welding. The welding sequence of the longitudinal seam and the straight seam in the outer groove first and then the inner groove. By adjusting the speed of the electric drag roller to be basically consistent with the speed of the submerged arc welding machine, the welding quality can meet the design requirements.

Factors affecting the price of steel pipes

1. Different brand types: The prices of different steel pipes are also different because the brand has a greater influence on product prices. This is why brand products have a better reputation in the market and everyone has a certain understanding of it.
2. Different procurement channels: If you buy the same type of steel pipe through different channels, the price will be quite different. If you are a wholesale steel pipe and want to sell such products for a long time, it is best to directly find the manufacturer to ensure the lowest price of the product And quality.
3. Product quality: quality determines the price. Steel pipes with better quality are only calculated at cost. There is absolutely no ultra-low price. Even if we buy products directly through manufacturers, there will be no ultra-low prices. After all, manufacturers need to guarantee Own profit, so cost-effective products are the first choice, or you can directly ask the manufacturer to send some samples, which can guarantee the quality of the product.
4. After-sales service and purchase quantity will also affect the price, but the price will not have a big difference.

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